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Does Best Buy Ship Internationally? Know The Answer Here!

Published: May 31, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

Best Buy is a popular US-based retailer of electronics, appliances, and tech products. It has a vast network of locations across the world, with the majority of stores in the US. While the retail chain has stores in Canada, US Best Buys have more offers that Canadian online shoppers will enjoy.

Now, if you’re wondering, does best buy ship internationally?, we got you the answer here. Plus, we’ll share with you the ways to get your Best Buy orders and some tips and tricks when shopping at the said retailer.

Key Takeaway

  • Best Buy is one of the biggest retailers in the US. While it operates in other countries, like Canada, the USA offers a broader product inventory for its online customers.

  • To get an order, an online shopper can either pick up the item at Best Buy USA’s physical stores or ship the orders with a package forwarder.

  • Following some best practices when shopping at Best Buy US ensures a smooth online shopping experience for Canadian shoppers.

Does Best Buy Offer International Shipping?

No, Best Buy USA does not offer international shipping. It only ships domestically to 50 U.S. states at the moment.

Understanding Best Buy International Shipping Policy

Here are some things you need to know about Best Buy’s International Shipping policy:

  • For online shoppers, you may purchase items at Best Buy’s online store. You may also place an order by dialling 1-800-237-8289.

  • For foreign online shoppers, use this exact billing address in place of your non-US billing address during checkout: 1165 N Dupont Hwy Dover, DE 19901

    • Online orders made outside the US and placed using the US mailing address above are intended for use in the US.

    • You may pick up your online order at Best Buy’s store.

  • The person who will claim the order must be the person named on the purchasing credit card. Otherwise, inform Best Buy of the name of the person who will claim the order on your behalf.

  • Store Pickup is not available in Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, or China.

  • Tax notices and sales tax refunds do not apply to these orders.

  • International credit cards are not eligible for use when purchasing iTunes gift cards. Otherwise, the order placed will be cancelled.

Why Shop At Best Buy US?

A hand holding up a card in front of a laptop with Best Buy site on screen

At this point, we already know that Best Buy US does not ship to other countries, and we have Best Buy stores in Canada.

So, what’s the point of shopping at Best Buy US? Well, here’s all you need to know about what makes shopping at Best Buy US worthwhile.

1. Larger Product Inventory

Best Buy is one of the biggest retailers with a vast market. They maintain their wide range of products and continuously expand their inventory. Because of this, online shoppers can enjoy browsing through their wide product selection and variation.

Plus, Canadian online customers have the chance to compare features between different products. This means that, by scanning through various brands and other specifications, you can surely find the perfect item that best fits your specific needs.

2. Access To US-Exclusive Products and Promos

Best Buy US often collaborates directly with brands to secure US-exclusive deals and product launches. They also frequently run great deals and sales events specifically tailored to the US market. The reason behind this strategic move is to keep their position in a highly competitive US market.

By shopping at the retailer’s site, Canadians get the chance to find special items and promotional deals that are not available in Best Buy Canada. With different product options and deals, online shopping is even more exciting for Canadians.

3. Better Warranty Options

Best Buy US provides customers with extended warranties known as Geek Squad Protection Plans. These plans typically offer more extended coverage, including accidental damage and technical issues. Plus, the retailer often has more plan options tailored to different products and needs.

Unfortunately, these plans are no longer available in Best Buy Canada. This is something that may cause hassle. But by online shopping at Best Buy US’, you can take advantage of the plan’s availability, making your online purchases more secure.

In a sense, the retailer’s better warranty options give you peace of mind and ensure that your purchases are better protected against unforeseen issues.

How To Get Orders From Best Buy US

There are two ways to get your hands on your Best Buy US orders. Here’s how:

Pick Up In Store

The first option is to shop online and pick up your order at Best Buy USA’s physical store. Remember to use the billing address mentioned above when checking out your item on the shopping site.

Use A US Shipping Address

The second option is to ship your orders using a US shipping address. Using one lets you access Best Buy’s broad selection of items, lower prices, and better coverage options.

To get one, you need to sign up with a cross-border shipping provider. They will provide you with your exclusive US address and handle the shipping and customs process on your behalf.

Ship With A Package Forwarder

If you haven’t found a package forwarder yet, consider choosing Shippsy.

This Canadian shipping provider leads in the industry when it comes to shipping items from the US to Canada. They offer simple yet high-quality shipping options for Canadians who want to claim their parcels personally at Shippsy’s branch locations or deliver them to their doorstep.

