Are you scrolling down TikTok to find the latest viral products? So are we! Shippsy wants to make it easier for you to find the products as quickly as possible! 

That's why we are here to release blog posts of the top TikTok products weekly and provide tips on how to ship to Canada cost-effectively and hassle-free. Check it out now!

Stanley - The Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler

Stanley, a US-based drinkware shop, has become viral on TikTok because of its perfectly designed tumblers. In 2022, they released the viral Adventure Quencher, which gained the attention of many people. Now, the fans of Adventure Quencher have something to look forward to as they have released a better version of their beloved tumbler!

Like its predecessor, the Quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler is making a name for itself. The newly designed tumbler has some added features, like impressive cooling capabilities because of its double-wall vacuum insulation. It is also made from 90% recycled stainless steel, truthful to their advocacy of sustainability. Plus, these cute tumblers come in five sizes, offering an array of colour options for each size. 

The ergonomic handle also gives users a fine yet comfortable grip over its hold, and a straw, which is both BPA-free plastics and dishwasher-friendly. 

Stardrops - The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste

Stardrops originated in the United Kingdom, but you can easily purchase them on Amazon. While they have introduced many products, their “The Pink Stuff” is among the most popular ones. This viral product did wonders in thousands of households due to its magical cleaning prowess. 

Many TikTok users have tested this product and shown before and after photos on the platform to show its effectiveness. Most of those who tried it claimed that this product is a must-have for every household, making it more viral. Thus, Stardrops' The Pink Stuff will be your favourite if you want a helpful cleaning buddy. 

Trader Joe's Brazil Nut Body Butter

While Trader Joe's Brazil Nut Body Butter has been considered a duped version of Sol de Janeiro's Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, many claimed this is good. This product is made from coconut oil, guarana, and shea butter, making them comparable. These two also share almost similar scents. 

However, the Brazil Nut Body Butter has a lighter texture. It is also way cheaper. You can save up to 87%, which makes it even more popular. At one point, Trader Joe's needed to limit the item to two pieces per person because of how in demand it was.

The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Do you want to improve your facial skincare routine? This highly recommended viral product is something to be considered. Moreover, Cassandra Bankson, a popular Youtuber, skin expert, and medical aesthetician, provided a comprehensive review of The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution and how you can apply it to your beauty regimen. You can check this video to learn more about it. 

Send it to Canada with Shippsy - ship to canada

Send It to Canada with Shippsy!

You can send these viral TikTok products to Canada in no time with the help of the ever-trusted Shippsy. They are the leading cross-border shipping company, helping Canadian customers send any package* to Canada at the industry's most competitive price. 

*Shippsy fully complies with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), so read the Prohibited List before shipping any goods to Canada. 

How to Ship a Package to Canada? 

The most common question first-time cross-border shippers ask when ordering something from the United States is, "How to ship to Canada from US?" While you may get a different answer depending on the carrier, Shippsy offers a simplified shipment version.

  • First, create a Shippsy account. It is free, and no monthly subscription is needed. Remember to input your personal details correctly to avoid transaction issues. 
  • Then, you will receive a verification email on the email address you use upon registration. Be sure to click that! Once done, you will be redirected to your Shippsy dashboard, where you will also find your exclusive US shipping address and unit number. 
  • You will use the provided US shipping address when ordering from any US-based stores. Don't forget to copy the details to avoid confusion and problems. 

After you submit your order from the online store, please wait a few days for the package to arrive at the Shippsy US facility. You don't need to worry because you will receive a notification, including the total shipping charges you must pay (handling fee* + applicable tax and duty). You will pay by uploading credits to your Shippsy account. 

*You can receive a discount if you request three or more packages within the same day. However, this advantage is unavailable in British Columbia and Quebec regions. 

Then, please wait a couple of days or two* for the parcel to arrive in our Canadian facility, but you will still receive an email notification once they come, so keep yourself updated. Please remember to bring the order pickup sheet and a valid ID when you get it. However, if it's more convenient for you to have the items delivered to your home delivery address, Shippsy also offers mail-out for a small additional fee. 

*Delivery time depends on the recipient's location. 

Shippsy will process everything for you, so you don't have to visit the post office from time to time or fill out the customs forms and process customs clearance to bring your orders to Canada. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get these viral TikTok products through Shippsy! By subscribing to our newsletter, you can keep updated with the latest TikTok products. Would you like to know more about our shipping service? Don't hesitate to call our customer service at 888-744-7779 or message us at We want to hear from you!

As January ends, February makes its way, and people start anticipating the next big occasion celebrated by many: Valentine's Day. 

The United States is home to many renowned chocolate brands and producers, offering various chocolate types and flavors. So, suppose you're looking for milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or something more exotic. In that case, you can surely find the one that will satisfy your taste buds in many US-based chocolate stores.

In this article, we'll provide some US brands that offer the best limited-edition chocolates you will love and some tips on buying chocolates. Leaf through and learn how to get them via Shippsy's Package Forwarding US to Canada. 

Jacques Torres

Jacques Torres, also known as Mr. Chocolate, is a renowned New York-based Pastry Chef and Chocolatier. The Jacques Torres Chocolate shop in Brooklyn, New York, sells the best Valentine’s Day Collection. Visit the site and shop their current bestsellers. Some of its popular chocolate products are the Valentine's Assorted Bonbon Heart Box, Sweet Love Bonbons, Valentine's Foiled Heart Box, Sweet Love Bundle, and more!

Shelf Life: Jacques Torres chocolate bars and chocolate discs can last up to 6 months in their original packaging or in airtight containers.

L. A. Burdick 

This US-based chocolate store sells European-inspired, handmade, and artisanal chocolates and confections. The L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolate is founded by Larry Burdick, who is widely regarded as the pioneer of fine chocolates in America. Enjoy their wide range of chocolate assortments, such as the famous Chocolate Mice and Penguin, Chocolate Bars, and Vegan Chocolate Selection.

Shelf Life: You may enjoy L.A. Burdick chocolates’ optimal freshness and flavor for up to 1 year!

