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Get Your Favorite US Items by Understanding How to Ship A Package to Canada

Published: October 4, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

The United States of America is filled with interesting and trending products people enjoy trying. As a Canadian, ordering items across the border is not new because of the trading relationship these two nations have had for centuries. With numerous eCommerce platforms currently available, shipping from the US to Canada is also easy. 

However, the issue that most Canadians face regarding this circumstance is the expensive charges incurred from the transaction. Fortunately, there is a way you can escape the costly shipping fees. Leaf through this article and learn how you can get your favorite US items by understanding how to ship a package to Canada! Enjoy reading. 

Take Advantage of Cross-Border Shipping with Shippsy!

No doubt, if you want to order an item from the United States, the first idea that pops up in your mind is to purchase something from Amazon. You might ask questions like, "How to ship an Amazon package to Canada?" or "How to order from Amazon to Canada?"

Due to Amazon's popularity and broad reach, many customers prefer to purchase from this platform. However, ordering from Amazon US and sending the products directly to Canada can be expensive. The standard shipping alone costs CAD 10.00, excluding the product price and tax. This amount is far from saving on the shipping cost.

Fortunately, Shippsy is here to help all Canadian consumers purchase from any US store to Canada without any problem and save as much as possible. With Shippsy, any shipment from the US to Canada is fast, cheap, and convenient.

a. How does it work?

Do you wonder how to ship a package to Canada from the USA? To simplify the answer, choose the most suitable courier to meet your shipping needs when shipping packages across the border.

Despite the US and Canada sharing a border, shipping fees can still be expensive due to the vast travel distance companies take to send one parcel across the border. Shippsy takes this burden away from Canadian consumers by offering an economical shipping option.

Before taking advantage of this service, you must sign up and create an account with Shippsy. Once signed in, Shippsy will provide you with your US address that you will use whenever you purchase from any US store, retail or independent. Note that you have to copy the full delivery address without any changes. Your account number is unique to you and is how Shippsy identifies your items. You can find the account number in the name field line of your personalized U.S. address.

Once Shippsy receives your item, they process the shipping immediately. You will receive an email notification regarding the shipment within 24 to 48 hours. Remember, Shippsy will only communicate via email, so ensure that you get your eyes to it to keep yourself updated regarding your package's journey.

Shippsy’s Shipping Services - how to ship a package to canada

b. Shipping Service

Shippsy offers three services for different shopping needs: Parcel Pickup, Parcel Forwarding, and Pallet Service.

The parcel pickup service is Shippsy's most famous service. It is perfect for customers who find it more convenient to get the goods from the branch. However, if you do not have time to pick up the items, Shippsy's parcel forwarding services can send the package door-to-door via Canada Post or United Parcel Service.

On the other hand, about 10% of Shippsy's clients take advantage of the pallet service for larger shipments, either for personal or commercial purposes.

c. Pricing

The regular price only costs CAD 6.99, about CAD 2.00 higher than Amazon shipping rates and other competitors. Additionally, you can get a massive discount on the handling charge once you request three or more packages on the same day. The Shippsy fees include brokerage and transportation and an additional 3% transaction fee if you have to settle applicable tax and duties. You will be charged separately for the tax and responsibilities, as indicated in your email notification.

d. Branch Locations

Shippsy continues to develop its brand and broaden its reach to provide services to all Canadian shoppers. Currently, they have branches in Ontario and British Columbia.

Mississauga HQ - Unit 1, 6305 Danville Road, Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2H7

Markham Branch - 7676 Woodbine Ave #2, Markham, Ontario L3R 2N2

London Branch - 309 Exeter Road, Unit 43 London, Ontario N6E 0A3

Richmond, B.C. Branch - 3511 Viking Way, Unit 10 Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1W1

e. Special Features

How to ship a package to Canada from the US? This question should be a no-brainer at this point in this article. Shippsy means choosing the most convenient and economical way to purchase US items.

What's also great about choosing Shippsy is you do not have to worry about customs clearance, even the requirements or the customs forms, as they will do it on your behalf. You do not have to call the Canada Border Services Agency to ensure you get your items. Everything is done for you. You will receive an email notification regarding this matter so that you can settle the payments, including applicable tax and duties.

Once everything is settled, Shippsy proceeds to Canadian shipping and ships the package to the Shippsy branch nearest your location. You will receive another email when the parcel arrives, which normally takes a day or two delivery time.

f. Restricted and Prohibited Items

Before purchasing and placing items for shipping, note that there are items that Shippsy does not accept. You can check this article to know the restricted or prohibited items. Furthermore, kindly ask the sellers to pack the orders correctly, as Shippsy will automatically dispose of any packages in paper bags and unsealed boxes.

g. Customer Service

You can also contact Shippsy's reliable and friendly customer service for inquiries or further information about Shippsy's cross-border shipping service.

Key Takeaway

Purchasing your favorite US items should not be hard. Let Shippsy help you out! Feel free to check their website or social media accounts for the latest updates!

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