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Does 6pm Ship to Canada? Shippsy Answers!

Published: April 27, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

Are you curious if this popular online retailer extends its shipping services to Canada? This article might pique your interest because Shippsy dives into this pressing inquiry!

Key Takeaways

  • Despite being a popular online retailer, 6pm does not offer international shipping, including to Canada.
  • Canadians can use package forwarders to continue purchasing from 6pm and other US online stores. These services allow Canadians to receive their purchases in Canada.
  • Shippsy is the best option for Canadian shoppers due to many different reasons. They offer free registration, a complimentary US address, and affordable shipping rates. With Shippsy, Canadians can enjoy a hassle-free cross-border shopping experience.

What is 6pm?

6pm is the discount retail division of the American online retail brand, Zappos IP, Inc. They've been around since 1999 but were only acquired by Zappos in 2007.

Back then, 6pm was an independent online store focused on selling discounted shoes. After its acquisition, it became Zappos' discount shoe and apparel arm. Now, they sell new trends and timeless classic pieces at discounted prices, such as:

  • Discounted shoes for men, women, and children
  • Discounted clothing, including dresses, jeans, and activewear
  • Discounted accessories like handbags, wallets, and sunglasses

These products are from brands like Nike, Adidas, and DKNY. All the items they sell are typically 40-70% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price (SRP). Aside from that, 6pm also has frequent sales and promotions throughout the year. Plus, they offer free shipping on orders over $50 within the US.

Does 6pm Offer International Shipping?

No, 6pm does not offer international shipping. They only ship within the US, including territories and military APO/FPO addresses.

Does 6pm ship to Canada?

No, 6pm does not also ship to Canada. While these two countries are only separated by a border, they are still considered outside the US. Thus, they don't ship to Canada or any other country. But this should not stop you from enjoying the great deals that 6pm offers!

What Can Canadians Do If 6pm Does Not Ship Internationally?

a person in a safety vest and hard hat looking at a phone

Since 6pm doesn't ship internationally, here are a couple of shipping options for Canadians looking to score deals on their site:

Consider Shipping With A Package Forwarder

These companies provide a US address for your 6pm order. Once the package is in their US warehouse, they'll ship it to you in Canada. Here's what the process will look like:

  1. Sign Up. You choose a package forwarder company and create an account with them.
  1. Get a US Shipping Address. The service will give you a unique address in the country you want to shop from (often the US). This address will likely be located at the company's warehouse.
  1. Shop Like Normal. When shopping online at stores like 6pm, use the provided US shipping address during checkout.
  1. Package Arrives. The store sends your buy to the package forwarder's US address.
  1. Consolidation (Optional). You can sometimes combine multiple packages to save on international shipping costs.
  1. International Shipping. Once ready, the package forwarder ships your package to your address in Canada (or wherever the shipping address is).
  1. Customs Clearance (Optional). The package forwarder might handle customs clearance on your behalf for an additional fee. Otherwise, you might be responsible for any import taxes or duties levied by your country.

Shippsy Is The Best Package Forwarder to Consider

a person holding a box and standing next to the Shippsy door

If you don't have a package forwarder yet, why not ship with Shippsy? Thousands of Canadian online shoppers trust them. Why? Here are some reasons:

  • No premium membership is needed. Canadian customers don't have to pay for any subscription or membership fees. Signing up with Shippsy is absolutely free!
  • Free US address. Upon completing the registration process, you will receive your free US address. You will use this whenever you shop from any US retail stores.
  • Affordable shipping prices. Not only does Shippsy offer no registration fee and a complimentary address, but they also offer the cheapest shipping rates.
  • Fast delivery times. Once Shippsy's US facility receives the packages, it will only take 2 to 3 business days to arrive in Ontario and 5 to 7 business days in British Columbia and Québec.
  • Customs clearance process. Shippsy will handle the customs clearance process, so you don't have to worry about contacting the Canada Borders Services Agency (CBSA).

Ship With Shippsy Now!

Do Canadians Get to Enjoy Sales Tax-Free Shopping With Shippsy?

No. Canadian shoppers buying from US online retail stores are still subject to sales tax. But, the specifics can vary based on several factors:

  1. Provincial Sales Tax (PST) or Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). Some provinces in Canada have implemented PST. On the other hand, some Canadian provinces use HST, which is a combined federal and provincial tax. These taxes may apply to goods purchased online from the US, depending on the province of residence and the items purchased.
  1. US Sales Tax. US online retailers must collect sales tax on orders shipped to certain states where they have a physical presence or meet other criteria for economic nexus. The sales tax rates and regulations can vary significantly between states.
  1. Duty and Customs Fees. In addition to sales tax, Canadians may be subject to duty and customs fees on items purchased from the US. This will depend on the total value of the goods and their classification under Canada's customs regulations.
  1. Thresholds for Duty and Taxes. Canada has de minimis thresholds for duty and taxes on imported goods. Goods may be exempt from duty and taxes below a specific value (typically around CAD 20-40). However, this exemption doesn't apply to certain items, such as alcohol and tobacco, regardless of their value.
  1. Tax Reimbursement. In some cases, Canadians may claim a reimbursement of the US sales tax paid on goods purchased online when returning to Canada. However, this process can be complex and may only sometimes result in a full reimbursement.

While Canadians may not always pay sales tax directly to US online retailers at the time of purchase, they are typically subject to some form of taxation or duty on imported goods, depending on various factors. Canadian shoppers must know these potential costs when purchasing from US online stores.

Can I Buy From Other US Online Stores With Shippsy?

Yes, you can certainly buy from other US online stores apart from 6pm! With the help of the free US shipping addresses, you can shop from your favourite US online stores, like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more!

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How Much Does Shippsy Cost?

Shippsy offers the lowest price for US-to-Canada shipping.

  • Ontario. The pricing starts at CAD 6.99 + applicable taxes/duties.
  • British Columbia and Québec. The pricing starts at CAD 7.99 + applicable taxes/duties.

How Long Will The Package Arrive in Canada?

As mentioned, the packages will only take 2 to 3 business days to be delivered to Ontario. If you are around British Columbia and Québec, it takes 5 to 7 business days. The transit time is way faster than choosing direct shipping from your favourite online stores or shipping with other package forwarders.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while 6pm may not offer direct shipping to Canada, Canadian shoppers need not worry. There are alternative shipping solutions available, allowing customers in Canada to enjoy various products offered by 6pm.

Customers can use Shippsy's straightforward solution to have their purchases from the US shipped to Canada. With Shippsy, Canadians can enjoy broader selections, not just from 6 p.m. but also from other US online retail stores. They don't have to worry about direct shipping limitations, expensive shipping rates, and longer delivery times.

Shippsy's efficient and affordable shipping options ensure that customers can enjoy their 6 pm purchases easily and conveniently, making cross-border shopping a hassle-free experience.

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