The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, announced that Monday, September 19, 2022, will be a National Day of Mourning in Canada.

All Shippsy branch locations will remain open with regular business hours.

We will be encouraging a moment of silence at 1:00PM ET that day, to reflect on the legacy that Queen Elizabeth II leaves behind. 

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Friday, September 30, 2022 marks Canada’s second annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. This holiday, also known as Orange Shirt Day, will serve as an opportunity for Canadians’ to educate and reflect on the legacy of residential schools. 

You may learn more about this new legislation on the Government of Canada’s website

Shippsy recognizes the time of education on this statutory holiday however, our hours of operations will not be affected. Branches will remain open with regular business hours.

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We’re Moving!

Our New U.S. (New York) Facility

Heads up Shippsy users,

Our New York facility is moving this Monday, September 5.

The new facility will be located at:

Suite E - 6420 Inducon Drive W, Sanborn, New York 14132

No action is required by you, as our system will update automatically when viewing your Shippsy account.

Any orders placed and shipped to our current location Unit 6 - 2045 Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Falls, New York 14304 will still be received and accommodated for the next 30 days.

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Suppose you frequently order from the United States; you may have probably known some shipping technicalities. These specifications can be pretty challenging and confusing at times. However, shipping should not be that hard, especially with the longstanding trading relationship between Canada and the US. Besides the tedious process, many Canadian customers worry about the expensive cross-border shipping to Canada from the US.

This article is written for you if you are one of those consumers purchasing from US stores. Find out how to send a package to Canada without paying the high-priced shipping cost while escaping the dreary shipping process. 

Prohibited/Restricted Items

Before anything else, one thing you should remember to prevent problems, especially with Canada Border Services Agency, is to avoid purchasing prohibited and restricted items. You may face the consequences once the customs discover that you are shipping prohibited and restricted things. The items will be confiscated or disposed of, and you will receive sanctions or penalties. Some of the products you should stay away from are:

- firearms and weapons

- explosives, fireworks, and ammunition

- drugs and medical equipment

- cannabis

- live animals

- perishable goods

As an additional precaution, contacting your chosen courier regarding the restricted or prohibited items when shipping to Canada before purchasing any product is better.

After you confirm the items, you should refrain from purchasing; the shipper must proceed with getting the requirements for documentation. 

Requirements and Documentation

This step may be the most tedious part when importing goods to Canada. While some sellers help you make the process faster, you must accomplish most of the process yourself. Moreover, each requirement requires additional expenses since you cannot get these documents for free. 

So, you have to allot some budget for the needed documents too.

How to ship a package to Canada from the United States fast and easy? Look for a shipping service that can accommodate your shipping needs and deal with customs clearance. Without the help of a trusted carrier, you will spend more time dealing with the requirements than the shipping itself. 

Shipping Cost

The costly shipping rates can be one of the causes that many Canadians choose not to order from the States because it will be cheaper to purchase local products than ordering something online from across the border. However, each courier calculates their shipping rates differently depending on numerous factors, including these two:

Package Size and Weight. Most companies include the package size when computing the shipping cost since many shippers send items packed in way more giant boxes, despite their small size. They calculate the space the box occupies (the dimensional weight), the item's actual weight, and the flat rate pricing. 

It is essential to know how much the shipment will incur for each shipping company to get the cheapest offer. If you decide immediately, you will miss the chance to save big. Furthermore, you can also figure out beforehand how many products you can purchase that can fit in one box to maximize your shipping expenses. 

Delivery Distance. Aside from the package weight and size, you also have to consider the distance between you and the seller. Basically, the farther you are, the higher the price you have to pay. The trick you can do is to opt for parcel pick up instead of having the item delivered right at your doorstep. You do not have to pay additional charges for the delivery fee. 

How to Send A Package to Canada from US Efficiently?

Shippsy is your go-to shipping partner when importing goods to Canada. Since not all US retail stores ship directly to Canada or impose expensive international shipping charges for deliveries across the border, using Shippsy will eliminate this issue. 

