The Importance of Package Shipment Calculator in Your Growing Business

Do you like to purchase from US retail stores? Well, many Canadians, like you, enjoy buying US goods. If you are an entrepreneur or eCommerce merchant, this is an excellent opportunity to establish a business. You can use this chance to sell products you enjoy from the US to the Canadian market that share the exact liking as you.

On the occasion that you do not know how to start, there are interventions you can do to make purchasing from the US easy and more economical. One of the ways you can execute is to utilize shipping tools, such as a package shipment calculator. What is it, and how important is it in your growing business? Read this article to find out.

Factors of Shipping Cost

Also known as the package delivery calculator, let us talk about the elements affecting the shipping cost.

Package Weight and Size. Before, shipping companies only calculated the package's actual weight. However, since many shippers send parcels in large boxes with only small, lightweight items, carriers have transitioned to including the package's dimensional weight when calculating the shipping price to avoid wasting space in the container.

The package dimensions are the amount of space the package takes up and is determined by multiplying the length, width, and height by the chosen cubic divisor. It is better to contact the US sellers beforehand about the number of items they can put inside a box to estimate how many products you can order in one parcel.

Delivery Distance. Basically, your location matters when it comes to shipping. The farther you are from the shipper, the higher the shipping price you must pay. However, if you have your vehicle, you can opt for a parcel pick-up service than having the carrier deliver the package right to your doorstep to avoid a surcharge. Using a package shipping cost estimator will make it easier to calculate the shipping estimate and the profit you can earn.

Of course, you can also expect that the shipping price for international shipping will be higher than domestic shipping, excluding taxes.

Transit Time. The transit time will depend on the shipping service you choose, whether it is priority mail, express, or standard shipping. However, note that each shipping carrier has a different shipping time for its services, which means that Company A might offer priority mail with a transit time comparable to Company B's standard shipping.

Also, note that weather, season, and holidays affect transit time, so check if the chosen courier imposes taxes on these dates.

Shipping Protection. While shipping protection is optional, this can also be an important factor in the total shipping cost. While accidents during transit rarely happen, it is still advisable to get shipping protection to guard your parcel from profit lost in case something unforeseen occurs.

Customs and Duties. There is no CBSA tax for imports with a total value of less than CAD 40. On the other hand, for imports with a total value of more than CAD 40 but less than CAD 150, you must pay 13% for personal imports and 5% for business imports on taxes. While you have to pay the same amount on taxes for imports with more than CAD 150, duty is also applicable with charges from 0% to 25% depending on the product category.

What is a Package Shipment Calculator?

It is a package shipping estimator tool to check the expected shipping rate, as it will automatically compute the rate depending on the detail the sender has provided. Couriers use this tool to make it easier for consumers to know the price they must pay when shipping items to their destination without the need to call customer service.

Benefits of Using a Shipping Calculator image

Benefits of Using a Shipping Calculator

You may find a shipping calculator as an ordinary shipping tool, but it also has its benefits.

Choosing the Right Shipping Option. With the help of a shipping cost calculator tool, you can compare shipping options and rates. You can get the most suitable choice for your budget.

Help Plan Delivery. Since you know how much it will cost to ship the items to your address, you can use the shipping method correctly. Plus, you can choose the perfect time to order products.

Save on Shipping Expenses. You can actually save on shipping fees because, apart from the customs and duties, you will not pay any shipping charge not stipulated in the terms.

Prevent Errors. Getting shipping estimates will prevent you from choosing an overly expensive shipping service that might not suit your shipping needs.

Consider Shippsy as your US to Canada shipping partner image

Consider Shippsy: The Ultimate US to Canada Shipping Partner

If you want to escape the tedious part of choosing the exemplary shipping service, you do not have to look far, as Shippsy is just a few clicks away from you. Since direct shipping from the US to Canada can be expensive, you can order from your favorite US retail stores and have them sent to the unique US address provided by Shippsy.

Once the package arrives in the Canadian warehouse, you can get them yourself or have them sent right to your doorstep for a minimal fee. Meanwhile, suppose you want to order in bulk for your business, Shippsy also offers Pallet Service for items with over 100 lbs weight or multiple package orders. You can contact customer service to know more about this shipping service.

What are you waiting for? Grow your business with Shippsy!

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