See's Candies

See's Candies is a popular chocolate and candy store in the USA. The See family founded it in 1921 in Los Angeles, California. What began as a humble candy store now produces over 26 million pounds of chocolates and candies yearly! So check out their store now and enjoy shopping for their wide selection of aged chocolates for a richer, smoother taste. Fun fact: See's Candies carries a Guinness Record for the biggest chocolate lollipop weighing 7,000 pounds!

Shelf Life: See’s Candies products are meant to be consumed within 2-3 months of production, when the products are at their peak level of flavor.


If you're in the market for high-quality chocolates, you should consider TCHO. This US-based chocolate brand sources cocoa beans at its state-of-the-art chocolate factory in Berkeley, California. Moreover, TCHO produces great chocolates and values sustainability and ethical practices. So shop their chocolate bars with different flavors and give them to someone you love! 

Shelf Life: TCHO chocolates’ premium ingredients have a shelf life of 18 months from their manufacture date. 

Ethel M Chocolates

Ethel M Chocolates is a popular choice when buying chocolates for Valentine's Day. All of their chocolate products are made with premium ingredients and are crafted by skilled chocolatiers, ensuring a rich experience for anyone who indulges. They offer a wide variety of options like Satin Heart Limited Edition Chocolate Assortment, Red Ribbon Copper Gift Box, The Love Collection, and more. 

Shelf Life: Ethel M Chocolates products should be consumed within 14 to 30 days to ensure their freshness and taste. 

See’s Candies Is One Of The Leading Candy And Chocolate Stores package forwarding us to canada

Tips For Buying Chocolates

Here are some considerations you should consider when buying chocolates for Valentine's Day or any special occasion worth celebrating. Take note of the points below before you ship to Canada:

Shop Early - Don't wait until the last minute to place your order, as popular chocolates can sell out quickly. In addition, shipping and delivery may be longer due to the high demand during the holidays, including Valentine's Day.

Check The Seller - Make sure to buy from a reputable seller for high-quality chocolate products. Read reviews and check the seller's reputation before making a purchase.

Secure Packaging - You can contact the seller and make a request to have your orders placed in double packaging for extra-protection. This is to ensure that your chocolates arrive in good condition. 

Consider The Recipient's Preferences - Consider the person you are buying for and their preferences. Tailoring your gift to their tastes will make it even more special. Also, it's always a good idea to check the ingredients to ensure that you or your loved one can indulge in the richness of the chocolate.

Surprise Your Loved One Via Mail Forwarding

Are you thinking of purchasing chocolates from the USA and surprising your loved one at home for Valentine's? We got you! Always choose Shippsy whenever you're looking for the best package forwarding US to Canada. Shippsy makes your shipping experience more convenient by having your item delivered to your location for a small fee. 

How It Works

The Package Forwarding service is one of Shippsy's premium shipping services for US package forwarding to Canada. Once your shipment arrives at Shippsy's Canadian warehouse, the warehouse team will attach the proper label to your parcel. Shippsy works with Canada Post to ship your item* for a minimal cost.

*Note that Shippsy can only mail out goods that weigh 50 lbs and below. A parcel above the weight mentioned earlier will have to be picked up at the Canadian warehouses. 

Contact Us

Call us at 888-744-7779 or message us on our website if you have further questions about Shippsy's shipping cost and services or need assistance with your cross-border shipment. Also, follow us on our social media accounts to get the latest updates about Shippsy!

Key Takeaway

Many great chocolate brands in the United States are worth considering when looking for high-quality chocolate. Concerned about the pricey shipping fee? Don't worry about it. Instead, use Shippsy and enjoy the best cross-border shipping service for the lowest shipping rates.

Candies, chocolates, and other treats are timeless gifts that never go out of style. They are a sweet and thoughtful way to show someone you care about them. While some show their sweet Valentine’s Day gesture by giving a box of treats from a fancy chocolate shop, others prefer giving them items they would love to use. Regardless, all ways to express love are truly appreciated. Have you ordered your gifts already? If you haven’t yet, you’re in the right place!

When choosing gifts for Valentine's Day, it is essential to consider the recipient's preferences and personality. Widen your options in shopping for your Valentine's gift by reading this article! Order these products from the United States and ship them to Canada via Shippsy, assisted by Canada Post Mail Forwarding service!

Rose City Chocolatier Vegan Chocolates

Rose City Chocolatier Vegan Chocolates are excellent for those who prefer to avoid animal-derived products. These chocolates cater to a vegan lifestyle and are crafted only with the finest quality ingredients to delight your loved one with their rich and indulgent taste. With this option, you will show your significant other, family member, or friend that you care for their dietary preferences and give them a delicious and high-quality chocolate treat. 

Additionally, Rose City Chocolatier places their products in an insulated packaging to ensure that your order arrives safely and in good condition.

See's Sugar-Free Candies

See's Sugar-Free Candies are the best Valentine's treat for those watching their sugar intake. They come in various flavors, such as sugar-free butterscotch, milk, and dark chocolate. These candies will surely delight your loved one with their rich and indulgent taste. So, visit their site now and shop for your treats!

Personal Creations’ Plush Heart Character Pillow

These adorable Plush Heart Character Pillows are a thoughtful and cozy gift for your loved one to snuggle on Valentine’s Day! The pillows come in a variety of characters namely, Dog, Cat, Lashes, Smile, Sunglasses, Smirk, Blow A Kiss, and Wink. and can be personalized with a name or a short message. It is available in four colors: red, aqua, pink, and purple. 

Eternal Roses New York’s Astor Gift Box

The Astor Gift Box from Eternal Roses New York is a luxurious and long-lasting gift for Valentine’s Day. The product contains a beautiful preserved rose that is carefully placed in a box. Plus, you can choose your loved one’s astrological sign to match the box and color. The rose is specially treated to maintain its freshness and vibrant color for up to 3 years! 

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition Book

Make your relationship more adventurous with this The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition Book. Every adventure is a surprise and can only be revealed by scratching it off the page. After each challenge, you can add photos, write about your experience together, and add notes to make every adventure a wonderful memory to share!

