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Parenting Hacks: How to Choose The Best Baby Products For Your Little One

Published: November 19, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

Parents should always be careful when buying products for their children, especially babies. With the huge number of different products being sold on the market, it can be hard to decide which product you should go for. Some people purchase baby products based on their popularity, while others opt for the cheapest on the market or the same brand they used on an older sibling or other infant members of their family.

However, it is very important to research what must be considered when looking for the best baby products for your child. More than just the popularity, price, or tradition, people should also focus on what is best for their baby’s comfort and safety.

This article gives you a whole new perspective on choosing safe baby products by providing a list of what to do and from which U.S. brands you can buy the products. Read on and also get to know how to ship them via Shippsy. 

Talk To Your Pediatrician

Talking to your pediatrician before buying a baby product is your first step. With their medical training and expertise, these professionals can help you choose whether a product is safe. Always think of them as the main source of information you will need in taking care of your baby. 

Do not hesitate to ask your doctor about products. They say a parent knows best for their babies, but pediatricians may know much more about choosing the best for your child (from baby food to skin care and other products).

Know The Toxic Substances

Get to know the toxins that might be used in a particular product and avoid them at all costs. Toxins are chemicals that are made to imitate a natural ingredient. Products that contain high amounts of fragrances, synthetic dyes, sulfates, and parabens can cause harmful effects on your baby. 

Always check on the ingredients before buying a product. Check out this Toxic Substances Portal to learn more about ingredients that should be avoided.

Use Safe Ingredients

One great way to identify the best newborn products, even for toddlers, is to opt for nontoxic and natural ingredients. After all, the market is filled with many options for organic baby items, from food to accessories and clothing. 

Still, double-check on an item you’re thinking of purchasing and ask for your pediatrician’s opinion about it. There are still some organic components that might cause an allergic reaction in your baby, such as diaper rash.

Use Products Made For Babies

With so many brands competing in the market, most products are now branded as toxic-free and purely organic. And with that, you might think it’s safe for your baby when they’re not. So think twice before you wipe your baby’s skin with your product on hand. To make sure, always choose products that are specially formulated and made for babies, especially when it is for food consumption or skin use.

Keep An Eye On Your Baby

Another important consideration in using products is your baby’s reaction to them. Even if the product has passed everything on your checklist, see if your baby is comfortable using it. Who wouldn’t want to see a comfortable and happy baby? If an item irritates your baby, don’t think twice about changing immediately. Save the trouble of seeing your baby get irked by by-products and worry about your baby’s wellness.

Buy From The Best U.S. Brands

Many baby brands have joined the eCommerce marketing of their items. Online shopping is a good way to protect yourself from the risks of shopping with strangers in a physical store. Instead, shop online at U.S. retailers that create only the best products for babies. Check out this list below:

  • Burts Bee’s Baby – This brand is a trademark of The Burts Bee’s Products Company, developed solely for baby products. They launched their organic clothing line for babies in 2012, intending to offer sustainable, affordable, stylish, and high-quality items like cloth diapers, pajamas, and apparel that can be passed down from one baby to the next. 
  • Philips AVENT – This childcare brand designs and manufactures childcare and feeding products and health accessories. Philips AVENT sells baby gear like pacifiers, feeding bottles, breast pumps, sterilizers, and smart baby monitors. Its bestseller is its best baby bottle designed to reduce colic, burping, and gas. 
  • Goumi Kids – This brand also creates a sustainable and stylish wide array of baby clothes and items like boots, organic blankets, crib mattress, changing pads, and other fashionable and best baby wear. The fun thing about Goumi Kids is they sell products for the entire family with holiday matching sets. 
  • Mustela – If you’re looking for the best skincare brand for your newborn baby, Mustela is the expert. They have a wide range of skin care products that are best for babies with sensitive skin, dry skin, and other skin types and daily routines (for clean-up, bath time, hydration, and bedtime), like lotion and baby wash. Not only that, but this brand also offers maternity items for a new parent.
  • Baby Bum by Sun Bum – Here’s another great option for your baby care products. Baby Bum is a baby line created by Sun Bum, a brand that sells vegan, cruelty-free, and paraben-free products. Be an earth mama by buying sustainable products under Baby Bum, like sunscreens, bathing essentials, lotions and creams, diaper bag essentials, and baby toys.

Ship Them To Canada Via Shippsy

Cross border shopping for babies has been made easy with Shippsy! Purchase other baby needs like a baby carrier, car seat, stroller, and a lot more from the best U.S. retailers online and ship them to Canada using our awesome services.

How It Works

Use your exclusive Shippsy US address which can be found in your dashboard when purchasing products from U.S. stores online. To have one, you must sign up on our website (membership is free). 

Your purchased items will be added to your Shippsy dashboard within 24 hours after we receive the items in our U.S. facility and all package information has been encoded. Then, you will receive an email to make a payment (securely done only on our website). The email will also include the breakdown of your total payable amount (Shippsy fee + applicable taxes and duties).

Your packages will pass through Canadian customs for border clearance. Then, after 1-2 business days, the parcels will arrive in Canada. Shippsy will notify you via email once your package is ready to be claimed in any of our branch locations

To pick up your package, don’t forget to bring your order pickup sheet and a piece of your Photo ID. You may also check out our list of services fit for your shipping needs. 

How Much It Costs

Shipping to Canada doesn’t have to cost a lot! Shippy’s shipping fee for a regular package (weighing less than 10 lbs) is only CAD 6.99 (depending on the region). Plus, you get to take advantage of a 25% discount on the handling fee if you request more than three packages on the same day (Note that the 25% discount does not apply to the region of British Columbia). The fee also includes complimentary storage for up to 30 days if you cannot pick up your parcel immediately.

Visit Shippsy’s Pricing Page to know more about the shipping services’ fees. 

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