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eCommerce Shopping 101: Learn About Amazon Com Shipping to Canada

Published: October 21, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

While Amazon Canada has a wide selection of items, having more online shopping options would be ideal.

Amazon US is one of the biggest eCommerce malls globally, housing thousands of online sellers. Since you can find millions of exciting products, valuable items, and the trendiest goodies, it would not be surprising to know that many Canadians purchase here. Fortunately, there are ways to keep Amazon Com Shipping to Canada affordable.

Suppose you know how it works; leaf through this article to find out. Enjoy reading!

Can You Order From Amazon Com and Ship to Canada?

The answer is YES!

While there are shops that do not ship to Canada, many Amazon US stores still do through Amazon Global Store. Although there is no assurance that the item you are looking for is available for shipping to Canada, it is safe to say that you can still enjoy purchasing your much beloved US items without worrying about how to bring the items to your Canadian address.

Shopping on Amazon Global saves you a lot of time in the long run because you can efficiently determine whether a specific item or shop ships to Canada or not.

How much are Amazon com shipping rates to Canada?

How Much are Amazon Com Shipping Rates to Canada?

Amazon has carrier partners to provide delivery service to its customers ordering from Canada. You will be charged real-time carrier rates calculated during checkout, taking into account the products, kind of items, weight, and volume of every item to determine the shipping cost.

The base "Per Shipment" cost and additional "Per Item" costs determine the overall shipping rates. The "Per Item" cost can vary depending on the item, based on the quantity, weight, or volume of each package, also called the dimensional weight. Depending on the products in the cart, the shipping rate either increases or changes from the base rate.

However, the base "Per Shipment" to Canada starts at CAD 9.63 for standard shipping per shipment and CAD 19.28 for priority courier shipping per shipment.

Furthermore, duties and sales taxes may apply to anything you purchase from Amazon.com. You may have to pay more once since these additional fees are levied on items once they enter Canada. And while Amazon cannot foresee what these fees will be, you can check about the customs, duties, and taxes on their website.

How long is Amazon Com to Canada?

How Long is Amazon Com to Canada Time?

The Amazon package may arrive at a different delivery time, depending on the shipping option you select at checkout. For Canada, Amazon provides two options: standard shipping, which takes seven to eleven business days, and priority courier, which takes around one to three business days.

Choose Shippsy

Shippsy helps Canadian customers to purchase items from stores that do not ship to Canada, including some Amazon US stores. The shipping fee is already a bargain compared to shipping directly from the US to Canada.

Since Shippsy provides a unique US shipping address to its customers, they can take advantage of numerous perks, such as free shipping and other discounts, that are not commonly offered for international shipping.

Furthermore, you do not have to wait a week or two to receive your Amazon order since Shippsy has weekly delivery across the border. You can enjoy the items within two to three business days of ordering. All information, including payment details and shipping notifications, will reflect on your Shippsy account to keep you posted.

And once your Amazon order arrives at the Shippsy Canada branch, you can choose the Parcel Pickup Service, which enables you to get the Amazon package at your most convenient time.

If you have other questions regarding Shippsy's cross-border shipping service, contact us at 888-744-7779, and our ever-reliable customer service will assist you.

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