One more thing, Shippsy allows you to escape requiring the necessary documents for importing as they will process it on your behalf. They lift the burden of completing the, shipment, shipping requirements, and processing the customs form for a minimal fee. Moreover, since Shippsy owns personal trucks, the parcel delivery time is faster and more efficient. 

First, create an account with Shippsy. Once done, you will receive a notification in the email you use to register. Included in the email is your unique US address, which you can use when purchasing items from US stores. Still, you have to double-check if the address provided by Shippsy is compatible with the address format of the store. If not, you must contact the store to clarify the issue. Furthermore, ensure that the store can provide an official invoice or receipt. 

Once everything is confirmed, proceed to order your favorite US goodies. 

After a day or two, expect an email notification that your parcel has arrived at the Canada branch nearest your location. You can pick up the package at the Shippsy site or arrange for door-to-door parcel delivery for a minimal charge. 

Key Takeaway

In this age of technology and convenience, purchasing from US retail stores should no longer be long and tiring. You should receive your parcel of our well-loved US goodies without stress and hassle. 

As always, feel free to contact Shippsy's customer support for any information you want to learn regarding Canadian shipping. On the other hand, you may contact Stallion for any Canadian domestic shipping, US shipping, and international shipping concerns. 

What are you waiting for? Experience hassle-free shipping at the most competitive shipping fees.

With everything working hard to keep up with inflation, it would not hurt to pause, relax, and enjoy the moment. Moreover, rewarding someone with the special US treats will make the hard work and dedication even sweeter. As Labor Day is just a few weeks from now, have you considered buying a friend, family member, or even yourself something memorable to show your appreciation. 

We have some suggestions for the top ideal Labor Day gifts. Plus, this article will give tips and tricks to send package to Canada efficiently and at a lower price. Have fun reading!

Hydrating and Soothing Facial Masks

You may think this product is more applicable to feminine, but even men can use it. Treating yourself or your loved ones with some of these skin care products is one self-love treatment. You can request to have the item wrapped in a small parcel to minimize the package's dimensional weight and send a package to Canada from US.

You can also ask for your chosen courier's shipping rates to know about the prices beforehand.

Wellness Set

Wellness sets are perfect gifts for Labor Day because it includes numerous goods that can reduce body tension and stress after a long day at work. The wellness set can consist of different items, like bath sets, beauty sets, and food for the brain sets.

Since these gift sets come in different options, you should check with the customs clearance before you send a package to Canada ordering to avoid returns. Furthermore, request the store to pack the parcel properly in a cardboard box and declare the correct value on the customs declaration form to avoid sanctions.

A Pair of Pajamas

Wouldn't it be more relaxing to sleep in a comfy pair of pajamas or sleepwear? You don't have to worry if the item is worth it or not since Ekouaer sells the cheapest yet high-quality ones! Apart from the pajama sets, they also offer nightgowns, tops, and bottoms to make leisure time even more comfortable.

You can also gift your breastfeeding or lactating friends and loved ones with Ekouaer nursing dresses to make baby feeding more manageable and efficient.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are excellent gift ideas for special events and occasions, including Labor Day. Due to their calming, relaxing, and soothing effect, the one you will give this gift to will surely appreciate it.

Life2AroundAngels is one of the best bath bombs in the US because of its quality, various options, and competitive prices. These bath bombs come in multiple natural fragrances, such as citric acid, shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil, among others.

However, due to some shipping restrictions imposed, you might want to check the Canada Border Services Agency's website or call the shipping company to ensure that this item is allowed for Canadian shipping.

Bath Pillows

This item may be new to your ears, but it is something you should look forward to. Of course, you want your body to have a total body rest when relaxing. You do not wish to feel discomfort when lying in your bathtub, relaxing. 

If you have a bigger budget and want to splurge more on gifts, the 100 Sense Bath Pillow set is an excellent option. They also offer different wellness products if you want other options besides the bath pillows

What's more interesting about buying from 100 Sense is the free shipping offer within the United States when you purchase more than USD 50 worth of goods. Yes, you are from Canada, but later in this article, you will find out how you can avail of this discount and save on the shipment.

