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4 Mistakes to Avoid High Shipping Rates from the US to Canada

Published: July 12, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

The United States and Canada are both in North America. Still, shipping through the borders of these countries is considered international shipping. It means that customs-related fees are requisite for the cross-border delivery of goods.

The total expense adds up due to Canada Border Services Agency importation rates, brokerage fees, shipping costs, etc. On top of that, we are accustomed to things that add up to our shipping fees.

We enumerated four international shipping mistakes for you to avoid on your next delivery. Speaking of your next delivery from the US to Canada, let Shippsy be your courier partner. Shippsy is your US shopping solution for a cheaper shipping option.

1. Not Doing Enough Research

Hundreds of online shopping platforms are sprawling on the internet. Online shopping excites shoppers to peruse through products upon products for hours. It is fascinating to discover products we do not need. However, some disadvantages await those customers who don’t have enough research about the products they purchased, ending with regrets and wasted money. What do you intend to purchase? Where do you plan to buy? Do you consider buying on eBay? Where’s your eBay seller located? Does your favorite shop ship to Canada? If not, do you have other options or did you easily give up? These questions are essential because it will help you know beforehand how much the shipment will incur. 

Unfortunately, not all shoppers have the time and opportunity to look up products and compare the prices to find the best deal. It leads to buying the first we see, which could be more expensive or less durable than expected. Not all products are created equal. Take clothing, for example. Clothes come from hundreds, if not thousands, of raw materials, making various fabric types. The production is also a contributing factor to the difference. Thus, pictures are deceiving because they do not present the quality.

2. Shipping Too Early

Every day new products are launched to the market, not to mention the thousands already in production. Our commerce is constantly progressing. Because of that, it makes us feel that we need to get a hold of a particular product, so we buy it. However, our excitement overpowers our decision-making. Before clicking that “Buy” button, see what shipping options are available in that store. If you find the rates expensive, you can keep the item in your cart while exploring other shops. Aside from getting free shipping, you can also find other helpful benefits in exploring more shops and not shipping too early. 

  • Options

Having plenty of options is one of the many perks of purchasing online. However, you might lose this opportunity when you ship too early. As much as possible, take your time to shop. Furthermore, seeing more options will give you a chance to maximize your shipping. 

  • Price-Matching

When you ship too early, you don’t give yourself a chance to find prices that will suit your budget. Price-matching allows you to purchase more stuff because they are cheaper. Don’t forget to check the reviews to ensure that you don’t waste your money with low-quality products.

  • Sales and Discounts

Stores have different rules in sales and discounts, so take your time in finding the right deals, especially on shipping discounts. Many stores offer free shipping once you reach a certain amount of purchase.

3. Shipping Too Late

Most eCommerce stores offer large discounts on special occasions, especially on exclusive items that you may urgently need. In this case, shipping too late means you miss the chance of getting the items cheaply. Apart from that, the shop may take time to restock the products because of its demand. 

So, once you’ve got that item in your cart, it’s best to check-out as soon as possible so it does not sell out. Chances are you are not the only one eyeing that item up!

  •  The Price Has Increased

When to hit that Check-Out button matters. The price of some items tends to inflate due to reasons like holidays, shortage of supplies, etc. In addition, courier companies might mark up the delivery rate for the holiday season. Anticipate holidays, popularity, and other factors to avoid unexpected changes in postage rates.

  • You have to pay more for the Expedited or Overnight Shipping

Since the order is last minute, the only way for the parcel to arrive on time is via Expedited or Overnight Shipping. The delivery time is at least a day, given that the shipping rate of both of these is more expensive than Standard Shipping.

4. Not Contacting Your Courier

Some of us grew the habit of not ringing up the shipping company moving our package. It might be inconvenient and time-consuming to discuss the specifics of your delivery, but not doing so is a misstep. Some matters might be overlooked, possibly resulting in a higher shipping cost.

It is a best practice to inquire about the shipping partner your U.S. online shop is using. Are they reliable? Can they provide full tracking, so you know your item will get to Shippsy safely?

The cheapest shipping method for moving your package is Standard Shipping. It is worth considering that the base price differs for every shipping company. Shippsy offers Standard Shipping for your goods from the United States to Canada at a reasonable price. And just like you, we do not like hidden charges.

Contact Shippsy for a seamless discussion of how to ship from the US to Canada. Questions about customs fees, prohibited items, and pricing are more than welcome.

Lastly, we speak favourably of Stallion Express for our business-minded shoppers looking for cheap shipping to the USA from Canada. Consult their Customer Service to forge the cheapest way to ship from Canada to the US of your business shipment. Whether you are shipping products from Canada to the US or expecting a parcel from the United States, Stallion Express streamlines the movement of your business' shipments.

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