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Does REI Ship To Canada? Find Out The Answer!

Published: June 20, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

REI is a recreational equipment store. So, this brand might be for you if you’re into outdoor adventures. However, does REI ship to Canada?

This blog will discuss REI’s international shipping policy, costs, and customs fees. You will also learn about potential restrictions and return options to help you make a smooth and informed purchase.

Key Takeaways

  • REI ships to Canada and other international locations, but customers must be prepared for additional expenses. The customer handles these fees and must pay them upon delivery or customs clearance.

  • Once an order is placed with REI, it cannot be modified or cancelled. This inflexibility requires customers to double-check their order details to avoid mistakes.

  • While REI’s membership rewards are primarily available to US customers, Canadians can still benefit from package forwarding services like Shippsy.

  • Shippsy provides a US address for Canadians, enabling them to access REI’s membership perks and have their purchases forwarded to Canada efficiently.

Does REI Ship Internationally

map, destination pin with Canadian flag, and airplane

Yes, REI offers international shipping to many countries, including Canada.

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How Does REI Complete International Orders

Here’s how REI tackles international orders:

1. Order Placement With Shipping Information

Fill your REI cart with outdoor gear! This brand sells various adventure equipment, such as camping, climbing, and hiking tools. Once you’ve filled your cart with the items you want to buy, head to checkout and update the shipping address to Canada.

2. Processing And Shipping

Once you order, REI verifies stock and preps your gear. Shipping depends on weight and distance, with carriers like DHL or USPS.

3. Pay Necessary Fees

Aside from the fees you need to pay for the items you bought, you also need to pay for the shipping fees. Note:

Customs might charge duties and taxes on your REI purchase for international orders. You, the customer, are responsible for these extra fees – pay them upon delivery or customs clearance.

4. Delivery

Track your status and review your package online to know where your items are. Expect longer waits for international standard shipping.

Important Considerations

gold coins, shopping bag, checklist, and cellphone

Purchasing an item can be challenging since you can only buy REI through cross-border shopping. Important factors must be considered to ensure that you get the most out of your purchases. You don’t want to buy things only to regret after receiving them, right?

Here are some of the important considerations you must take into account:

Cancel Or Modify Order

Once you submit your order, you lose some flexibility! Unlike some retailers, REI doesn’t allow changes or cancellations after you confirm your order. This applies to both online purchases and in-store pickup. So, double-check the items and details you provide to avoid costly mistakes.

If you make a mistake entering your address or size selection, you won’t be able to fix it after submitting the order. This could lead to delays, additional shipping fees, or the purchase of unwanted items.

Shipping Costs

International shipping rates are crucial because they add extra cost to your overall expenses. Beyond the base price of your items, you’ll pay separate shipping based on your order value.

Additionally, international shipping prices are typically higher because of the distance. The shipping providers need extra resources to complete the orders. To cover the costs, they pass the burden onto the consumers, a.k.a, YOU.

Duties and Taxes

Duties and taxes can significantly impact your final purchase price and come as a surprise if not factored in. They are not included in the initial product price or shipping cost. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) charges additional fees upon import.

The amount of duties and taxes can vary depending on the following factors:

  • value of your order

  • specific items you purchase

  • Canada’s import regulations

Thus, REI cannot predict these costs for you. Unfortunately, these unforeseen charges can significantly increase your overall purchase price. Not factoring them in can lead to sticker shock and bust your budget for outdoor gear.

Restricted Brands

Restricted brands can prevent your order from reaching you and cause delays or additional costs. Some items might have restrictions due to Canada’s regulations and safety concerns.


You, the customer, are responsible for covering the return shipping costs for international orders. This can be a significant expense, so factor it in when deciding whether to return an item. REI’s return policy might have specific details or exceptions for international orders.

Be sure to carefully review it before purchasing to understand the process and potential limitations.

Shipping Policy

Due to distance and customs processing, international orders take considerably longer. Knowing these extended wait times helps you plan your purchases well in advance. Plus, you may not be able to take advantage of the perks offered by REI with international shipping options.

What Should Canadians Know About REI?

A shopping cart, shopping bags, map

There are some benefits Canadians should know about REI to experience the best cross-border shopping experience.

Here are they:

REI Membership Rewards

REI membership rewards, previously known as dividends, offer several perks to save money and enhance outdoor adventures.

  • Earn 10% Back. This is the core perk. You earn 10% back in store credit on qualifying purchases throughout the year (excluding some items like sale items and services). This reward is typically added to your account in March following the year you earned it.

  • Effectively Discounted Gear. Think of it as a year-end discount on your outdoor purchases. The accumulated credit can be used towards future purchases, lowering your gear’s overall cost.

  • Free Shipping (US Only). A membership waives the shipping fee for most online orders within the US (some exclusions may apply). This can be significant savings, especially for bulky outdoor gear.

Beyond Savings:

  • Exclusive Member Sales. REI occasionally holds special sales events just for members, offering deeper discounts or access to specific products. This gives you an edge in finding the best deals.

  • Member Discounts on Garage Sale Items. REI Garage Sales offers members a discount on used gear and apparel. This is a fantastic way to find quality outdoor equipment at a fraction of the price.

  • Extended Return Policy (US Only). Unlike the standard 1-year return policy with proof of purchase, members get an extra year to return most items (with some exceptions). This provides peace of mind and allows for more flexibility, especially when trying out new gear.

Engaging with the Outdoors:

  • Knowledge Sharing and Events. REI offers workshops, classes, and events (often at a discount for members) to help you learn new skills and explore the outdoors. This resource can be valuable for honing your camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

As mentioned earlier, REI membership rewards are unavailable for other countries, territories, and locations outside the US. However, we’ll teach you how to take advantage of this perk! You can use a package forwarding service to continue receiving REI Membership rewards.

Package Forwarding Service

A package forwarding service can help you buy items from stores that do not ship directly to your country. While REI ships internationally, you cannot take advantage of their rewards. With the help of a package forwarding service, you can reap the benefits of REI Membership Rewards.

Let Shippsy Help You

If you still need a package forwarding service provider, why not consider Shippsy?

Shippsy is Canada’s leading package forwarder, helping customers purchase items from popular US stores like Target! They can also help you enjoy REI’s Membership Rewards.

Sign up with Shippsy and get a US address. Use that address at REI checkout. Shippsy will receive your REI order and bring it to Canada. Once the packages arrive in Canada, you can pick them up at the designated branch location.

Do you live far from any of the Shippsy branches? No problem! Shippsy offers door-to-door for a minimal fee through our last-mile delivery partner.

You can check Shippsy’s rates to see if they are the best for you! You can also save money by taking advantage of the 25% discount if you request multiple packages on the same day.

Final Thoughts

Good news for Canadian adventurers! REI does ship to the Great White North but with separate shipping fees and duties. Shippsy, a package forwarding service, can be your REI saviour for those in unsupported locations. Get your outdoor gear shipped directly – explore further and worry less!

Need more help? Feel free to browse Help Library to view all the FAQs.

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