Cosmetics Bags

If you have friends working in the cosmetic or beauty industry, cosmetic bags are perfect gift items to keep their make-up and other beauty tools organized. While they can purchase cosmetics bags in Canada, the United States has plenty of well-known brands you and your loved ones love to try.

Ulta is among the most prominent beauty retailer stores in the US that haven't graced its doors in Canada. It features numerous small and big-time beauty brands worldwide. So, you can also purchase other items apart from the bag to maximize the parcel space, saving on the shipping expenses. 

Vitamin-Infused Fruit Tea Set

Nothing is more relaxing than sipping a nice cup of tea, and you can make tea-making fun and easy by getting a vitamin-infused fruit tea set from Pukka Herbs. They offer different gift sets, allowing you to choose which fit your needs and budget.

Send Your Package Via Shippsy

Do not wait for an extended delivery time to receive the gifts you and your loved ones deserve! Shippsy is the best way to send package to Canada from the United States.

Provided that Shippsy has its trucks, expect a faster delivery speed from the US to Canada. Moreover, Shippsy offers the cheapest shipping option you can find. Apart from the competitive shipping cost and speedy parcel delivery, you do not have to worry about the long shipment process to complete the customs form.

You may think that many couriers offer this kind of shipping service, but what makes Shippsy a standout carrier is its way of providing a unique US shipping address to its users.

Many US-based retail and independent stores offer free shipping and other discounts to customers within the US, so with the US address provided by Shippsy, you can take advantage of the discounts and ship the package to Canada cheaply.

Once the package arrives at the Canada branch, you can opt to pick up your item or have the parcel delivered to your doorstep for additional fees. We are partnered with Canada Post to process the final delivery.If you want to know more about Shippsy, call us at 888-744-7779 or check our website for further information.

Happy Civic and British Columbia Day!

Kindly review our operation hours for the holiday long weekend so you can plan ahead for your pickups.

Here are the details:

  • Friday [July 29]
    • Regular Hours for all Shippsy branch locations 
  • Sunday [July 31]
    • Ontario: OPEN*, Regular Hours of 12PM - 3PM
      • London branch is CLOSED
    • British Columbia: OPEN, Regular Hours of 12PM - 3PM
  • Monday [August 1]
    • Ontario: OPEN*, Holiday Hours of 11AM - 4PM
      • London branch is CLOSED
    • British Columbia: OPEN, Holiday Hours of 11AM - 4PM
  • Tuesday [August 2]
    • Back to Regular Hours for all Shippsy branch locations

Team Shippsy wishes you an enjoyable long-weekend ahead!

People have different reasons for what prompts them to decorate their houses. Some consider home decorating a form of self-expression, while others feel relaxed when home decorating. Regardless of your whys, it should not limit you from getting the most popular home decors from the sought-after U.S. retail stores, such as Walmart, Target, and Ikea. If this topic piques your interest, you might want to continue scrolling this article down to see the items you might want to get for your home. 

Furthermore, at the end of this article, you will also learn how to ship the items you bought to Canada without spending too much on shipping costs with the best international shipping company. So, what are you waiting for? Read on.

Decorative Pillows

Decorative pillows are everyday items you can see in most households. It adds texture, shape, and color to your interior decoration. Plus, there are numerous places to put them, like the sofa, bed, or even basket, making them more flexible and stylish. The prices vary depending on the design, material, and where you buy them.

Starting Price: $2.00

Throw Blankets

Aside from making us comfortable during colder seasons, throw blankets are perfect decorations too. As most throw blankets come with numerous colors and designs, you can have many options to mix and match your interior. However, be careful when purchasing, as some international shipping services don't ship secondhand blankets due to health and sanitary issues.

Starting Price: $3.00

Small Rugs and Mats

Small rugs and mats are essential interior decoration items as it provides warmth, comfort, noise reduction, and style. Plus, they are suitable fillers for empty floor spaces. 

