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ECommerce Shipping 101: Some US Goodies Perfect for Your Zodiac Sign

Published: October 11, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

Astrology studies the alignment of stars and planets and the connection of other celestial bodies to human behavior. Many people enjoy learning this topic for various reasons; one could be a coping mechanism and comfort. One of the popular topics in astrology is the zodiac signs. 

Besides learning about zodiac signs, many people also enjoy purchasing related items. With accessible eCommerce shipping, getting these products is easy. This article might pique your interest if you are one of these people. Read now!

Items For Each Zodiac Sign

Zodiac signs are a group of symbols based on the Chinese zodiac, which each represents a part of the year. The word "zodiac" describes a fictional band concentrated on a specific line. The band incorporates all of the planets' paths and includes 13 different constellations. However, the west only adopted 12 astrological signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

You can quickly search for these items on any eCommerce platform, like Amazon and Etsy. The most popular goods you can find at a small business are crystals and necklaces. However, if you have them shipped from the United States, why not go for something more different? 

Fujifilm Instax Camera for Aries Gift Idea


People with this Earth sign are known to be spontaneous and courageous, so this sexy red velvet dress from Nordstrom is a perfect outfit to match Aries' strong personality. The front of this dress may look simple, but it has an accent of dripping rhinestones at the back, making it luscious yet elegant. You can wear this on girls' night out or dinner dates with your special someone.

A Fujifilm Instax Camera is also customer satisfaction for unplanned weekend getaways.Due to the spontaneity of Arieses, you need something to capture every adventure you have on your impromptu trips.


Another Earth sign, Taureans are known to be intelligent and hardworking. You might think they are hard to give presents to, but it is quite the opposite. You can gift them a Lanshin Massager by Acera to help you or another Taurean relax after a long tiring day. The Rise and Shine Journal by Papier can meet customer expectations for Taureans who want to keep up with their routine and tasks.


Gemini is an air sign known to be clever, extroverted, and flexible. Items with unique packaging will suit well with their one-of-a-kind personality. Of course, uniqueness should not only go with the product box but with the things as well, like this bicycle bookends from Amazon will show Geminis cleverness and outgoing personality.


Cancers are known to have significantly high emotions, so items like a Knit Set from We Are Knitters or a Buddha Board from Amazon or any eCommerce retailer to channel your zen are lovely gift ideas and can meet customer satisfaction.

These items are perfect for taming people's high emotions and focusing on what's more important. Plus, they can enhance their creativity with these crafting tools. 

Choose the Most Suitable Shipping Service

Choose the Most Suitable Shipping Service

Now that you already know where to get fantastic items that can match your zodiac sign shipping them to Canada is the next thing you need to plan. The first thing a customer like you considers when ordering something from the US is through Amazon. 

Does Amazon ship to Canada? It is the leading eCommerce platform that small business owners and customers consider when selling and buying across the border due to its vast audience reach and thousands of product options. However, while Amazon ship to Canada from the US, choosing an eCommerce business from this platform means paying hefty shipping fees with the order.

Undeniably, shipping rates can be expensive due to many factors, including the chosen shipping service, delivery time, and distance. Since many customers want to receive their packages immediately, most choose expedited shipping, leading to higher shipment charges.

Fortunately, there is a carrier offering a shipping method to escape the expensive eCommerce shipping costs. Shippsy is the top shipping solution when buying something from the United States. Through its shipping platform, Shippsy guarantees efficient eCommerce shipping solutions.

This shipping platform allows a better cross-border customer experience for buyers, offering the cheapest shipping rates and fastest delivery time of two to five business days.

The eCommerce shipping solutions include seamless and user-friendly shipping software, so even tech-savvy can easily navigate it. Furthermore, it is a shipping carrier that offers flat rate shipping, allowing customers to save significantly.

Once you create an account, you can find your US shipping address and a number unique to you. This eCommerce shipping strategy is beneficial because it enables customers to take advantage of free shipping and other discounts. Some businesses do not ship directly to Canada, while others charge costly international shipping fees. So, this shipping strategy can reduce eCommerce shipping costs and take advantage of within-US discounts.

If you wonder how could this be possible? The shipping process is not complicated to understand. Whenever you purchase something from any US-based eCommerce retailer or independent shop, you can use the shipping address provided by Shippsy. Ensure you copy the details without any modifications to avoid issues during shipment.

While there are numerous shipping carriers to choose from, Shippsy is the shipping company that enables you to skip the lengthy and tiring postal service shipping process. Instead of wondering, "Can Amazon ship to Canada from the US?" or worrying about your overall customer experience, Shippsy's allows a smooth US eCommerce and commerce shipping.

Check Shippsy's eCommerce shipping software and experience how this shipping company provides a shipping solution that allows you to shop from a huge brand or small eCommerce business with total convenience and cheap shipping cost.

As usual, our reliable and friendly customer support team is ready to help you. You are more than welcome to contact us at 888-744-779, and do not hesitate to ask questions. We are happy to bring your much-awaited items without any problems.

Furthermore, you can visit our social media apps, like Facebook and LinkedIn, to get the latest information about our services.

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