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Kylie Cosmetics in Canada: Cheapest Way To Get Them From The US

Published: May 31, 2024
Author: Jen Seran

Hey, Canadian beauty lovers! Are you excited about adding Kylie Cosmetics’ magic to your collection but stressed with expensive shipping? We’ve got you covered with a savvy solution!

In this blog post, we’ll reveal the most affordable way to score those Kylie Cosmetics in Canada from the US. Now, say hello to effortlessly glam looks with Kylie Cosmetics and goodbye to pricey cross-border shipping fees!

Key Takeaways

  • Shopping directly at Kylie Cosmetics’ official website ensures you get authentic products. You can also maximize your shopping budget with original prices and special offers.

  • Waiting for Kylie Cosmetics’ sales events and shopping during promotional periods can reduce product prices. This way, you can take advantage of better deals, discounts, and freebies.

  • Consolidating orders with friends or family and using reliable package forwarders like Shippsy can help reduce shipping costs. It also ensures faster delivery and a smoother customs process for Canadian shoppers.

Is Kylie Cosmetics Available in Canada?

Yes, Kylie Cosmetics is available in Canada. However, the selection is not as wide as the US.

Where To Buy Kylie Cosmetics in Canada?

There are currently no standalone Kylie Cosmetics stores in the country. But, Canadians can purchase Kylie’s products from authorized retailers like Sephora Canada. Some physical beauty stores across Canada may also stock select Kylie Cosmetics items.

You may also shop online at Kylie Cosmetics’ official website to get access to their latest product launches and collections.

Why Purchase Kylie Cosmetics From The US?

Different Kylie products on display

While you can buy Kylie Cosmetics in Canada, there are fewer selections. It’s better for beauty enthusiasts from Canada to order Kylie Cosmetics items from the US because of the following reasons:

  • Ease of Access – Since the said brand is based in the US, ordering their products is more straightforward. You simply have to go online and shop at their shopping site. This means that you don’t have to wait too long for the products to be available in Canada.

  • New Product Launches – Shopping directly at Kylie Cosmetics allows you to access their newest collections. Doing so keeps you from waiting until they are available at Canadian beauty retailers.

  • High Product Availability – Popular Kylie Cosmetics products may sell out quickly in Canada due to high demand. Meanwhile, US retailers can have a larger inventory and more frequent restocks.

  • Lower Prices – Buying directly at Kylie Cosmetics can often be more cost-effective because the items are sold at their original price.

Cheapest Way To Get Your Kylie Cosmetics From The US To Canada

Smiling woman hugging a package

Follow these handy tips to enjoy getting the hottest Kylie Cosmetics items without breaking your wallet!

1. Shop Online

Shopping at Kylie Cosmetics’ official website can help you take advantage of their low prices and special offers. Most third-party sellers increase the prices of the items for these reasons:

  • To cover their own operating expense

  • To increase their profit and revenue

  • To position themselves as premium or exclusive seller

For example, the Kylie Matte Lip Kit costs 50 USD on their official website. Meanwhile, it costs 53.61 USD at Best Buy USA and 56 USD at Harrod’s.

That is why, if you shop directly from Kylie Cosmetics, you do not only ensure authenticity and quality. It also helps you maximize your budget and get the best value for your money.

2. Wait For The Perfect Timing To Shop

A hand pointing at a watch on a wrist

Remember to shop at the right time at Kylie Cosmetics for better deals. They often have sales and special offers, especially during huge shopping events.

For example, Kylie Cosmetics often holds special sales events during major holidays like Black Friday. They offer huge markdowns on selected items on these days. Plus, they even provide gifts with purchases reaching a certain amount.

By waiting for these sale periods, you can save money and get more for your purchases.

3. Group Orders With Family or Friends

Grouping orders with family or friends is a smart strategy to save money when purchasing items from Kylie Cosmetics. You can effectively reduce shipping fees by sharing the shipping costs among several people.

For example, let’s say you and your friends want to buy matching lip kits from Kylie Cosmetics. Instead of making individual purchases and paying separate fees, you can consolidate your items and share the shipping cost.

Combining Kylie Cosmetics orders with your family and friends can be a cost-effective way for Canadian online shoppers to get items from the US without breaking the bank.

4. Ship With The Best Package Forwarder

A delivery van filled with packages outside a warehouse

Kylie Cosmetics ships directly to Canada. While they do so, you may have to deal with high shipping costs and long transit times. But you can beat that by shipping with the best package forwarder in Canada.

Forwarding your Kylie Cosmetics and any other items from the US gives you a lot of perks you don’t usually get with direct Canadian shipping. These perks include:

  • Lower shipping rates

  • Faster delivery times

  • Smoother customs transaction

To find one, take some time to review and compare package forwarders in Canada. Choose one that helps you save time and money and offers a hassle-free shipping experience.

Ship With Shippsy

CTA: Create your account today!

