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Canada Post Forwarding Services: A Comprehensive Guide

Moving from one place to another involves essential things that may be hard but equally important to deal with, such as adjusting to your new place, moving items from your previous area, and making sure your mail reaches you at your new place. This is where Canada Post Forwarding comes into play. Dive into this […]

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Cross-Border Shopping: The Ultimate Guide For Canadians (2024)

Cross-border shopping has become a popular trend in recent years, allowing Canadian customers like you to easily explore and shop the hottest items from US to Canada. While some shoppers see this as nothing more than an expensive (yet more convenient) method, it may actually lead you to your best shopping experience yet. Challenges In […]

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Border Parcel Shipping: The Best Method (2024)

Purchasing products today has become as easy as a few clicks. While online shopping brings you an easier way to get your hands on your purchased US products, the journey of your package from the USA to Canada isn’t always a smooth ride. Fortunately, that’s where Shippsy steps in to bring a breeze of relief […]

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My US Address For Canadian Shoppers (2024)

Many Canadian shoppers are eager to capitalize on the diverse offerings and competitive prices available in the United States. One effective strategy for gaining popularity is using a personal US address, which opens numerous opportunities for savvy Canadian consumers. From understanding the benefits of having a "My US address" to navigating potential hurdles to maximizing […]

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Reship to Canada With the Best Package Forwarder (2024)

Ever felt disappointed after knowing your favourite US retailer doesn't ship directly to Canada? You don’t have to feel this way again because package forwarders are here to help you reship your items across the border. In this post, we're diving into package forwarding and how it can be your golden ticket to reship items […]

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US to Canada Shipping: The Ultimate Savings Guide (2024)

For Canadian shoppers, the appeal of American products and unbeatable deals from US retailers is irresistible. However, negotiating the difficulties of US-to-Canada shipping, from shipping costs to customs hurdles, can be challenging. But don't you worry! With the help of this article, you may easily and smoothly navigate the world of cross-border shopping and have […]

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Does Walmart.com Ship To Canada? Savings Guide (2024)

Walmart's US online store offers a wide range of products at competitive prices and tempting deals, making it a convenient and affordable choice for consumers globally. Yet, Canadian online shoppers frequently wonder, "Does Walmart.com ship to Canada?" Let us show you if it can be done. Key Takeaway Does Walmart USA Ship To Canada? No, […]

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eBay Shipping to Canada: Savings Guide (2024)

As avid Canadian online shoppers, you know the excitement of discovering great deals, but working around the complexities of eBay shipping to Canada can sometimes be challenging. Fortunately, this guide is tailored for you, offering a comprehensive overview of how Shippsy transforms the shipping experience. Let's explore the benefits of eBay shopping, discuss common challenges […]

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The Best Shipito Canada Alternative (2024)

Are you a Canadian shopper looking for easy ways to ship your packages from the United States to Canada? Let's explore the best Shipito Canada alternative, catering specifically to the needs of Canadian shoppers like you. Discover affordable rates, efficient package consolidation, and swift delivery options that redefine your online shopping experience. Say goodbye to […]

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