Starting Price: $1.00

Bathroom Towels

Purchasing bathroom towels is a must, especially when you are hosting some visitors over. Similar to the blankets, some international shipping services do not ship secondhand bathroom towels to avoid health and sanitary issues.

Starting Price: $1.00

Wall Decorations

You have many options for wall decorations, such as vinyl stickers, paintings, rustic wooden boards with painted quotes, etc. What's good about wall decorations is that they add life and character to your room. Choose a package shipping service to handle these items to ensure that you receive them safely and in one piece.

Starting Price: $1.00


Bookends are also better add-ons to your home decorations. However, you can expect a more expensive shipping cost due to the item's heavyweight. Find a shipping line that offers an affordable or flat shipping rate pricing to accommodate your international shipment. 

Starting Price: $14.00


If you enjoy creating vision boards, you should include purchasing a pinboard in your to-do list. While the typical designs you can see are made of corkboards, you can also find pinboards made out of foam and metal. It also comes in different shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose which ones match your design.

Starting Price: $6.00 to $35.00


Another item that offers a variety of options and can provide us with both style and function is a food tray. You can design them to design your coffee table or when you are offering treats to your visitors.

Starting Price: $8.00

Wall Shelf

Aside from the style and texture wall shelves offer, they are a perfect tool to keep everything in place. Wall shelves maintain the orderliness you want to sustain in your interior.

Starting Price: $8.00 to $12.00


Aside from keeping your table dry from coffee or tea drips, a coaster also provides the accent your table or the entire interior needs. You can opt for a corkboard, rubber, wooden, metal, or any material you want.

Starting Price: $3.00/set

Ship Items with the Best International Shipping Company image

What to Do Next?

After placing the order, the store will now process them for shipping. While the vehicle shipping will take around 3+ days within the U.S., Ikea, Target, and Walmart do not ship directly to Canada. So, you must find an international courier service to complete the task. If it is your first time ordering something from the United States, you must be meticulous in choosing the best international shipping services.

A. Check the international shipping options they offer.

B. If you have another courier service in mind, don't hesitate to price-match their shipping rate.

C. Don't forget to consider the delivery time to set the proper delivery and shipment expectations.

D. See if you consider them the most reliable international shipping company and hold a credible reputation in parcel handling from the U.S. to Canada.

Note that it is still considered international shipping despite them just being separated by the border.

Ship These Items with the Best International Shipping Company At an Affordable Price

If you still haven't chosen any logistics, you better check what Shippsy can offer. It is the perfect solution for any shipment from the United States to Canada. It is a suitable international shipping courier for cross-boarding shipping because of the numerous shipping options available.

Upon registering, Shippsy will provide you with a unique U.S. address to use when ordering from the U.S. retail store. All you need to do is input the details correctly, especially your US Shippsy address. You can check this article to know the Dos and Don'ts when using Shippsy.

You can pick up the package once it arrives at the nearest branch location. But, you can also opt for door delivery via Canada Post for a more convenient service at a minimal fee.

If you are a small business importing home decor goods from the U.S., our pallet service will be a shipping service you must get. Contact our customer service to know more about this offer and how you can maximize to grow your small business venture. On the other hand, you can trust Stallion for all your US, international, and domestic shipping.

Key Takeaway

The best international freight company must be your partner in making your dream interior come true. While you have many international shipping options available, go for the shipping line you can trust and make things more convenient. 

There is no better time to act than the present. With numerous individuals and organizations' televised protests and calls for help, we are reminded of our duty to take proactive steps to protect our planet. We have listed four ways and products that contribute to the movement of helping save our only home.

Standard shipping is a more environmentally conscious way to ship goods across the border. Unlike expedited shipping, the delivery of parcels is done in batches, making it more economical and environmentally friendly. Ship with Shippsy as we specialize in standard shipping with Shippsy fee + any additional duties or taxes if applicable. We offer a simple and low shipping cost for your US shopping to Canada.

