Go Green With Standard Shipping From Outside Of Canada

Diana Zheng
July 15, 2022

There is no better time to act than the present. With numerous individuals and organizations' televised protests and calls for help, we are reminded of our duty to take proactive steps to protect our planet. We have listed four ways and products that contribute to the movement of helping save our only home.

Standard shipping is a more environmentally conscious way to ship goods across the border. Unlike expedited shipping, the delivery of parcels is done in batches, making it more economical and environmentally friendly. Ship with Shippsy as we specialize in standard shipping with Shippsy fee + any additional duties or taxes if applicable. We offer a simple and low shipping cost for your US shopping to Canada.

1. Save the Oceans

Our oceans show us how much humans have caused damage. All sorts of garbage are in our sea. Unfortunately, actively participating in saving our seas is not something everybody can do every day. The least that we could do is support causes that focus their efforts on rehabilitating our ocean.

United By Blue's Mini Duffle Bag is practical, lightweight, and made to last. They make products from recycled materials like plastic water bottles and sustainable sources like corozo. And for every product purchased, they will remove one pound of rubbish through their cleanup drives. To date, they have successfully removed four million pounds of trash.

2. Save the Flowers

The advancements of modern agriculture have brought much ease and convenience to our farmers. But for most of the plant life, bees do the pollination. Sadly, the natural habitat of these pollinators is threatened. Supporting a company that supports the rehabilitation and conservation of the bees is also helping propagate the growth of flowers.

BeeFriendly is one small business that highlights the importance of bees. Their Night Cream is a perfect example of it as it is USDA-certified organic. Thanks to its all-natural ingredients, it aids in fighting the signs of aging while protecting and nourishing your skin.

3. Clean the Air

Most of us live close to many people, so we must put cleanliness at the top of our priorities. However, cleaning the surfaces and surroundings is not enough as we must also clean the air we breathe. Air Purifiers can clean the air in the rooms of our homes, giving us breathable air. It is also beneficial to us and the environment as we give back air free from pollutants and harmful particles.

LEVOIT Air Purifier is one of the best appliances in the market due to its efficacy and filtering power. You can also control the device while away from home.

4. Save Energy

Saving energy in the short term lessens the electricity bill, but in the long run, it benefits us all. Until our homes fully run on solar power or other renewable energy alternatives, we should be conscious of our energy consumption. To do so, we must use devices that help us monitor our usage of appliances.

Sense Energy Monitor helps users cut their monthly electricity bills by giving real-time energy consumption data. It is most effective in warmer areas that require air conditioning and in colder places that need a heating system.

A Shipping That's Good For You and the Environment

Being environmentally committed does not only stop at buying sustainable items. On top of Shippsy's standard delivery, choose our parcel pickup service. It lets Shippsy users enjoy the economical and eco-friendly delivery of goods.

So, How Long Does Standard Shipping to Canada Take with Shippsy?

Upon checkout from their favourite US shops, Shippsy users will use their own free-of-charge US mailing address that we provide. This address is where their orders will be received in the US. Then they have to wait for a short delivery time of two days for their goods to arrive in Canada from our US receiving facility. There is no need to wait for it to be delivered at the shipping address since users can decide when to pick up the parcels from one of our locations. Users will have to settle their all-in Shippsy fee on the portal Shippsy also assures smooth customs-related transactions, given that the items shipped are allowed to be imported to Canada.

Our customer care is happy to speak with you about the specifics of your next shipment. Shippsy's contact lines are available Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM and Sunday from 12 PM to 3 PM Eastern Time.

Shipping Wisely For Your Business

Shippsy amplifies Canadian shoppers' product options by removing complicated processes and high shipping rates. However, Shippsy only focuses on the delivery of personal goods from the USA to Canada.

Thankfully, the shipment of business packages can also be stress-free credits to Stallion Express. Stallion Express is a Canadian freight forwarder for businesses based in Canada. They also provide Canadian shipping, US shipping, and international shipping to let your business reach more customers. While the destination country and size of a package dictate the cost of shipping from Canada to the US, it does not have to be expensive. Stallion Express can ship to New York for as low as $4.39. 

Get in touch with their customer service to discuss the specifics of your next shipping from Canada to the US, like the customs fee, pricing, and shipping supplies.

Written by Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Shippsy. She is obsessed with providing Canadian shoppers with easy access to all U.S. brands. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

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