Candies And Chocolates Are Popular Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Use Shippsy's Package Forwarding

Do you want to surprise your loved one at home this Valentine's Day? We got your back! With Shippsy's Package Forwarding, we'll provide mail delivery for your Valentine's gift to arrive at your doorstep! Shippsy works with Canada Post mail forwarding service* to send your package to your location for a minimal cost. 

All you need to do is wait as we complete the customs form and process your packages for transportation and clearance. Once your shipment arrives in our Mississauga facility, Shippsy will correctly label your parcels with accurate delivery information. Then, they are immediately transferred to Canada Post forwarding service. Finally, Canada Post will then forward mail right to your doorstep!

*Shippsy's mail forwarding service can not be processed through a Canada Post account.

How Long Does Canada Post Forward A Package?

Shippsy works faster than your local postal service. Mail delivery usually takes only 2-4 business days from our US facility to Canada, and around 4-10 business days from our Canadian warehouse to your doorstep, depending on your location. Thus, ship your product early, so they arrive just in time for the special day. Delivery dates will also depend on Canada Post. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Use Shippsy's shipping calculator to estimate how much to pay for your delivery. Provide your package's destination address and information (enter accurate weight and dimensions). Then, you will be given the available delivery options and rates for your shipment.

You can process your payment by adding a credit card* to your account. Your total amount will automatically be deducted from your card.

*Shippsy does not process payment via prepaid cards or gift cards. Rest assured that your personal information is secured and safe from fraud and phishing activities as we value customer identity and confidentiality.

What Other Services Does Shippsy Have?

Shippsy offers the best shipping resources for customers shopping in the US. Our Parcel Pickup Service is for customers who choose to claim their parcels personally at their assigned Shippsy branch location. The process is free, and you must show only your order pickup sheet and a copy of your valid identification card. 

Moreover, you can use Shippsy's Pallet service if you are shipping oversized packages (more than 100 inches in total dimensions) or high-volume orders (beyond 100 pounds in weight). 

Need assistance? Dial 888-744-7779 to talk to our customer service representative, or send us a message. We will gladly assist you with your shipping needs and concerns! Meanwhile, you're always welcome to visit our website to check our shipping overview, features, and updates!

Key Takeaway

Valentine's Day is a special day about love and affection. Giving candies, chocolates, and other treats to that special someone is a sweet and thoughtful gesture they will surely appreciate. So, send personalized mail and surprise your loved ones with a gift that will make their day even more special. 

So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy US-based e-commerce retailers' popular searches and special offers for Valentine's Day. Then, use your US address and forward mail with Shippsy now!

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Are you ready to gear up for one of the biggest events of the year in North America? The Super Bowl 2023 is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about what you'll wear to show off your team spirit. The NFL Shop is the perfect place to find all the gear you need to look and feel your best on game day.

Check out these products from the NFL Shop and purchase your team's apparel! Enjoy shopping from the United States and use Shippsy's cheapest shipping to Canada!

When Is Super Bowl 2023 Happening?

The Super Bowl 2023, the 57th edition of the annual Super Bowl American football championship game, will take place on February 12, 2023. The game will be held at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. Many fans across the world got more excited as, in September of last year, Rihanna announced that she would perform in the game's half-time show alongside other musicians and performers.

Ready for this exciting event? Style up as you witness the biggest football teams compete for the championship with these items below: 

New England Patriot Navy Game Jersey

The New England Patriot Navy Custom Game Jersey from The NFL Shop is the perfect way to show your team spirit on Super Bowl 2023. This jersey is made from high-quality material and can be customized with your name and number. The classic navy color and bold graphics make it the perfect addition to your Super Bowl look. Whether sitting in the stands or watching the game from home, you'll look and feel like a true fan in this custom game jersey. Order now and cheer on the New England Patriots in style on Super Bowl 2023.

Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatics Pullover Hoodie

Wear this Pittsburgh Steelers Fanatics Lock It Down Pullover Hoodie to stay warm as you support your team during Super Bowl 2023! The black and gold colorway, with bold Pittsburgh Steelers graphics, makes it clear which team you're rooting for. The hoodie also features a front pouch to keep your hands warm and hold your essentials. Cheer loud and proud while wearing this hoodie and show your Steelers pride all day long!

San Francisco 49ers Red Mini Backpack

The San Francisco 49ers FOCO Red Repeat Brooklyn Mini Backpack is an excellent addition to your overall Super Bowl look. The backpack features a bold red color with the 49ers logo prominently displayed, showing everyone how proud you are to be a fan! It also comes in a mini size, so it's easy to bring. So, gear up for the big game and get your hands on this stylish and functional backpack from The NFL Shop today!

Dallas Cowboys New Era Knit Trapper Hat

The Dallas Cowboys New Era Navy Knit Trapper Hat is a unique accessory every Cowboys fan should not miss. The hat features the iconic Cowboys star logo on the front and the New Era logo on the side. The trapper style of the hat is perfect for keeping your head warm during the colder months, making it the ideal accessory for the Super Bowl 2023. With its comfortable fit and durable material, this hat will surely be a crowd favorite! 

Green Bay Packers Nike Zoom Running Shoe

The Green Bay Packers Nike Green Zoom Pegasus 39 Running Shoe is a must-have for any fan of the team heading into Super Bowl 2023. Experience extra comfort with this Zoom Pegasus 39 lightweight and breathable shoe made with high-performance durability, perfect for all types of activities. Don't wait; get your pair today and be ready to cheer on the Packers during the big game!

You Can Support Your Favorite Team Even By Watching From Home

Cheapest Parcel Shipping To Canada

Are you looking for a shipping carrier service with the cheapest shipping US to Canada? Shippsy is the answer! Shippsy is your go-to source for premium shipping services at the lowest shipping rates. 

Shippsy is always prepared to give you the cheapest way to experience the finest Canadian shipping options compared to other shipping providers or even the local postal service. You can send a standard package (up to ten pounds) starting at $6.99*! Additionally, if you order more than three shipments on the same day, you will receive a 25% handling fee discount. (Take note: the discount does not apply to British Columbia and Quebec.)

