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Learn How International Shipping to Canada Works and Purchase From This Top US Bicycle Stores for Wanderlust Hearts

Published: October 3, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

The United States of America is one of the biggest bicycle manufacturers in the world, sitting at number two next to China. If you are an avid cyclist, this is an excellent opportunity because you can easily purchase tools and accessories to gear up your bicycles. While Ber months are not the most appropriate time to go around on a bike in Canada due to the season, it should not be the reason not to enhance and gear it up.

However, buying from the United States is already considered international shipping to Canada since it sits outside its border. International shipping, regardless of the distance, is not cheap. Fortunately, there is a way to import bicycle tools from top US bicycle stores without breaking the bank. But, before we discuss that topic, let us talk about the top US bicycle stores you need to check out. Read it here!

Competitive Cyclist

Located in Salt Lake City, USA, Competitive Cyclist has established a reputable business in the bicycle industry, offering a wide variety of bike tools and accessories.

One of their featured on-sale items is the ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer from Wahoo. It is Wahoo's first color screen display that has additional on-device navigation and integration with Singletracks and MTB Project. It can help users to roam, identify routes efficiently, and return safely to your course or particular track. It only costs CAD 398, which has an original price of CAD 504.

Another featured item is the RC902 S-PHYRE Cycling Shoe for Men from Shimano. It comes in four colors: black LTD, black, blue, and red. Its original price is CAD 611, but since it is on sale, you can get it for only CAD 397. Its best features are the pro-level carbon road shoe with a dialed-in fit, stiff carbon sole, and 360-degree wrapping.


This company started as a local bike-selling club and has been providing service for over a decade. It is situated in Portland, Oregon. Its team is composed of avid riders wanting fellow cyclists to purchase high-quality bike essentials.

Some of their on-sale items are the Castelli Free 2 Tri Fit shorts for women, Castelli summer headband, and Castelli Diluvio UL Shoe cover. They offer free shipment for orders with CAD 67.00 within US Continent, excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and other US territories.

Performance Bicycle

Starting as a family-run catalog business, Performance Bicycle has been providing excellent service to its consumers since 1981. They offer a wide range of bicycle tools and equipment, apparel, and accessories.

One of their specials and top-selling goods is the Shimano SPD-SL Road Cleats (6') (SM-SH11) in yellow. You can purchase this for CAD 33.84 with a shipping cost of CAD 2.64.

Planet Cyclery

Located in Broomfield, Colorado, Planet Cyclery is a group of bicycle experts providing proficient bicycle service to cyclists worldwide. Its mission is to offer a wide array of products and services conveniently.

Among its top items are the Campagnolo SUPER RECORD 12-Speed braze-on front derailleur and RockShox TYREWIZ TL valve and skirt kit for ZIPP 303 FIRECREST DISC.

Jenson USA

Jenson USA has been a store dedicated to satisfying cyclists since 1994. It is located in two locations: Corona and Riverside, California. Some of their on-sale items are the Profile Design T Bracket Kit, Dia-Compe Brake Lever Hoods, and Problem Solvers Presta Valve Extender. You can order these items for international shipping to Canada from the USA.

Western Bikeworks

This company was founded in 2003 and had been serving cyclists around Portland, Oregon. They provide all sorts of cycling necessities, including tools, equipment, apparel, and accessories. Additionally, they are one of the country's most famous cycling gear retailers.

If you want to try their items, some of their on-sale items are the Arundel Mandible Carbon Cage and the Garmin EDGE 1030 Plus GPS Computer.

While you can purchase all these things quickly, the international shipping cost to Canada can break your wallet. Thankfully, Shippsy is here to help you.

Forward with Shippsy

Forward with Shippsy

Some US-based stores charge costly delivery fees for direct shipping to Canada, while others do not ship across the border at all. On the other hand, the stores mentioned above provide free shipping for US-only locations, which you cannot clearly avail of because you are not located anywhere in the US.

With Shippsy, you can avoid the expensive international shipping rates and take advantage of free shipping discounts. Additionally, you can escape international shipping to Canada taxes because of the trade agreement between these two countries. Furthermore, Shippsy will process customs clearance on your behalf, so you do not have to make an effort to coordinate with Canada customs.

How Much Does Shippsy Cost?

It is the leading cross-border delivery service in Canada, offering 6.99 per package with a 25% discount on the handling fee for three or more packages on the same day. Take note that you still must pay customs duty for applicable goods.

Since Shippsy provides its users with their own unique US shipping address and code, every shipment from any US store will be delivered to that address. Therefore, you can use the discounts since your address is within the US.

How Long Does it Take to Arrive in Canada?

What's more interesting about using Shippsy is the fast transit time that comes with this. Unlike the national carrier or competing shipping company, the charges do not affect how fast Shippsy delivers the parcel.

The transit time will not be affected by any shipping option, and the customer can pick up the package within two to five business days. On the other hand, if it is more convenient for them, they can schedule a door-to-door delivery via Canada Post or UPS for some additional fees.

You do not have to look far for the cheapest international shipping from the US to Canada because Shippsy is just a few mouse clicks away. Reach their customer service at 888-744-7779 to learn more about their shipping service. 

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