1. Save the Oceans

Our oceans show us how much humans have caused damage. All sorts of garbage are in our sea. Unfortunately, actively participating in saving our seas is not something everybody can do every day. The least that we could do is support causes that focus their efforts on rehabilitating our ocean.

United By Blue's Mini Duffle Bag is practical, lightweight, and made to last. They make products from recycled materials like plastic water bottles and sustainable sources like corozo. And for every product purchased, they will remove one pound of rubbish through their cleanup drives. To date, they have successfully removed four million pounds of trash.

2. Save the Flowers

The advancements of modern agriculture have brought much ease and convenience to our farmers. But for most of the plant life, bees do the pollination. Sadly, the natural habitat of these pollinators is threatened. Supporting a company that supports the rehabilitation and conservation of the bees is also helping propagate the growth of flowers.

BeeFriendly is one small business that highlights the importance of bees. Their Night Cream is a perfect example of it as it is USDA-certified organic. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, it aids in fighting the signs of aging while protecting and nourishing your skin.

3. Clean the Air

Most of us live close to many people, so we must put cleanliness at the top of our priorities. However, cleaning the surfaces and surroundings is not enough as we must also clean the air we breathe. Air Purifiers can clean the air in the rooms of our homes, giving us breathable air. It is also beneficial to us and the environment as we give back air free from pollutants and harmful particles.

LEVOIT Air Purifier is one of the best appliances in the market due to its efficacy and filtering power. You can also control the device while away from home.

4. Save Energy

Saving energy in the short term lessens the electricity bill, but in the long run, it benefits us all. Until our homes fully run on solar power or other renewable energy alternatives, we should be conscious of our energy consumption. To do so, we must use devices that help us monitor our usage of appliances.

Sense Energy Monitor helps users cut their monthly electricity bills by giving real-time energy consumption data. It is most effective in warmer areas that require air conditioning and in colder places that need a heating system.

going green 2 world heart hands Image

A Shipping That's Good For You and the Environment

Being environmentally committed does not only stop at buying sustainable items. On top of Shippsy's standard delivery, choose our parcel pickup service. It lets Shippsy users enjoy the economical and eco-friendly delivery of goods.

So, How Long Does Standard Shipping to Canada Take with Shippsy?

Upon checkout from their favourite US shops, Shippsy users will use their own free-of-charge US mailing address that we provide. This address is where their orders will be received in the US. Then they have to wait for a short delivery time of two days for their goods to arrive in Canada from our US receiving facility. There is no need to wait for it to be delivered at the shipping address since users can decide when to pick up the parcels from one of our locations. Users will have to settle their all-in Shippsy fee on the portal Shippsy also assures smooth customs-related transactions, given that the items shipped are allowed to be imported to Canada.

Our customer care is happy to speak with you about the specifics of your next shipment. Shippsy's contact lines are available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Sunday from 12 PM to 3 PM Eastern Time.

Shipping Wisely For Your Business

Shippsy amplifies Canadian shoppers' product options by removing complicated processes and high shipping rates. However, Shippsy only focuses on the delivery of personal goods from the USA to Canada.

Thankfully, the shipment of business packages can also be stress-free credits to Stallion Express. Stallion Express is a Canadian freight forwarder for businesses based in Canada. They also provide Canadian shipping, US shipping, and international shipping to let your business reach more customers. While the destination country and size of a package dictate the cost of shipping from Canada to the US, it does not have to be expensive. Stallion Express can ship to New York for as low as $4.39. 

Get in touch with their customer service to discuss the specifics of your next shipping from Canada to the US, like the customs fee, pricing, and shipping supplies.

Whether we realize it or not, online shopping is part of our everyday lives. At least once, we have purchased from either local or international online shopping apps or marketplaces. The growth of eCommerce and the consequent influx of online sellers gave way to the thriving shipping industry. The pandemic changed our shopping habits.

Unanimously, the most popular shopping website there is would be Amazon. The website hosts small businesses and established entrepreneurs alike. The platform's range of products goes from daily necessities to collector's items. Naturally, customers prefer to shop on Amazon US than Amazon Canada due to the large assortment of goods.

