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Spice Up Your Kitchen This Fall Season By Shipping From US To Canada

Published: October 24, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

The kitchen is the most important part of the house as it is where families usually gather to catch up with each other and talk about how their day went. However, some people do not care about decorating their kitchen and instead focus more on the other areas in the house. For example, they tend to embellish their living room, decorate their bedrooms, or landscape their lawns. But how about the area where you cook the meals that make you and your loved ones get together?

This autumn season, give your kitchen a makeover by adding a burst of colors representing the season of abundance. Because who wouldn’t want to bond in a visually appealing kitchen? Start planning how to beautify your kitchen, and consider buying these items below. This article will also give you an idea of Shippsy’s rates of shipping from US to Canada. Read on!

Fall Leaves Table Runner

A table runner is a piece of cloth designed to define a space on your dining table, usually made in different colors, textures, and designs. Check out this Simhomsen Embroidered Table Runner and its intricate cutouts. Its design reminds us of both autumn and Canada: Maple Leaves! Dress up your kitchen now by adding this aesthetic to your table as you share your food with your family and friends. 

Autumn Placemats

Best paired with table runners, Autumn Leaves Placemats will make your dining experience wonderful. This fabric will add texture and elegance to your overall fall-season kitchen design. This decor also helps shield your dinner table from stains or heat damage. In addition, the placemats are made of cotton so you can wash and reuse them anytime.

Centerpiece with Faux Leaves

Add this Nearly Natural Harvest Centerpiece in the middle of your dining table to achieve an overall autumn vibe in your kitchen. This accessory is a mixture of flowers, blooms, leaves, and stems. This item will surely bring an additional touch of art to your dining experience.

But since we don’t ship live plants, let’s keep it faux. And because it does not wilt or spoil, it can surely last long in your household. Plus, you can still reuse it whenever you want to!

Wall Decor

Imagine walking into your kitchen and seeing a festive wall sign reminding you to “Count Your Blessings.” Turn this idea into a reality by giving life to your kitchen walls! These autumn-inspired wall posters will never fail to remind you to be thankful for the good harvest season. They are printed on high-quality material and can be hung anywhere in your house.

Fall Kitchen Towels 

These absorbent towels are used for washing and drying dishes and utensils. Keep your kitchen items squeaky clean by using Autumn Leaves Kitchen Towels. You can display them in any kitchen space and show their charm to whoever enters the kitchen. It comes in two towels and is made up of 100% cotton that can surely wipe away tough messes.

Decorative Pumpkins

The last item on our list is the Harvest Pumpkin 3-Piece Stuff Holiday Accent Set which you can place anywhere in your kitchen space that needs to be filled with the feel of autumn. These decorative pumpkins come in small, medium, and large sizes. And since they are made of polyester, they are safe if your kids pick them up to play on. Plus, they look adorable in their black and white plain pattern.

The kitchen is the heart of our homes. More than just the visuals, the quality of the products should also be equally important. Make sure you purchase only from the best stores that sell good quality products! What are you waiting for? Start giving your kitchen a makeover! 

Use Shippsy

Shippsy’s top priority is to provide unmatched cross-border shipment service to customers by providing cheap shipping of items they bought from US stores to Canada. Many consumers are anxious to spend more on the shipping cost than the goods they order. Shopping from US stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, or any other retailers may cost you a fortune for cross border shipment. After checking out the items mentioned above, you might wonder, “How much does shipping to Canada from the US cost?” We know how important it is that customers get the best US items they need and not worry about spending an expensive price on international shipping. Fortunately, Shippy is the best for proper freight handling without hurting your pockets!

How Much It Costs

Shippsy has a great deal on pricing for shipping goods from the US. Shippsy’s shipping from the US to Canada costs CAD 6.99 per package, and we also offer a 25% discount for three or more packages (this does not apply to the region of British Columbia). The Shippsy fee covers brokerage and transportation. Also, we have complimentary storage of up to 30 days! (Taxes and duties still apply)

Why Use Shippsy?

Shipping from US to Canada has never been as easy as with Shippsy! Aside from our low cost of shipping from US to Canada, we also offer great shipping options, fast delivery, and email updates about the status of your packages. 

Use our Parcel Pickup Service to personally get your package at the closest Shippsy branch location. Don’t forget to bring your order form and a copy of your photo ID. We also do a Package Forwarding Service where we deliver your packages to your doorsteps via Canada Post or UPS for a minimal cost, and a Pallet Service for shipment of US goods in huge volumes or oversized items. Get in touch with our friendly customer service to know more about this service.

Also, we provide fast delivery. Shop in your favorite online US stores and send your orders to your personalized Shippsy US address. Once it passes through customs clearance, your items will arrive in Canada in just 1-2 days. You will receive an email once we receive the parcels in our Shippsy warehouse. (Note that it will take around 4-7 business days for delivery time for the region of British Columbia) We always want our customers to get updates on their shipment status, so keep track of your emails! 

Here at Shippsy, it is our duty to always ensure we ship treats and happiness from stores to our customers. For more information about our pricing, cross border shipping services, and other shipping solutions, you may contact customer service via Shippsy hotline at 888-744-7779. Or send us a message via our website.

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