Another thing to love about Shippsy is their super affordable shipping rates. For as low as 6.99 CAD*, you can already ship your item from the US. Plus, you get to enjoy a huge discount if you’re shipping three or more items on the same day. You can check out Shippsy’s pricing page for more details.

Shippsy’s fast, easy, and affordable shipping services will make you love shopping at US stores like Best Buy. Our team of experts ensures that you get the best cross-border shipping experience like never before!

*Shipping fee applies for Ontario. The starting rate for the British Columbia and Quebec regions is 7.99 CAD. Taxes and duties apply.

Best Buy Online Shipping Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the ultimate secret to shipping from the US, we have something more to share with you. Remember to follow these best practices when shopping at Best Buy US:

1. Shop Smart

A young woman smiling while using her phone

Online shopping helps you unlock doors to benefits you usually don’t get with physical shopping. These include:

  • Shopping anytime, anywhere

  • No sales representatives following you

  • Discreet shopping

  • Big discounts

While these are great, they can also lead you to impulsive buying. That is why it’s best to shop smart and keep a checklist with you when shopping online. Consider these questions when buying items:

  • How much do you need the item?

  • Does the item description match your preference?

  • Have you looked into other product variations?

  • Is there a cheaper option for the product?

By shopping smart, you’re not only able to ensure you get the best item that you need. It also helps you save more and avoid unwanted surprises once you receive the product.

2. Research Warranty Coverage

A young man using a magnifying lens

Remember to review the available warranty options and coverage before completing your order. Doing this guides you into making the right decision when it comes to protecting your purchase.

Additionally, looking into further details like the duration, terms and conditions, and limitations helps you determine if the warranty aligns with your needs. By taking the time to research warranty coverage upfront, you can shop with confidence, knowing that your items are adequately protected.

3. Choose The Right Shipping Option

Closed packages floating

Once you’ve finalized your purchase, you will need to choose the right shipping option.

If you’re getting an item for an upcoming event, it’s best to use express shipping. While this option can be costly, it is ideal for time-sensitive packages. Meanwhile, if you’re not very particular with the timeframe and are looking for a cheaper option, you can use standard shipping.

On the other hand, shipping with Shippsy is like getting the best of both worlds – you get fast transit time for an affordable price. All you need to choose from is whether you want to claim your parcel at our branch location or if you want us to deliver your parcel to your doorstep*.

*For a small added fee, Shippsy will forward your parcel to Canada Post for the final mile delivery.

4. Calculate Sales Tax And Duties

The word TAX on top of coins and a glass with coins inside

It’s best to calculate your import duties and taxes when shopping online. These costs can significantly impact the overall cost of shipping your item to the US.

This proactive move will enable you to make better decisions when shopping at Best Buy. It can help you determine if shopping at the said retailer puts you at an advantage compared to buying at other retailers.

Plus, understanding the costs beforehand allows you to budget accordingly and prevent surprises during checkout.

You may use Shippsy’s Import Fee Calculator to know your import fees estimate. Simply enter the required details accurately in the entry fields to get the estimated amount.

5. Track Your Best Buy Order

Female hands holding up a phone with tracking courier delivery on the screen

Do not forget to get the tracking number of your orders shipped from the US. This practice helps you know where your packages are and when they will arrive.

Tracking helps you stay updated and prepared for delivery. If any issues arise during shipping, tracking allows you to address them promptly with your shipping provider.

You may use your shipping provider’s tracking tool or contact their customer support for more details about your shipment tracking.

6. Plan Ahead For Potential Delays

Packages on a warehouse carousel

Planning for potential delays means that you should consider the possibility that their orders might take longer to arrive because of some factors. This helps you avoid disappointment if the items arrive late.

Some factors that may affect shipping are:

  • Issues with customs clearance

  • Peak season

  • Weather conditions

  • Road disruption

By considering these possibilities before purchasing, you can manage your expectations and avoid any last-minute rush or frustration.

It’s always a good idea to allow some extra time for delivery, especially when ordering from across the border, to ensure a smoother shopping experience.

Final Thoughts

While Best Buy US does not directly offer international shipping, there are still options available for online shoppers, particularly those in Canada. With the help of the best package forwarder – Shippsy – you can enjoy unlimited shopping sprees without worrying about shipping across the border.

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