Consumer Analysis: How Much Is Shipping To Canada?

Diana Zheng
October 7, 2022

Buying something from the United States is an everyday activity for many Canadians. A survey shows that in April 2021, Canadian online shoppers had an average of 8.7 cross-border purchases from US-based retailers. This percentage is relatively higher compared to the average number of cross-border shopping in 2019, which was only 5.3. 

Despite the increase in number, undeniably, the shipping rates are not cheap. The costs are affected by different factors, which we will discuss in this blog. You can check out all of our blog posts here.. Leaf through this article to know how much is shipping to Canada. Have fun reading!

Factors When Calculating Shipping Rates

Questions like, "How much is shipping to Canada USPS?" are the common inquiries for cross-border shipping. Each shipping company has its way of computing the shipping cost, using different variables, including delivery distance, package's dimensional weight, and shipping option.

Product Weight

You might have noticed that some goods, despite being lightweight, still incur high charges. A shipping carrier will also use the actual product weight in the calculations and the parcel's dimensions. To avoid wasting space in the container, shipping companies include each package's width, length, and height to ensure that shippers will not use overly huge boxes for significantly smaller items. 

Thus, sellers are advised to use boxes with sufficient space for the orders. You can coordinate with the seller to minimize the box size of your purchase.

Shipping Service

Depending on their budget, some couriers offer different shipping options to the senders. While providing the same opportunity, some can be more expensive than others. For example, Company A and Company B have priority mail international as a shipping option. However, Company A charges it more expensively because of their shipping method. On the other hand, Company B offers it more affordably because of its shipping carrier partners.

Meanwhile, if you ask, "How much is Amazon shipping to Canada?" It depends on the goods, item category, weight, and shipment. Additionally, all shipping to Canada is already considered an international shipment. However, the base amount would start from CAD 9.43 for standard shipping and CAD 18.87 for priority courier shipping. If you ask us, you can still find the cheapest shipping from the United States to Canada. 

Not all US Amazon sellers ship to Canada because only Global Express Guaranteed shops can make this possible.

So, you can research which shipping company to choose and suggest it to the seller if possible, so you can choose the cheapest way and save on shipping.

Delivery Time and Speed

The time and speed of the transit can also make a difference in the shipping costs. The faster you want your parcel, the higher the shipping cost is. Most companies offer a shipping option that has a relatively faster transit time. For example, if you want to know, "How much is first class shipping to Canada?" You can notice that it is more expensive than standard shipping because of the lesser transit time. Most first-class shipping only takes one business day before the regular parcel arrives. 

On the other hand, time and speed also depend on the season you bought the times. During the holiday rush, delays caused by land traffic and the shipment volume affect the duration. The weather also affects the transit, especially during winter, when the route is covered with thick snow, making the road unpassable.

Ensure your item does not go against the prohibited or restricted items list. It may cause delays or be confiscated by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Package Origin and Destination

In shipping, expect to incur a higher shipping cost if your location is farther from the drop-off warehouse. Sometimes, sellers partner with a multiple-carrier option to reduce the shipping. However, most sellers outside Amazon no longer accommodate international customers because of the technicalities in customs and the expensive shipping fees.

Note that US sellers ship directly from their point of origin to the destination in Canada, which is why the distance is far. 

Shipping with Shippsy

Why Do You Ship with Shippsy?

Shippsy makes cross-border shopping quicker and cheaper. Plus, you can take advantage of free shipping offered by numerous US-based sellers.

If you create an account with Shippsy, you will be provided with a US shipping address and unique code, which you will use every time you order something across the border. Its compatibility with almost every US online store makes this a better platform, as long as it can provide a commercial invoice and works well with the address format.

Since all the products will be delivered within the country, the shipping will reduce, and you avail of the free shipping offered by the store when your order reaches the required amount. You also do not have to worry about processing the importation of the package because Shippsy will do everything on your behalf.

Once the seller ships the parcel to the US facility, Shippsy will handle all the necessary paperwork and transportation. It will only take a day or two before the package arrives, so check your email to keep yourself updated about your parcel's journey.

When your package arrives at the Canadian facility, you can choose to pick up the parcel. Still, if it is more convenient for you, you can schedule home delivery via Canada Post or UPS for additional fees.

Key Takeaway

Shopping should be therapeutic and not stressful. Let Shippsy be your US-shopping buddy!

You may call our customer service representatives for any assistance you may need at 888-744-7779 or visit our website for the latest information about our services!

Written by Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Shippsy. She is obsessed with providing Canadian shoppers with easy access to all U.S. brands. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

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