Ship these 6 Energy-saving and Eco-Friendly Goodies to Canada via US Address Today!

Nicasio Co III
May 6, 2022

It is undeniable that our lives are intertwined with technology. Specific devices are required to perform a task at work or carry out a plan in our day-to-day lives. As we enter the age of normalcy of AI and self-driving cars, we must be more proactive in helping preserve and improve our environment. With the current rate of the deterioration of our environment, we must enact changes in our daily practices as it is our duty.

Here are some sustainable goods that you can ship from the United States to Canada that are undoubtedly good for you and the environment.

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Living in Canada, it is as common to find a thermostat as it is to find an AC unit in a tropical area. With piercing Winters and warm Summers, the conventional thermostat is not just going to make it.

This modern thermostat developed by Amazon does more than control the temperature. It helps you save energy as it is certified with Energy Star. Also, through the Alexa app, you are in control of your Amazon Smart Thermostat temperature even if you are on a ship, enjoying your cruise to Puerto Rico. Whether you have forgotten to turn off your thermostat on your way out or want to come home to a warm bedroom, Amazon Smart Thermostat is a suitable device for you.

Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap

Handwashing has become imperative over these past years, and it should not be a habit that should go away. And over these years of constant handwashing, we tried various products - some better than others. Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap is one product you should add to your next Checkout.

It is made of gentle yet powerful cleaning ingredients derived from plants. People with sensitive skin should not worry since it is not made with Parabens and other harsh chemicals. Moreover, this is made in Wisconsin, so buyers would not have to pay much for customs tax and duty. This item is Climate Pledge Friendly on Amazon.

GE CYNC Smart Light Bulbs

Been aiming to want to have that aesthetic bedroom that you see on Tiktok but don't have the time and the patience to install those LED strip lights? Let us introduce these Smart Light Bulbs from GE.

Each package contains two bulbs, so you can install one in every room in your place to replace your regular bulbs. The great thing about these bulbs is you can change the colour according to your mood. These bulbs can receive voice commands through Alexa, or their functions can be accessed all in one app.

Ethique Solid Deodorant Bar for Men & Women

Another product that you can safely incorporate into your bath essentials is Ethique Solid Deodorant Bar. It is also certified as an Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly. This can be used by both men and women, which makes it a perfect gift.

It boasts of being Cruelty-Free and Vegan. A package of 70 grams is void of parabens, preservatives, dyes, and artificial fragrances in plastic-free packaging. Instead of using aluminum or baking soda, Ethique Solid Deodorant Bar is made from bamboo and sweet almond oil. You can assure that it is gentle and perfect for everybody's skin.

ECOS® Plastic-Free Liquidless Laundry Detergent Squares

One of the harmful chemicals in our everyday cleaning agents is synthetic surfactants. Unfortunately, this is what makes our clothes sparkly clean after washing. What it does is it removes the stain from the fabric to be drained with water. It becomes harmful to the environment because it takes too long to biodegrade, damaging marine life.

To help alleviate this problem, we should use laundry detergents that do not use synthetic surfactants like ECOS® Plastic-Free Liquidless Laundry Detergent Squares. Other than the fact that these Detergent Squares only use plant-derived surfactants, each package is plastic-free and compact by design. It is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people with sensitive skin. As for the company itself, its factory runs on 100% renewable energy that brings continued benefits to the community and the environment.

Earth Friendly Products Natural Pet Shampoo Natural Peppermint

Of course, we cannot let this list end without something for the furry members of our family. The company that brought you the Plastic-Free Liquidless Laundry Detergent Squares gives you a hypoallergenic pet shampoo that has never been tested on animals.

Pet parents can have confidence that there are no parabens, phosphates, and other harmful toxins to ensure the coat and skin health. It is made from 100% Vegan Formula and is recognized by the US EPA Safer Choice. This Pet Shampoo is made in the USA with fair-trade products coming from different parts of the world. And just like the Detergent Squares, it is also made in Climate Positive factory that uses 100% renewable wind and solar energy.

Is shipping from the USA to Canada considered international?

Yes, the shipment of goods from the United States border to Canadian soil is considered international shipping. Even though a large body of water does not separate the US and Canada, any items subject to border crossing are subject to duty and tax fees.

Shippsy is a shipping solution that offers parcel shipping from the USA to Canada. With Shippsy, you do not need to be cautious of hidden charges on your shipping cost. We provide a straightforward approach to each commercial invoice and customs fees for the shipment of your goods. Once your parcel arrives in one of our locations, you can opt to pick it up or ship your package to your doorstep through Canada Post with a minimal shipping charge.

Consider Shippsy as your US shopping solution for the more innovative shipping option. Contact our Customer Service to know more. 

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Written by Nicasio Co III

Nicasio is the co-founder of Stallion Express - the leading eCommerce shipping company in Canada. Through his unique experiences in tech and digital marketing, he is on a journey to disrupt the logistics industry.

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