Shippsy's shipping rates include brokerage and transportation. Moreover, the first thirty days of your package's storage at the facility are free of charge. Meanwhile, a $1 storage fee will incur after the first 30 days. Shippsy serves the right to properly dispose of packages that are left unclaimed within 60 days. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions for more details.

*Prices displayed are in Canadian dollars. British Columbia shipping cost starts at $7.99, while Quebec shipping cost starts at $9.99. Customs taxes and duties apply. 

Your Best Shipping Option 

Shippsy’s services allow you to experience the cheapest shipping to Canada. Use this guide to decide on your shipping method:

The Parcel Pickup Service will allow you to pick up your shipment at your designated Shippsy branch. The claiming process will be completed in just a few minutes by presenting your order pickup sheet and your valid identification card to the Shippsy staff who will assist you.

If you're far from any Shippsy branch, our Package Forwarding Service is the best shipping option. Shippsy will forward your parcel to its partner courier (Canada Post), handling the last-mile delivery* of your package for a small additional fee. You can use Shippsy's shipping calculator to get an estimate of your delivery fee. Meanwhile, use Shippsy's Pallet Service if you're shipping a large package or bulk orders. 

 *Delivery time usually takes 2-4 business days depending on your region.

Call Us

For further questions or concerns, connect with us at 888-744-7779 or send us a message on our website. Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM ET to 6 PM ET and on Sundays from 12 PM to 3 PM ET. 

Key Takeaway

Style up on the upcoming Super Bowl 2023 by purchasing the hottest items at The NFL Shop. Look good while you cheer for your favorite team! As you make your online purchase from the United States, choose the cheapest way to ship to Canada: Shippsy!

*Shippsy's services are not available for class package international service and priority mail express international shipping.

Stranger Things is an American science fiction TV series initially released in 2016 and has had a global influence since its release. In Canada, fans proved their fascination for the series with how it stayed in the top charts for weeks.

We're offering the perfect item guide for Canadian fans or those looking for the best gift for their loved ones who love the series. So check out the items listed below and add them to your cart before they're sold out! 

Moreover, why limit yourself to shopping within Canada when goods from the US are made accessible? Shop now and use Shippsy to ship to Canada from US. We guarantee the best services for the cheapest price. 

So, what are you waiting for? Read now!

Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

Check out these hot-selling Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures of Stranger Things from Amazon! Delight yourself with these cute little figures inspired by the casts of the beloved series. On December 1, 2022, the Pop! vinyl figure for the infamous Vecna was released and has already sold a lot. Complete the characters Pop! figures and bring home the excitement and breakthroughs of the series in your homes. 

Dungeons and Dragons Set

Did you know that this popular tabletop game is one of the creators' biggest inspirations for the worldwide hit TV series? Fans have seen the characters play this game in several episodes. If you don’t have one yet, this is the perfect time for you to purchase yours! Visit Walmart's section for Dungeons and Dragons sets to order one. Then, make your free time more fun and exciting by playing this with your family and friends! 

Stranger Things Apparel

You can never go wrong with gifting a fan with Stranger Things apparel! Look into Pop In A Box's wide selection of apparel designed with your iconic logos and graphic designs from the series. Choose from shirts, pullovers, socks, hoodies, sack bags, tote bags, bucket hats, shoes, and more! Imagine yourself wearing these and walking around like one of the series' main characters. Isn't that exciting? So, visit the store and shop now!

Stranger Things Posters

Give life to your walls by hanging up some cool wall art and posters from eBay! Choose from this wide array of wall decorations that different artists creatively design from the United States. Posters are available in different sizes showcasing scenes, characters, inspirations, and scenes from different seasons. 


Are you looking for some giveaways for your Stranger Things fanatic friends? Then, visit Etsy's wide selection of Stranger Things-inspired keychains made in different materials, designs, and sizes. If you get lucky, you may find some sellers that offer customization. Thus, you can have your orders personalized with the names of your family and friends or even with a code of your favourite soundtrack from the series!

Monopoly: Stranger Things Edition Board

If you enjoy playing monopoly games and are a big fan of the Stranger Things series, then treat yourself to this item. Purchase Hasbro Shop's Monopoly: Stranger Things Edition Board and take your game nights into the adventurous world of the Upside Down. This game can be played by 2-6 players aged 14 years and above! The product includes the game board, tokens, grandfather clock spinner, Title Deed cards, Cerebro cards, Hellfire Club cards, cassette tapes, dice, money pack, and game guide.

Hassle-free Cross Border Shipping

Many online shoppers from Canada often get stressed out about paying too much to ship an item from the US. While shopping within Canada surely costs less, online shoppers may find more variation of their favorite products in the US. Fortunately, Canadians can ship to Canada from US* in the cheapest way through Shippsy. They offer the best shipping options for a low price. 

*Shippsy does not handle international shipment from other countries.

How to Use Shippsy

Here’s a quick guide on how to ship to Canada from US.

Your best US-Canada shipping experience with Shippsy starts with signing up at the website! Account registration is free and takes only a few minutes to complete. Sign up for your free account, start shopping online and use your unique Shippsy address! Meanwhile, all you need to do is request for the shipment and pay your dues, and we’ll take care of any paperwork and the border clearance into Canada.

Your US shipping address will appear on your dashboard as soon as you complete the registration process. Make sure to copy and paste the address in purchasing your orders from any online store in the United States. 

The shipment will arrive at Shippsy's US facility within 24 hours. You will receive an email notification to pay for your total, which includes the Shippsy fee* (shipping cost + brokerage + transportation) and applicable tax and duty.

*Visit Shippsy's pricing page for more details. 

How To Pay for Shippsy

Paying for Shippsy's services is effortless. Payment is securely done on Shippsy's website by adding credits to your account via Visa and Mastercard.

How To Get The Items

Shippsy offers the most convenient shipping options for customers depending on their needs. 

Shippsy currently has six branch locations where you can personally claim your package via Parcel Pickup Service. Show your order pickup sheet and a piece of your photo ID and it will take only a few minutes to complete your process.