Amazon offers Free Shipping

Quick question. Does Amazon offer free shipping? Yes, they do! Does Amazon deliver to Canada? Yes, they do! Amazon offers Free Shipping to orders costing USD 25 and higher. The cherry on top is it is unlimited. Products are labeled with "Free Shipping" to convince shoppers to buy them. And once your items are shipped out, you can expect them within five to eight days.

Your Amazon order can also get an "upgrade" through the Extended Free Shipping available to every Amazon account. For 24 hours, you can Checkout items labeled with "Free Shipping." Not only can you expect to receive your package on the same day, but you can also save on the shipping cost.

Free International Shipping is also available to a handful of countries like Colombia, Hong Kong, and Israel with a minimum purchase of $35.

Another Free Shipping option is Amazon Prime. An Amazon Prime member is entitled to a wide shipping selection. They can opt for a Same-day delivery, Saturday delivery, and even a Release-Date Delivery, to name a few.

When does Amazon not offer free shipping?

I hate to be the bearer of the bad news, but the Free Shipping of Amazon US is unavailable based on these conditions.

1. Not all items can take advantage of the service. When checking out a product, ensure that "Free Shipping" is stipulated.

2. Some products require an order or handling fee in addition to your shipping fee.

3. A gift card that you are using is only qualified for the Free One-Day shipping.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits also does not apply to international shipping.

Does Amazon ship to a PO box in Canada?

The simple answer is yes; Amazon can ship to a PO box in Canada. Amazon US offers international shipping services through Amazon Global.

Though, beware that not all products are eligible to be shipped to all international destinations. When browsing for products to buy, the delivery address must indicate Canada. This step ensures that the products you choose to purchase are eligible to be shipped to you.

How can I ship to Canada using Amazon's Delivery Services?

Note the steps below. We'll try to keep it simple with just three steps.

1. Log in to your Amazon account using either an Internet Browser or the Amazon Mobile App.

2. Select your location. On the Amazon website, you can choose the international destination where you are shipping your goods. You can see this on the upper left side of your screen.

3. Complete your shopping and proceed to Place your Order. Verify the information you filled out is correct.

Is it worth it?

If Amazon delivers to your doorstep, you are one of the luckier ones. You can have it delivered to your PO box and have Canada Post do the extra mileage.

However, the distribution of the population of Canada is unequal. With a lot of its citizens making the southern part of the country their homes, the job of shipping companies tends to be more challenging. It is very ardent yet impractical to make deliveries in point A then go to point B just for a package. On the same note, imagine how much the recipient in point B would have to pay for the shipping fee. 

So, how much does the shipping cost on Amazon to Canada, you might ask? It depends on several factors like the item, shipment, and shipping option. Standard Shipping from the US to Canada on Amazon usually costs around $7.99 to $19.99 per shipment but often even more as it is considered international shipping from Amazon US to Canada. 

Also consider that most Amazon US sellers do not ship to Canada due to high costs and complexity with the border clearance.  Take note that the mentioned amount still does not include taxes and duties.

To answer the question on top, yes, it is worth it for those who prefer convenience. Yet, for those of us who look for the best bang for the buck, we might look for cheaper options.

Does Amazon ship to Canada and is it free

Cheaper options?

We hear you. With shipping fees, taxes, and duties, the cost of international shipping can add up. What we are looking for from courier service is one with a lower base price with small price increments for additional weight.

Shippsy can offer all of that and more! Shippsy's base price is only $6.99. And in case you ordered an item over 10 pounds, there is an increment of only $0.35 per pound to your base price. What's more, there is no need to pay extra for a faster shipping option. 

You can use your unique US mailing address to send your orders from Amazon US. After two to three days from our US location, Shippsy can have your parcel ready for pick up.

Check, please!

Getting the value for your money is of the essence. So is receiving your Amazon US orders in the best possible way out there. And when we say the best possible way, we mean reasonable prices, unbeatable shipping time, and impeccable service to our customers. Shippsy will continue bringing your goods from the US the way you expect us to.

