Does Amazon Deliver to Canada? Back-to-School Items You Can Find On Amazon

Diana Zheng
October 5, 2022

The beginning of the school year can be a joyful and stressful moment for students. The stationery section and all school supplies shops will be full of people buying notebooks, pens, and pad papers. Good thing that if you want to expand your options for stores, shoppers can freely purchase across the border. Students and parents can find countless online shops selling stationery items and school supplies on Amazon. 

Does Amazon deliver to Canada? Fortunately, YES! While Amazon Canada already has a lot of options to choose from, it would not hurt you to explore the shops in Amazon US. Check this article for the top school items perfect for welcoming the school year. 


You cannot just go to school and leave your books and other school items behind now, can you? That's where the backpack comes in. Lightweight backpacks like this casual daypack from Coowoz will help you take care of your daily load without adding to all that weight.

Lunch Bags

Putting all the food containers inside the backpack can cause numerous mishaps, like food leakage. These Neoprene lunch bag from Chengu is perfect as lunch bags because of their neutral colors.

Food Containers

Bento boxes and packing lunches are a massive thing on the internet nowadays, and if you want to prepare your kids' lunches aesthetically, use the proper food containers. This Tarlini Home bento box food container is a simple yet functional item you can use for lunch. It comes in three colors and utensils.

Pencil Cases

Many students misplace or lose their writing tools, such as pens, pencils, and markers, because they do not have an organizer to put everything together, so you must purchase a pencil case to keep them organized. This EASTHILL big capacity pencil case comes in nine different colors, with ample space to put pencils, pens, and other school items, like an eraser, mini scissors, and a small ruler.

Pens and Pencils

Of course, you cannot write anything without pens and pencils. While you can purchase them in Canada, US Amazon has many aesthetic options your kids will like. For example, these kawaii mechanical pencils from DzdzCrafts come in 16 pieces. Note that some also come with top erasers.


While laptops and other devices are already available, writing notes is one of the most efficient ways to remember something. Thus, notebooks are essential school items, regardless of the student's year level. It is good to keep all the notes in a single location. This SINOBAND ruled bound notebooks with A5-sized 100 sheets of paper and US landmark cover is a great suggestion.


Highlighters will be helpful for middle, high schoolers, and college students due to plenty of memorization, familiarization, and reading materials. You can find plenty of cute and aesthetic highlighters on Amazon, like this UMPE Novelty Cartoon Bears Highlighter Pens.

Folders and Binders

Keep your or your kid's notes organized using folders and finders. It is easy to keep in place using folders and binders. Additionally, you can keep essential documents and memorable activities for your kids in one place. You can check out these 24 letter-sized folder binders from EOOUT, costing CAD 20.77. It has a button snap and a space to put the labels.


For college students, having planners to organize schedules can help them avoid being overwhelmed. On the other hand, parents, especially the working ones, can also use planners to monitor their kids' school and other extracurricular activities. This way, the possibility of missing important and eventful moments of their kids will be lesser.

This planner from Global Printed Products is an Academic Year calendar planner perfect for the school year. For CAD 30, you will get an 8.5" X 11" book planner, a bookmark, a pocket folder, sticky notes with a ruler, and planning stickers.

does amazon deliver to canada from us

Does Amazon Deliver to Canada from US?

Apart from Amazon Canada, Amazon US is Canada's top choice for overseas retailer platforms. Thankfully, this platform is accessible and easy to use. Amazon has a delivery service partner that can make it possible to send a package worldwide, including in Canada.

You can create an Amazon Global account to purchase items from online US stores. This feature allows you to access over 300 million products, shipping to 100 countries worldwide. However, not all stores may deliver to Canada.

The best thing about this app is the endless options for the products you want to buy that are unavailable in Canada. Many also mentioned that Amazon USA offers better deals than Amazon CA, so you can save significantly if you know where to look and who to partner with.

Ship Them With Shippsy

Speaking of partners, have you tried ordering something from the United States and sending them over to Canada via Shippsy? If not, you better start considering it!

The downside part of this shipping option from Amazon USA to Canada is the expensive shipping rates the shipment will cost. Since it is already outside the United States, it is already considered international shipping. Apart from the shipping charges, you will also pay sales tax and duties for particular items and amounts.

The standard shipping cost starts at CAD 9.00, plus import taxes for some eligible items. To limit your shipping cost here is when Shippsy comes in!

Shippsy provides its users with US addresses upon creating an account, which they can see in their Shippsy dashboards. When ordering from US Amazon, instead of indicating that the items will be directly shipped to Canada, you can use the US address provided by Shippsy instead of your Canadian address. Therefore, you do not have to pay for international shipping.

Note that you must copy the address correctly because it contains the code unique to you.

Once the Amazon package arrives at the Shippsy US warehouse, it will only take five business days before it comes to the Canadian Shippsy location. When your package arrives at the Canadian branch, you may opt to pick up the items or have them delivered right to your doorstep for an extra charge via UPS or Canadian Post.

You do not have to call customer service constantly to know where your Amazon package is since you will be notified through email about the status of your parcel.

That's how convenient Shippsy is! As always, you may call our friendly customer service for questions and clarifications regarding Shippsy's exceptional services.

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