However, if you wish to have your package delivered to your destination, you may choose the Mail Out Service. Shippsy will forward your shipment to its partner carrier, Canada Post, to complete the final mile delivery* for a small additional fee. Moreover, the Pallet Service is your best option if you're shipping oversized packages or shipments in large quantities. 

Contact our customer service for inquiries and assistance. Shippy's client support agents are always ready to help you with anything concerning shipping from US to Canada. 

*Delivery time depends on the carrier.

Key Takeaway

Canada has many TV shows of its own, but Canadian viewers can get fascinated with TV shows from the US. Thus, fans contribute a lot to merchandise's increasing numbers in the market. For Canadian shoppers, cross border shipping is made fast, easy, and affordable with Shippsy.

Pets are animals that are tamed and kept by people for companionship. While some have now ventured towards keeping exotic animals as pets, most individuals still stick to keeping the usual furry ones as their preference: cats and dogs. A survey shows that 73% of Canadian households now have a pet. This number continues to rise, considering that there are currently no limits on how many pets one can own in Canada.

However, good pet parents should ensure they care for their pets and treat them more than mere companions. With the trust, loyalty, and happiness these animals give us, it is just right that we give them the best pet items they deserve!

Read this article to get ideas for items your pet will enjoy and which online retailer from the US you can get them from. Plus, shop and ship items from any online store in the US to Canada with Shippsy, the best cross-border shipping service provider!

Best Gifts For Dogs image

For the Loyal Dog

This playful animal can be so hyperactive, and its energy does not fail to put a smile on our faces. With their loyalty and care for their owners, dogs always prove that they are man’s best friend! Check out these items that your dogs will love.

Pet Bathing Tool 

This product from Aquapaw is a great combination of a sprayer and scrubber used in bathing dogs. It is wearable and can easily be turned on and off by simply clenching. Thus, owners can control the water flow during their pet’s bathing process. The item comes in a one-size-fits-all design and can be worn on either left or right hand. 

Recycled Parka - Camouflage

Keep your pet dog warm and cozy with this Pet Supplies Store’s Recycled Parka. It comes in different sizes and is made of 100% high-quality fabric from recycled plastic bottles. In addition, it is made with patented Elasto-Fit Technology and a water-repellant recycled polyester shell. Buy this product to ensure your dog is warm and comfortable in this cold season.

Behavioral Aid Dog Toy

Does your dog have anxiety? Is it causing troublesome behavior? Worry not! Chewy’s Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid Dog Toy is here to help you. This comforting companion toy mimics a warm, furry friend, a real-feel heartbeat simulator, and a heating pack. Purchase this and give your dog a comforting companion toy!

Best Gifts For Cats image

For the Sassy Cat

Cats are mysterious yet beautiful furry friends that like to lounge around. However, cats can be very active with their speed and flexibility whenever they’re in the mood to play. Here are some great items for your sassy kitty!

Window Bed

Here’s a product your cat will love. This K&H Pet Products EZ Mount Window Bed from Amazon is a great cat window hammock that can easily mount to the window glass. It gives your cat comfort while viewing the outdoors. It also includes a pad that serves as an insulator to keep your cat warm and cozy. 

Anxiety Jacket

This ThunderShirt Anxiety Jacket for Cats is the best item to give your kitty gentle and constant pressure to calm its fear or over-excitement. Your cat can wear this when you decide to bring them to loud places, traveling, or vet visits. Get this item from Walmart to ensure your cat stays calm whenever and wherever.

Laser Light Toy

Like dogs, cats also love to play! As a matter of fact, it is very easy to get their attention and have them focused on one thing. With this PetSafe Laser Tail Automatic Laser Light Cat Toy from Petco, you can keep your cat physically active by chasing the creative patterns that beam through this product’s “tail.” So get this item now and let your cat have some fun!

Head's up, shoppers! Be careful in shipping your items to Canada. Shippsy complies with CSBA's regulations. Check out our list of prohibited items for more details.

Send Them Over To Canada With Shippsy

Purchase pet products and more from the United States by sending your shipment to Canada using only Shippsy. This portion will tell you how to ship to Canada and where to get your packages.

How It Works

Shipping package to Canada is fast and easy! Don’t forget to use your Shippsy US shipping address when shopping at US retailers online. Your parcel will arrive in our US facility and their information will be added to your Shippsy dashboard within 24 hours. You will receive an email to make a payment for the Shippsy fee and the applicable tax and duty.

In 2-3* business days, your shipment will arrive in our Canada warehouse after passing through customs for border clearance. You will receive another email once your package is ready to be claimed

*Transit times based on region is 4-7 business days.

Branch Locations

Shippsy currently has four Pickup Locations in Canada: 

  • Mississauga Branch - Monday to Friday: 11 AM to 7 AM ET

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: 12 PM to 3 PM ET

  • Markham Branch - Monday to Friday: 11 AM to 7 PM ET

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: 12 PM to 3 PM ET

  • London Branch - Monday to Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM ET

Saturday: CLOSED

Sunday: CLOSED

  • Richmond Branch - Monday to Friday: 11 AM to 7 PM PDT

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Our pets - whatever they are- should be considered family. The loyalty, joy, and comfort that they give us are priceless! Thus, it is just right that we treat them like how we treat the people who are dear to us. 
To get the best cross-border shopping experience without paying too much for the shipping cost, always use Shippsy. For more details about our services and shipping rates, visit our website or  contact our customer service at 888-744-7779 or send us a message via our website.

Everyone has their unique definition of what beauty is. Since it is a very subjective topic and defines no age limit, there is no right and wrong definition of beauty. Beauty is more than just skin-deep. It's about how you feel about yourself-your skin, hair, complexion, height, etc.

Taking care of yourself should not be considered an act of vanity but rather an investment in your future health and well-being. And if you want to buy items from U.S. retailers for your beauty products, there is no need to worry. Today, we will show you how you can make the purchase successfully.

Read more to know the best selling beauty products available in the United States. 