It is your first time buying from a US-based company, yet the shipping options are too confusing for you. International Shipping is way more complicated than the usual online shopping in Canada. Or maybe you constantly ship parcels from the United States but feel like you have been spending too much on the delivery fees. Regardless of which between the two you relate the more to, it has probably crossed your mind how it is to ship from the US to Canada expertly and effortlessly. 

Let's find out more below about Standard Shipping from the US to Canada. It is the preferred shipping option from the United States to Canada for many.

What is Standard Shipping?

Let's start this off by defining Standard Shipping. In the simplest way to describe it, Standard Shipping is a shipping method designed by shipping and logistics companies that allow customers to move their parcels from an origin to a destination. It must be within their stipulated weight allocation. And it must also be without any specific action or requirements for Expedited or Overnight Shipping.

Standard Shipping is a mainstay out of all the shipping options offered by almost every shipping company. It comes in many names, and the specifics may be different to complement the company it serves. This shipping service is also known as Regular Shipping or Standard Delivery.

Is it going to be expensive?

Standard Shipping is considered one of the cheapest options for the shipment of personal parcels. The average shipping rate for Standard Delivery starts at $10 before taxes and duties.

There could be additional fees you need to clarify with courier services. At times, the shipping rate of your delivery does not include these fees. These fees could consist of Handling Fees, Brokerage Fees, and Disbursement Fees.

How long do I have to wait?

On average, Standard Delivery takes three to five days in the same region and should take longer for International Shipping. One should also consider how fast a merchant can ship out the goods. The availability of products is a contributing factor, as well. 

Another factor is the location of your chosen US store, as it also defines the number of days until it reaches the Canadian border. The delivery time can become shorter or longer due to weather disturbances, bad road conditions, and holidays, to name a few.

Do I still need to fill out papers?

It is requisite for every transaction to have some form of documentation. After all, the documentation shall include your delivery information. It also is proof that you have to present upon receiving your parcels.

Some cross-border couriers require their customers to fill out more Customs documents than others. Do ample research, or contact your service provider to discuss the documentation.

Expected Questions on Standard Shipping from US to Canada Answered!

Are Tax and Duty Required?

Yes, these Customs Fees are required. Any item imported to Canada must undergo inspection to ensure that it abides by the List of Prohibited Items that are not allowed to enter Canadian soil. To boot, items made in a foreign country have corresponding taxes and duties, depending on their origin. Fortunately, due to the CUSPA agreement between Canada, the USA, and Mexico, items made in these countries enjoy a lower tax tariff.

Fortunately, taxes do not apply to items less than CAD 40. For items valued at over CAD 40, 13% tax is imposed on personal imports, while 5% on business imports. Depending on the product's category, 0%-25% of the item's price is charged to items over CAD 150 for CBSA duties.

Let me tell you of...

A shipping company that has all of these and more is Shippsy! Shippsy is your international parcel shipping partner bringing your packages from the United States to Canada. With the shipping cost that beats most in the market, we offer you the best value for your money.

Shippsy receives your ordered goods in the US through the US mailing address we arranged for you. Transit time is two to three business days for the Ontario area while four to seven days for British Columbia. If you are unable to visit one of our branches, Shippsy can take care of that for you. The receiving Shippsy warehouse will provide the necessary shipping information for your order. Then it is ready to make its final delivery to your delivery address via Canada Post.

Our dedicated Customer Service is in your service for any questions and concerns about our services or your shipment.

Bonus: What about Shipping Products from Canada to the US?

Coincidentally, you require a logistics service to move your high-volume shipments for International Shipping. Stallion Express can help you ship not only to the US but also to other international destinations. Stallion Express offers competitive shipping from Canada to the US cost, making them ideal for your business solutions.

Lastly, the shipping from Canada to the US Customs Fee heavily relies on the kind of goods you are shipping out. Contact Stallion Express to discuss the Customs Fee and, of course, the services.

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