If you still need to find a package forwarder (or are unhappy with your current one), consider using Shippsy!

Shippsy ensures you get top-quality shipping services that are simple and super affordable. Starting only at 6.99 CAD*, you can now ship your Kylie Cosmetics to Ontario. Please see Shippsy’s pricing page for more details.

Plus, Shippsy doesn’t make you wait for weeks. With our well-maintained delivery vehicles, we ensure that your parcels arrive in just 2-4 business days. On top of that, Shippsy handles the customs clearance process on your behalf.

So, switch to Shippsy today to enjoy the best package forwarding services.

*Shipping rate starts at 7.99 CAD for Quebec and British Columbia regions. Duties and taxes apply.

Reasons Why You Should Purchase Kylie Cosmetics

Outside a Kylie Cosmetics store

With many beauty brands available, you may wonder why you should shop at Kylie Cosmetics. Here are some reasons why:

1. High-Quality Products

Kylie Cosmetics ensures their beauty products are made with high-quality, skin-friendly ingredients. Each product undergoes thorough testing and formulation to ensure that it’s safe for skin use.

The brand emphasizes innovation and safety by getting premium ingredients. They work closely with trusted suppliers and manufacturers to ensure ethically sourced materials for their products. With this, they develop unique formulations and innovative ingredients for their cosmetic line.

This makes Kylie Cosmetics stand out in the beauty industry – they earn customers’ trust by ensuring the quality of their products.

2. Up-to-Date Makeup Trends

Kylie Cosmetics keeps its products in line with the latest makeup trends. They consistently pay attention to what’s popular in makeup and skincare.

The brand works with makeup experts to make sure their products are up-to-date. Whether it’s the hottest shades or application techniques, they always have trendy products that inspire creativity in beauty.

3. Exclusive and Limited-Edition Releases

Kylie Cosmetics is known for its special and limited-time products you can’t find everywhere. These exclusive releases excite eager fans for the next unique item to drop.

The brand carefully curates its limited-edition release product. They feature unique shades and skin-friendly formulas that differentiate them from their regular offers. With each exclusive launch, Kylie Cosmetics continues to captivate its audience. Plus, they keep their customers engaged and eager for what’s coming next in the ever-evolving world of beauty.

4. Support a Female Entrepreneur

When you shop at Kylie Cosmetics, you’re not just buying makeup but also supporting a female entrepreneur and her vision.

Founded by Kylie Jenner, the brand represents the empowerment and creativity of women in business. Choosing her brand also means supporting women who independently build their names in the global beauty scene.

This support fuels Kylie’s passion for creating high-quality products and inspires other women to break barriers in the business world.

Handy Tips When Shopping At Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Lip Kits on display

By now, you can’t wait to shop at Kylie Cosmetics! But before you do that, here are some more reminders we’d like you to keep in mind.

1. Keep An Eye Out For For Promotions Or Discounts

Watching for special promotions or discounts when shopping at Kylie Cosmetics is always a good idea. These promotions range from limited-time sales to gifts or discounts on new product launches.

Taking advantage of these special deals allows beauty enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite Kylie Cosmetics products at a reduced price. They also allow one to try new items or stock up on essentials without breaking the bank.

2. Check Product Descriptions

Taking a moment to review the product descriptions makes a big difference when shopping at Kylie Cosmetics. These descriptions give insights into each product’s unique qualities. Doing so helps you understand its intended use, benefits, and ingredients.

Plus, they often highlight key features, such as:

  • long-lasting wear

  • cruelty-free formulations

  • special skincare benefits

By checking the product descriptions, you can make more confident choices and ensure that the items fit your beauty routine perfectly. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance your shopping experience and make the most out of your beauty purchases.

3. Read Product Reviews

Reading product reviews help you get a better sense of what to expect from each item. These reviews offer honest feedback and previous customers’ personal experiences. You can learn about the quality, ease of application, colour payoff, and how well the product lasts throughout the day.

Also, reviews often mention if a product is suitable for specific skin types or if it causes any reactions. By reading these insights, you can make more confident choices about which Kylie Cosmetics products will work best for you.

4. Follow Kylie Cosmetics On Social Media

Finally, remember to follow Kylie Cosmetics on Social Media. Doing so helps you stay updated on their latest product launches and special events. Plus, you get to be among the first to know about Kylie Cosmetics’ limited-edition collections, new makeup releases, and collaborations.

Following Kylie Cosmetics on social media is a convenient and engaging way to stay connected with the brand. It also allows you to discover new beauty trends and opportunities to enhance your makeup collections.

Final Thoughts

Supporting Kylie Cosmetics offers access to top-notch beauty items and celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of a successful female business leader. So, go ahead, shop wisely, and elevate your beauty game with Kylie Cosmetics!

Get access and enjoy Kylie Cosmetics today by shopping smartly from the US and shipping them to Canada with the best package forwarder – Shippsy.

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