Top Selling Beauty Products Available In U.S. Retailers image

Top Selling Beauty Products For Your Skin Care

Looking for the top selling skin care products to care for your skin? Consider these top sellers:

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Cream (1 Month) - Stretch Mark Removal

You can erase unsightly stretch marks from your breasts, stomach, upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and all areas particularly vulnerable to the formation of stretch marks with Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy. Become the flawless version of yourself with this product.

Deep Peeling Face Exfoliating Peel Gel Mask

Peel gel masks are great for different skin tones! This mask can help you fight age and prevent acne and age spots. In addition, it can eliminate blemishes, improve cellulite, and diminish dark circles around the eyes and under-eye bags. Lighten up your complexion with this peel gel mask, and nurture your skin with natural oils, reduce oil production, restore radiance to your face and neck area, and revitalize dull or sagging skin. 

Fragrance Mist: Bare Vanilla

A fragrance is more than just a scent. It's the mood! It is a state of mind and an accessory you can wear daily. So whether you are looking for a scent that embodies your power and strength or helps you find peace and calm, you can select different scents according to your taste.

Best Hair Treatment From U.S. Retailers image

Hair Care: Best Selling Cosmetics

If you're looking for the best-selling cosmetics for your hair routine, you've come to the right place. We did the hard work of research. Here are some of our favorites:

Hair Dryer and Hot Air Brush

Introducing the Revlon One-Step Volumizer 2.0 PLUS. This dryer gives you salon-quality results with one-step drying and up to half the time, with 75% shinier blowouts. In addition, a revolutionary oval brush head touts a bold new size versatile enough for all hair types, gets closer to the root, and unlocks even more style.

Hair Loss & Regrowth Treatment 

It is a fast-working hair regrowth treatment that helps treat hair loss and regrow fuller hair. This hair treatment is proven to reactivate shrunken hair follicles and allows your hair to regrow. So take care of your hair!

Facial Hair Growth Herb Cream 

This product is alcohol-free, all-natural, ammonia-free, paraben-free, and sulfate free. It contains argan oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E for moisturization. Our formula is made with organic ingredients and essential oils, which promote hair growth. A natural herbal cream created to help grow a mustache, beard, sideburn, and eyebrows.

Tools & Gadgets

We've put together some tools to make your life easier and more efficient, so you can focus on what matters most: looking amazing!

Face Lifting Massager

Microcurrent stimulation is the latest in facial massage technology. It focuses on lifting your face and reducing facial wrinkles, removing fine lines. Try a face-lifting massager for your face!

Toning Device For Your Skin

This facial toning device is a smart, microcurrent skincare regimen. Its target is three different depths of skin and muscle; it instantly tightens, helps you get toned, and can contour appearance over time. In addition, it's a small skincare product enough to take with you anywhere-so you're always ready for a quick treatment!

Skin Care Beauty Fridge

Do you have a lot of beauty products? Add different products inside this fridge, such as your favorite micellar water, eye cream, moisturizing cream, and your makeup, whether you have dry, oily, or whatever skin type you have. 

Storing products like preservative-free, natural, organic serums, essential oils, and a moisturizing cream in a cool environment can prolong their shelf life by almost three times! It is the perfect solution for keeping these products fresh for longer.

Shipping To Canada With Shippsy

Shippsy, a Canadian-based company, can help you easily ship your U.S.-purchased goods to Canada. To get started, create an account with Shippsy, follow the instructions given, and wait for an update on your order via email. With Shippsy, we will make it possible to get your items quickly and easily. If you want to know more about the ship to Canada from U.S. cost, you can check how to calculate your shipping prices using a shipment calculator.

Shipping Option: Parcel Pickup Service

Parcel Pickup Service allows you to shop from U.S. brands and pick up your item at Shippsy's Canada branch location.

First, start searching the products you want to purchase from your favorite U.S. retailers, then enter your unique U.S. address given by Shippsy when you create an account. All your items will reflect on your account and wait for updates on your email.

U.S. stores that do not ship to Canada often charge higher international shipping costs. But Shippsy offers cheap shipping rates for products from the U.S.

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Shopping for beauty products should be easy. You shouldn't have to worry about shipment, shipping guidelines, or even if you're getting the right thing. 

With Shippsy, you can order your favorite brands from your favorite stores. We believe that shopping online should be fun and easy, so we've made it our mission to ensure that's exactly what happens when you use our service.

Do you already have a list of beauty products ready? Great! Create an account with Shippsy and start your online shopping today!

If you have more questions about how it works, feel free to ask here or call us at 888 - 744 - 7779. We have great customer service that are happy to help you with your skincare purchases.

The recent global pandemic has caused a lot of changes and adjustments in every industry. And, until now, most offices and organizations in Canada changed their business processing from physical to digital. But what is its effect on the Canadian economy? The country's economic rate continues to strive and recover as different industries invest in digital technologies and provide economic response plans to maintain business competitiveness. 

The retail industry continued to rise as online shopping, and international shipping became among the most used purchasing methods. As a result, Canadian customers buy different products from Canada-based online retailers and different online stores worldwide, especially from the USA. 

We made a list of the biggest US-based retailers that also lead as e-commerce brands. Read now and be informed about how much to ship to Canada!

May US Stores Sell A Wider Variety of Good Quality Products

General Goods

Walmart Inc. - This American multinational retailer operates multiple lines of businesses, including grocery stores, department stores, and supermarkets. They engage in both retail and wholesale business with an assortment of merchandise and services for your different home needs. Walmart is known for its "everyday low prices" strategy. In addition, they now have approximately 10,500 stores and clubs worldwide, including eCommerce websites. Known for selling home goods, this retailer also sells apparel, fresh-produce food, and more.

Target - This business started in 1902 with its original name, "Goodfellow's Dry Good Company," which was then changed to "Dayton Dry Goods Company" until 2000 when it officially became known as Target Corporation. The first Target store opened in the 1960s in Minnesota and now has approximately 1,940 stores in the USA with more than 45 owned brands unique to their name. Target's popular tagline is "Expect more. Pay Less.", which they have been using since 1994. Target sells household goods, food, clothing, and electronics.

