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Does Amazon offer free shipping to Canada?

Published: February 7, 2024
Author: Diana Zheng

Whether we realize it or not, online shopping is part of our everyday lives. We have purchased at least once from local or international online shopping apps or marketplaces. The growth of eCommerce and the consequent influx of online sellers gave way to the thriving shipping industry. The pandemic changed our shopping habits.

Unanimously, the most popular shopping website there is would be Amazon. The website hosts small businesses and established entrepreneurs alike. The platform's range of products goes from daily necessities to collector's items. Naturally, customers prefer to shop on Amazon US than Amazon Canada due to the large assortment of goods. However, it's worth noting that Amazon US may offer free shipping to Canada for certain items or promotions.

Amazon offers Free Shipping

Quick question. Does Amazon offer free shipping? Yes, they do! Does Amazon deliver to Canada? Yes, they do! Amazon offers Free Shipping to orders costing USD 25 and higher. The cherry on top is it is unlimited. Products are labelled with "Free Shipping" to convince shoppers to buy them. And once your items are shipped out, you can expect them within five to eight days.

Your Amazon order can also get an "upgrade" through the Extended Free Shipping available to every Amazon account. For 24 hours, you can check out items labelled "Free Shipping." Not only can you expect to receive your package on the same day, but you can also save on the shipping cost.

Amazon Free International Shipping is also available to a handful of countries like Colombia, Hong Kong, and Israel, with a minimum purchase of $35.

Another Free Shipping option is Amazon Prime. An Amazon Prime member is entitled to a wide shipping selection. They can opt for a Same-day delivery, Saturday delivery, and even a Release-Date Delivery, to name a few.

When does Amazon not offer free shipping?

I hate to be the bearer of the bad news, but the Free Shipping of Amazon US is unavailable based on these conditions.

1. Not all items can take advantage of the service. When checking out a product, ensure that "Free Shipping" is stipulated.

2. Some products require an order or handling fee in addition to your shipping fee.

3. A gift card that you are using is only qualified for the Free One-Day shipping.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits also does not apply to international shipping.

Does Amazon ship to a PO box in Canada?

The simple answer is yes; Amazon can ship to a PO box in Canada. Amazon US offers international shipping services through Amazon Global.

However, beware that not all products can be shipped to all international destinations. When browsing for products to buy, the delivery address must indicate Canada. This step ensures that the products you purchase are eligible to be shipped to you.

How can I ship to Canada using Amazon's Delivery Services?

Note the steps below. We'll try to keep it simple with just three steps.

1. Log in to your Amazon account using an Internet Browser or the Amazon Mobile App.

2. Select your location. On the Amazon website, you can choose the international destination where you are shipping your goods. You can see this on the upper left side of your screen.

3. Complete your shopping and proceed to Place your Order. Verify the information you filled out is correct.

Is it worth it?

If Amazon delivers to your doorstep, you are one of the luckier ones. You can deliver it to your PO box and have Canada Post do the extra mileage.

However, the distribution of Canada's population is unequal. With many of its citizens making the southern part of the country their homes, the job of shipping companies tends to be more challenging. It is very ardent yet impractical to make deliveries in point A and then go to point B just for a package. On the same note, imagine how much the recipient in point B would have to pay for the shipping fee. 

So, how much does the shipping cost on Amazon to Canada, you might ask? It depends on several factors, like the item, shipment, and shipping options. Standard Shipping from the US to Canada on Amazon usually costs around $7.99 to $19.99 per shipment but often even more as it is considered international shipping from Amazon US to Canada. 

Also, consider that most Amazon US sellers do not ship to Canada due to the high costs and complexity of the border clearance. Take note that the mentioned amount still does not include taxes and duties.

To answer the question, yes, it is worth it for those who prefer convenience. Yet, for those of us who look for the best bang for the buck, we might look for cheaper options.

Cheaper options?

We hear you. With shipping fees, taxes, and duties, the cost of international shipping can add up. What we are looking for from courier service is a lower base price with small increments for additional weight.

Shippsy can offer all of that and more! Shippsy's base price is only $6.99. And if you ordered an item over 10 pounds, there is an increment of only $0.35 per pound to your base price. Moreover, there is no need to pay extra for a faster shipping option. 

You can use your unique US mailing address to send your orders from Amazon US. After two to three days from our US location, Shippsy can have your parcel ready for pick up.

Check, please!

Getting the value for your money is of the essence. So is receiving your Amazon US orders in the best possible way. And when we say the best possible way, we mean reasonable prices, unbeatable shipping time, and impeccable service to our customers. Shippsy will continue bringing your goods from the US the way you expect us to.

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