February 4, 2021

Tips to Control Your Spending and Save Money: Shopping Online and in the US

Anywhere around the world, people with different backgrounds and profiles may have one thing in common when it comes to shopping--we all want discounts! The majority of shoppers would surely want to buy something at a cheaper price every time. This is the main reason buyers would flock to malls during sales days and why the traffic build-up is always heavier on payday Friday sales. Despite the inconveniences, people are still ready and willing to visit their favorite malls to purchase items at a lower price. 

These days, drastic changes have occurred. We are no longer that free to flock to public places and malls due to the social distancing protocol. Nonetheless, the desire to buy is still there and merchandisers are easy to adjust and make their stores available online. Hence, discount (online shopping) is now a trend. Individuals are now concerned about the best way to save money online.

With this, we have compiled here the top five tips you can follow to save money (shopping online). Anywhere you are around the world, even here in Canada or in the US, these tips will be helpful for you. Shipping from the US to Canada will also be discussed here. 

Best Way to Save Money Online Tip #1: Bookmark these websites and download these Apps. 

The first thing you should know about getting a discount (online shopping) is the websites and Apps you need to download or visit. These websites have certain services that will help you save money (shopping online).

  • Websites for price comparison - Google Shopping, Yahoo Shopping, and PriceChecker will be of great use if you want to compare price offers of different stores on a product you want to buy. Pick not only the cheapest offer but you can also check which store has the best quality and specs as these are some of the information you will see on the sites mentioned earlier.
  • Gift Card Websites - Giftcards.com, CardKangaroo, and GiftCardMall.com are some of the sites you can visit if you want to try using gift cards as a mode of payment. The advantage of having this kind of paying method is that you will get the gift cards at a lower price, but you can use the price indicated on the card for your shopping. It is also a way of controlling your splurge because you are limited to spending only the cards in your hand and not all the cash that you have.
  • Cashback Apps - Ibotta, Rakuten, and SwagBucks will be your favorite Apps on your phone once you see how much cash you can get back by using them. These Apps are partnered with different stores. When you buy from their partner stores, you’ll automatically get a cashback privilege which you can save and use for your future purchases or withdraw in cash.
  • Receipt Checker Apps - Even receipts on your emails can help you save money (buying groceries online) or get a discount (online shopping) through these Apps: CoinOut, Ibotta, and Fetch Rewards. These Apps will dig into your emails and find items where you can get a cashback because the item you bought is now offered at a cheaper price compared to the day you bought it. 
  • Sites to get some coupons - Are you fond of saving coupons and using them to buy an item for a lower price or sometimes even for free? Visit these websites: coupons.com, Groupon, and Rakuten. 

There are more websites where you can use to enjoy discounts and save money (shopping online). Search for more and check which sites fit you best, and of course, enjoy shopping!

Save Money (shopping online) Tip #2: Patience is a virtue even in online shopping.

In online shopping, patience is when you add items to your cart and wait for a few days or weeks before you purchase them. You do this action partly because you are waiting for the items to go on sale. However, the biggest reason behind this is the knowledge of how marketing works. 

When sellers and their bots see that their products have created an impression on buyers in the marketing world, they will send you a follow-up email when you do not buy it. Getting that email is what you want to happen. To save money (shopping online), you need to wait for these emails, which, most of the time, include special offers and deals. In the end, you will get a discount just because you waited for a bit.

Not only does patience apply to online shopping but also in waiting for your orders to arrive. Know how long it takes for a shipment to arrive using standard shipping, express shipping, international shipping, and shipping from the US to Canada. 

Best Way to Save Money Online Tip #3: Schedule your shopping and increase your network. 

Shop with the right timing. Usually, stores go on sale just before or during holidays and special occasions. Here in Canada, the days you should note are Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Epiphany, Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Family Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and more! 

Here is an easy way to keep up-to-date on sales and special offers:

  • Get a complete list of Canada holidays and observances, so you’ll know when to shop and get discounts. 
  • Follow your favorite stores’ social media accounts. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms are great ways to find out more about your purchasing products. Social media connection is also sellers’ way to engage their customers. Even on these platforms, they offer sales, discounts, and special offers to increase page views, post shares, and engagement. Most importantly, there are live chats where you can inquire or even haggle the price of your buying products. 
  • Join groups mainly dedicated to sales and special deals notification. Unite with sake fanatics, and share ideas on how you can get a discount (online shopping).
  • Sign-up for your best-loved stores’ newsletter. If you do not have the time to browse, let sellers contact you weekly or monthly newsletters. These updates are sent via email, so you’ll be in the loop for sales and special offers. 

In a nutshell, this tip boils down to the thought that knowledge is power. It would help if you had the radar for sales and special offers. Instead of shopping when prices are at their standard rate, buy goods when they are cheaper. 

This tip also applies when it comes to your choice of shipping, Be wary of holiday shipping details you should know to save more when shopping. 

Save Money (shopping online) Tip #4: Know what information to share and what to keep. 

As you can see in the previous tips to save money (shopping online), you need to divulge some information to get some cash backcashback or get a discount. Some websites even offer birthday discounts, be sure to input the date of your birth to   get this. 

While there is information you can share, there is also information you need to keep. Bots analyze your search history and even the time you stay looking at a product. With this, stores that have the tool to monitor your search behavior can manipulate the pricing. They may follow the rule: the number of times you visit a specific product = the high purchase intent. You are more likely to see a higher price for these products. 

To save yourself from this pricing tactic, here are the practices you can do:

  • Use an incognito browser to keep your search history private
  • Clear browsing history before browsing stores and products
  • Use a different VPN when browsing

Best Way to Save Money Online Tip #5: Find a reliable and cheap shipping services company. 

There are plenty of ways for your precious items to reach you. You can use standard local shipping if the store you purchased from is located in Canada. For purchases from another country, looking for and knowing the cheapest way to ship internationally is a must. If you are particularly shipping from the US to Canada, Shippsy can be your partner shipping company.

We, here at Shippsy, are well-versed with international shipping and shipping from Canada to the US and vice versa. We also ship to Canada via US address if this is the service that you need. The best part is we can confidently claim that we have the cheapest shipping rates across the country. 

We can be your partner in getting discount (online shopping) to save money (shopping online). Contact us at 888-744-7779 for inquiries or if you want to know us more.

Key Takeaway

We all want to save a few dimes or get freebies whenever we go shopping. It gives us certain joy when we know the original price of an item but we got it for a lower price. Make this feeling constant whenever you shop by following the five tips we mentioned above. 

Saving on shopping, whether online or offline, takes a bit of effort. You need to search for certain websites where you can get coupons and gift cards. You also need to download some Apps for you to enjoy the cashback privilege. Some processes are a bit complicated too. Nonetheless, just like every new thing or process, the first step is always the hardest. To motivate you to try these tips, think of the money you can save. You may be slow and making mistakes in the beginning, but once you get used to doing the tricks above, you’ll enjoy shopping even more for sure. 

Diana Zheng
Written by Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Stallion Express. As a personal trainer turned digital marketer, Diana is obsessed with equipping eCommerce entrepreneurs with everything they need to scale their online businesses. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

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