Gadgets and Electronics

Best Buy - Initially called "Sound of Music from 1966 to 1983, this American multinational company is one of the biggest electronics retailers in the world. Moreover, Best Buy aims to contribute to a safer and cleaner environment. Thus, it partnered with a California company called Electronic Recyclers International, which specializes in recycling electronic parts. They accept old electronic products for recycling. Their items range from Audio parts, Cameras, Computers and Computer parts, and much more.

Logitech - This Swiss-American multinational company was founded by a group of computer scientists and engineers. Its name is derived from the French word for software, logiciel. Logitech's products range from video and music accessories to smartphones, and other electronic items used for communication. 

(Note: Take good care of your expected parcel by ensuring that they are placed in the proper packaging. Shippsy will not be accepting items placed in paper bags or are not secured in the right packaging.)

Personal Items

Bath and Body Works, LLC. - Founded in 1990 in Ohio, Bath and Body Works is an American retail store that sells various personal care products such as fresh fragrances, hand sanitizers, body lotion & moisturizers, soaps, and scented candles. The brand releases new fragrances every three to four weeks, and they also sell scents made for men. One of their scents reigned as United States' big-time favorite: Japanese Cherry Blossom. 

Ulta Beauty Inc. - Formerly known as Ulta Salon, Cosmetics & Fragrance Inc., this American chain of beauty stores retails a wide variety of bath and body products, hair products, cosmetics, nail products, and beauty tools. In addition, they are known to offer salon services in their stores. Also, Ulta Beauty has partnered with various organizations that benefit women and children. They also host annual fundraising salon events with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). 

We strictly comply with the Canada Border Services Agency's (CBSA) regulations on the shipment of goods. Please check our list of Prohibited Items.

how much to ship to canada - Shippsy Offers The Cheapest Shipping Rates

Ship With Shippsy!

Purchase your US items from the mentioned retailers above and choose a shipping company that offers the cheapest way to ship them to Canada! 

You may now wonder, "How much does it cost to ship to Canada with Shippsy?" Most customers often get discouraged with shipping from the US because of how much to ship to Canada. Moreover, we understand that international shipping from the United States may be expensive. Shippsy's mission is to allow Canadians to shop freely from many online US retailers without worrying about paying too much for the shipping fee. We offer the cheapest shipping rate for you!

The shipping cost for a regular package (below 10lb) is only CAD 6.99. Packages over 10lb will incur an additional CAD 0.45 for every lb up to 100lbs. The good thing is we offer a 25% discount on the total handling fee if you request three or more packages on the same day! We also give complimentary storage of up to 30 days if you cannot get your package immediately. (Note that the 25% discount does not apply to the region of British Columbia)

Consider using a package shipping calculator to get an idea of how much you will pay for your item.

Here's How It Works

The first thing you need to do is create an account with Shippsy. We do not have any membership fee, and you will receive your unique Shippsy US Address instantly appearing in your Shippsy dashboard. 

Next, use your Shippsy Address for your US purchases. It will take 24 hours for your items to appear in your Shippsy dashboard once we receive the necessary information. Then, we will send you an email to make payment and the total payable cost to ship to Canada (taxes and duties apply).

Your package will arrive in our Canada warehouse in one business day or two after passing through Canada customs clearance. You will receive an email once we have your goods ready to be claimed.

Please bring your order pick-up sheet and a copy of your Photo ID to pick up your package at our Shippsy store. We are also partnered with Canada Post and UPS for a small additional fee for home delivery services. Delivery time will vary on the courier. 

For more information about our service and shipping option, visit our website or call our customer service team at 888-744-7779.

Suppose you frequently order from the United States; you may have probably known some shipping technicalities. These specifications can be pretty challenging and confusing at times. However, shipping should not be that hard, especially with the longstanding trading relationship between Canada and the US. Besides the tedious process, many Canadian customers worry about the expensive cross-border shipping to Canada from the US.

This article is written for you if you are one of those consumers purchasing from US stores. Find out how to send a package to Canada without paying the high-priced shipping cost while escaping the dreary shipping process. 

Prohibited/Restricted Items

Before anything else, one thing you should remember to prevent problems, especially with Canada Border Services Agency, is to avoid purchasing prohibited and restricted items. You may face the consequences once the customs discover that you are shipping prohibited and restricted things. The items will be confiscated or disposed of, and you will receive sanctions or penalties. Some of the products you should stay away from are:

- firearms and weapons

- explosives, fireworks, and ammunition

- drugs and medical equipment

- cannabis

- live animals

- perishable goods

As an additional precaution, contacting your chosen courier regarding the restricted or prohibited items when shipping to Canada before purchasing any product is better.

After you confirm the items, you should refrain from purchasing; the shipper must proceed with getting the requirements for documentation. 

Requirements and Documentation

This step may be the most tedious part when importing goods to Canada. While some sellers help you make the process faster, you must accomplish most of the process yourself. Moreover, each requirement requires additional expenses since you cannot get these documents for free. 

So, you have to allot some budget for the needed documents too.

How to ship a package to Canada from the United States fast and easy? Look for a shipping service that can accommodate your shipping needs and deal with customs clearance. Without the help of a trusted carrier, you will spend more time dealing with the requirements than the shipping itself. 

Shipping Cost

The costly shipping rates can be one of the causes that many Canadians choose not to order from the States because it will be cheaper to purchase local products than ordering something online from across the border. However, each courier calculates their shipping rates differently depending on numerous factors, including these two:

Package Size and Weight. Most companies include the package size when computing the shipping cost since many shippers send items packed in way more giant boxes, despite their small size. They calculate the space the box occupies (the dimensional weight), the item's actual weight, and the flat rate pricing. 

It is essential to know how much the shipment will incur for each shipping company to get the cheapest offer. If you decide immediately, you will miss the chance to save big. Furthermore, you can also figure out beforehand how many products you can purchase that can fit in one box to maximize your shipping expenses. 

Delivery Distance. Aside from the package weight and size, you also have to consider the distance between you and the seller. Basically, the farther you are, the higher the price you have to pay. The trick you can do is to opt for parcel pick up instead of having the item delivered right at your doorstep. You do not have to pay additional charges for the delivery fee. 

