/ per package


When you request 3 or more packages on the same day, you get 25% off the total handing fee

/ per package

Plus additional 

25% off
  • Shippsy fee covers brokerage and transportation
  • Tax & duty still applicable
  • 3% transaction fee on import duty & taxes
  • Complimentary storage up to 30 days
  • 25% discount does not apply to the region of BC and Quebec
  • Rate for British Columbia starts at $7.99+tax
  • Rate for Quebec starts at $9.99+tax

Packages over 10lb will incur +$0.45/lb for every lb up to 100lbs.
Anything over 100lbs in weight or 100 inches in total dimensions(L+W+H)  will be charged as a skid/pallet.

Skid Pricing


Per skid

$50 per each additional skid
  • Brokerage fees, taxes & duties still applicable
  • Based on standard size pallet - 48x40x72"

For additional skid, the skid must come from the same vendor on the same shipment/delivery.

The pricing is valid on transportation from our US location to our Mississauga location.

Parcel Mailing/Pallet Shipping Service

If you’re unable to pick up your package(s) at our branch locations, we can ship them to your door with our Parcel Mailing/Pallet Shipping Service. 

*Additional fee will apply
* We can only deliver packages that are not more than 50lbs.
*Oversized/Pallets shipments needs to be picked up our Mississauga.(For Ontario Clients)

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