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Can't Leave Home? Get Your Items Delivered By Package Forwarding!

Published: October 19, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

The recent global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has taken its toll on so many lives across the globe. Many changes and adjustments to people's daily routines had to be made to ensure everyone's safety. Offices and establishments closed their doors, and the Internet primarily supported their services. As stated in research by Statistics Canada, the number of Canadians using the Internet to stay connected with others for work purposes, business ventures, entertainment, and education has drastically increased.

On the brighter side, the number of consumers who turned towards Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) to purchase their needs also skyrocketed. In addition, various stores and international brands also turned to selling their products online. It shows that the retail e-commerce sales and shipment service still positively impacted the Canadian economy despite the lockdown.

With online shopping becoming a trend, many international shoppers found an easier way to get their items without leaving their homes. Unfortunately, international shipping can be quite expensive, especially with an additional service for a freight forwarder.

This article will present three reasons customers choose to deliver their goods to their locations and how Shippsy provides the best package forwarding to Canada. Read now!

package forwarding - You Can’t Just Leave Even When You’re Working At Home

Busy Working At Home

Most of the individuals affected by the effects of Covid-19 are workers. Therefore, the work-from-home setup is established so different offices and businesses can continue their operations. Right now, this mode of working continues despite the lifting of lockdown restrictions.

Most customers are workers, and not every one of them can afford the time to leave their homes during work hours to claim their goods. With hectic schedules and back-to-back meetings, some customers would rather pay an extra cost for a delivery forwarding service. 

People With Health Concerns Must Stay At Home

Must Stay At Home Due to Health Concerns

People with health concerns had to take extra care of themselves during these times. One of the best ways to keep their health and safety in check is to stay at home. Moreover, these people can not go to physical stores to purchase goods they need for their home isolation period.

Many US stores offer home and wellness products with variations that are, most of the time, unavailable in Canada. Since US stores like Target, Walmart, Trader Joe's, etc., offer a wider range and variety of products, Canadian customers purchase many items in their online store and deliver them via international package forwarding service. This way, any item they need to keep themselves healthy and comfortable while staying at home is made accessible.

Personal Tasks Don't Meet The Schedule For Pickup

Aside from the two mentioned above, a shopper chooses parcel forwarding because they can't find the right time to go to the pick up location to get their packages. Some may be too busy tending to their children, too occupied with their booked travels, or find it difficult to disengage themselves from their duties. Since going to a physical store can also be an additional task for them, they prefer to shop online.

Having their packages delivered at home makes it easier for them to shoot two birds with one stone: they get to do their stuff and get the US items they ordered. 

So, how do we do it?

We provide a smooth and speedy package forwarding service with Shippsy. We hand them over to a carrier (Canada Post or UPS) to process the final delivery for a small fee. It's easy. You must create an account with Shippsy and use your free unique Shippsy US Address for your online purchase transactions. 

Your purchases will appear in your Shippsy dashboards within 24 hours. Then we will send an email with the total amount you will have to pay for the shipping service.

 No need to worry; there is no hidden fee! The email for your payment details will include the shipping fee, applicable taxes/duties for cross-border shipment, and package forwarding fee. We will immediately notify you once your parcels pass through customs clearance, arrive in our Shippsy warehouse, and are ready to be delivered. 

However, to avoid incurring additional costs, we suggest you take advantage of our Parcel Pickup Service. You may contact our friendly customer service representatives to know more about the service and discounts for multiple packages or schedule an appointment that matches your free time to claim your package. 

No pressure in claiming your items; we provide free storage for parcels for up to 30 days

Why Choose Shippsy?

Any package forwarder may claim they're the best, but Shippsy's services remain unmatched.

For shipping US items, Canadian customers should go for a name known for its good quality package forwarding service: Shippsy. Aside from the undemanding shipment process and low shipping rates, we also provide a fast delivery period to our customers who opt to receive their items in their locations. Also, we make sure that all our freight schedules and cargo loads are sent out on time and handled with utmost care.

We also do our best to cater to our customers' shipping needs by providing great services for whatever situation they are in, whether personal pickups or freight forwarding.

Keep yourself updated by reading more about our parcel forwarding service, shipping cost, and promotions posted on our website or contact us at 888-744-779.

Key Takeaway

As much as any shopper is thrilled to get their parcels personally in pickup locations, it is inevitable that they might get into situations that require their attention and presence. Thus, picking up packages could not be their top priority. 

We know you want to receive your parcel in good condition, with a quick delivery time and a low shipping rate. So forward a package with the best international shipping company, Shippsy.

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