How to Send A Package to Canada from US Efficiently?

Shippsy is your go-to shipping partner when importing goods to Canada. Since not all US retail stores ship directly to Canada or impose expensive international shipping charges for deliveries across the border, using Shippsy will eliminate this issue. 

One more thing, Shippsy allows you to escape requiring the necessary documents for importing as they will process it on your behalf. They lift the burden of completing the, shipment, shipping requirements, and processing the customs form for a minimal fee. Moreover, since Shippsy owns personal trucks, the parcel delivery time is faster and more efficient. 

First, create an account with Shippsy. Once done, you will receive a notification in the email you use to register. Included in the email is your unique US address, which you can use when purchasing items from US stores. Still, you have to double-check if the address provided by Shippsy is compatible with the address format of the store. If not, you must contact the store to clarify the issue. Furthermore, ensure that the store can provide an official invoice or receipt. 

Once everything is confirmed, proceed to order your favorite US goodies. 

After a day or two, expect an email notification that your parcel has arrived at the Canada branch nearest your location. You can pick up the package at the Shippsy site or arrange for door-to-door parcel delivery for a minimal charge. 

Key Takeaway

In this age of technology and convenience, purchasing from US retail stores should no longer be long and tiring. You should receive your parcel of our well-loved US goodies without stress and hassle. 

As always, feel free to contact Shippsy's customer support for any information you want to learn regarding Canadian shipping. On the other hand, you may contact Stallion for any Canadian domestic shipping, US shipping, and international shipping concerns. 

What are you waiting for? Experience hassle-free shipping at the most competitive shipping fees.

With everything working hard to keep up with inflation, it would not hurt to pause, relax, and enjoy the moment. Moreover, rewarding someone with the special US treats will make the hard work and dedication even sweeter. As Labor Day is just a few weeks from now, have you considered buying a friend, family member, or even yourself something memorable to show your appreciation. 

We have some suggestions for the top ideal Labor Day gifts. Plus, this article will give tips and tricks to send package to Canada efficiently and at a lower price. Have fun reading!

Hydrating and Soothing Facial Masks

You may think this product is more applicable to feminine, but even men can use it. Treating yourself or your loved ones with some of these skin care products is one self-love treatment. You can request to have the item wrapped in a small parcel to minimize the package's dimensional weight and send a package to Canada from US.

You can also ask for your chosen courier's shipping rates to know about the prices beforehand.

Wellness Set

Wellness sets are perfect gifts for Labor Day because it includes numerous goods that can reduce body tension and stress after a long day at work. The wellness set can consist of different items, like bath sets, beauty sets, and food for the brain sets.

Since these gift sets come in different options, you should check with the customs clearance before you send a package to Canada ordering to avoid returns. Furthermore, request the store to pack the parcel properly in a cardboard box and declare the correct value on the customs declaration form to avoid sanctions.

A Pair of Pajamas

Wouldn't it be more relaxing to sleep in a comfy pair of pajamas or sleepwear? You don't have to worry if the item is worth it or not since Ekouaer sells the cheapest yet high-quality ones! Apart from the pajama sets, they also offer nightgowns, tops, and bottoms to make leisure time even more comfortable.

You can also gift your breastfeeding or lactating friends and loved ones with Ekouaer nursing dresses to make baby feeding more manageable and efficient.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are excellent gift ideas for special events and occasions, including Labor Day. Due to their calming, relaxing, and soothing effect, the one you will give this gift to will surely appreciate it.

Life2AroundAngels is one of the best bath bombs in the US because of its quality, various options, and competitive prices. These bath bombs come in multiple natural fragrances, such as citric acid, shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil, among others.

However, due to some shipping restrictions imposed, you might want to check the Canada Border Services Agency's website or call the shipping company to ensure that this item is allowed for Canadian shipping.

Bath Pillows

This item may be new to your ears, but it is something you should look forward to. Of course, you want your body to have a total body rest when relaxing. You do not wish to feel discomfort when lying in your bathtub, relaxing. 

If you have a bigger budget and want to splurge more on gifts, the 100 Sense Bath Pillow set is an excellent option. They also offer different wellness products if you want other options besides the bath pillows

What's more interesting about buying from 100 Sense is the free shipping offer within the United States when you purchase more than USD 50 worth of goods. Yes, you are from Canada, but later in this article, you will find out how you can avail of this discount and save on the shipment.

Cosmetics Bags

If you have friends working in the cosmetic or beauty industry, cosmetic bags are perfect gift items to keep their make-up and other beauty tools organized. While they can purchase cosmetics bags in Canada, the United States has plenty of well-known brands you and your loved ones love to try.

Ulta is among the most prominent beauty retailer stores in the US that haven't graced its doors in Canada. It features numerous small and big-time beauty brands worldwide. So, you can also purchase other items apart from the bag to maximize the parcel space, saving on the shipping expenses. 

Vitamin-Infused Fruit Tea Set

Nothing is more relaxing than sipping a nice cup of tea, and you can make tea-making fun and easy by getting a vitamin-infused fruit tea set from Pukka Herbs. They offer different gift sets, allowing you to choose which fit your needs and budget.

Send Your Package Via Shippsy

Do not wait for an extended delivery time to receive the gifts you and your loved ones deserve! Shippsy is the best way to send package to Canada from the United States.

Provided that Shippsy has its trucks, expect a faster delivery speed from the US to Canada. Moreover, Shippsy offers the cheapest shipping option you can find. Apart from the competitive shipping cost and speedy parcel delivery, you do not have to worry about the long shipment process to complete the customs form.

You may think that many couriers offer this kind of shipping service, but what makes Shippsy a standout carrier is its way of providing a unique US shipping address to its users.

Many US-based retail and independent stores offer free shipping and other discounts to customers within the US, so with the US address provided by Shippsy, you can take advantage of the discounts and ship the package to Canada cheaply.

Once the package arrives at the Canada branch, you can opt to pick up your item or have the parcel delivered to your doorstep for additional fees. We are partnered with Canada Post to process the final delivery.If you want to know more about Shippsy, call us at 888-744-7779 or check our website for further information.

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