Package Receiving Service Toronto: Things To Remember When Shipping Items From The US

Diana Zheng
November 2, 2022

Have you ever gone through a stressful online shopping experience? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Most of us have experienced getting frustrated over purchasing items from different online retailers. Online shopping is supposed to make us happy and comfortable, but we will inevitably encounter unfavorable shopping concerns. Some things that lead to an unpleasant online shopping experience are getting items that are way too different from what was posted in the store, receiving damaged products, paying too much for shipping, delayed delivery, missing items, and bad customer service.

Who wouldn’t want a smooth and splendid online shopping experience? The main reasons why people opt to go online to purchase items are to have hassle-free virtual transactions and to have access to a wider variety of products.

Aside from the local brands, Canadian customers shop at many different online stores from across the globe, mainly from the USA. Therefore, to avoid getting burnt out from the stressful side of online shopping, we should know what to expect when dealing with e-commerce transactions.

In this article, we created a list of things to remember when shipping items from the US. Read this article for you to have a checklist for your next online shopping deal and get to know Shippsy’s Package Receiving Service - Toronto’s best option.

Shop At Real Online Stores

Whenever shopping online, the internet gives us thousands of suggestions of where to buy the items we want. One important thing to remember is to buy from the best online stores in the US. Many big stores have opened online domains that allow customers from different countries to purchase items from them.

With stores like Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Sephora, and others, you are assured that you get many product variations and good-quality items. From home goodies to office supplies to personal items, all these and more are available at many US stores you get across online.

Moreover, supporting start-up eCommerce businesses isn’t a bad idea either. This way, you’re helping out entrepreneurs striving towards their dream of growing their small business. You need to be extra careful in which websites you send your shipping information to and be informed on certain ways to check if a website is real or fraudulent. Remember, it’s better to be safe than to lose your money in a fake online shop!

Read Product Reviews

This tip is very useful if you want to know what a product looks like in reality compared to the photoshop-enhanced version of product images posted online. Here’s the truth: photos of products online are meant to look good to sell! So, how do you know if every penny is worth the item? Check the reviews! Get insights from previous consumers who ordered the same item you’re planning to buy. 

Also, most product reviews mention the item’s performance, effectiveness, durability, etc. More than just how it looks, it also matters that the item serves its intended purpose. 

Verify If The Item Is Allowed For Shipping

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has enforced rules and regulations regarding what items are allowed and not allowed to enter the border of Canada. This is because the agency’s priority is to keep everyone in Canada safe. 

In line with this, many shipping companies, like Shippsy, strictly comply with the regulations. Note that Shippsy does not receive items that are not allowed to be shipped to Canada. We don’t want your item and, most importantly, your money to go to waste. We want our customers to enjoy their items. Thus, it is our top priority to ensure that you receive the products. 

Shippsy has made a simplified list of prohibited items. However, we suggest you check it out first and see if the item in your cart is included. If it is included, then consider other product options. But if it’s not, then you’re good to go!

Ship Them To Canada With Shippsy

Choose only the best in the shipping industry to ship your purchased US items to Canada and send them directly to your home. 

You can personally pick up your goods in our branch locations in Ontario and British Columbia. However, suppose you live far from the said locations and can not physically visit our store for pickup. In that case, worry not because Shippsy does package delivery in Toronto for a small additional fee!

Shippsy’s Parcel Forwarding Service allows you to receive your package in the comforts of your home! Here’s how we do it: when your packages arrive in our facility, we immediately identify those for package delivery service (Toronto and other parts of Canada). Then, we attach the propel label to your parcels and hand them off to a carrier (Canada Post or UPS) for the final delivery to your doorsteps. 

We guarantee that our package service, Toronto or anywhere in Canada, is fast, unwavering, and of a high standard for the cheapest shipping fee!

Check Your US Address

Once you have proceeded to checkout, don’t forget to use your Shippsy US shipping address in your shipping information. Ensure that you see exactly what the address indicates in your Shippsy dashboard, as well as your Shippsy unit number. If everything is fine, then we’ll start waiting for your item with you.

For new customers, create your Shippsy account now by visiting our website. Make sure to read our terms and conditions. Moreover, registration is free and will take only a few minutes. You will immediately get your Shippsy US address in your dashboard once your Shippsy account is created. 

package receiving service toronto - You Deserve The Best Parcel Forwarding Service

Check Your Delivery Address

Since your item will be delivered to your location, you must give the correct delivery destination. One single mistake in your address might cause a delay in sending your items to your doorsteps.

So, here’s a quick tip! Once you have entered your delivery address, read it twice and ensure that you provide the correct contact information so that the courier can easily call you in case issues arise. And remember, delays cause a ripple effect. We certainly don’t want to keep the others waiting for their items too long.

Keep Your Eye In Your Inbox

We keep our customers updated with their shipment status. That is why we want you to check your emails from time to time to see if an email has already been sent.

If you feel like it’s already taking too long and you’re not yet getting anything from us, check your Spam folder. Some messages are rerouted there.

Contact Customer Service

Finally, do not hesitate to contact our customer service should you have any questions or concerns regarding your shipping experience. You may contact our client support at 888-744-7779 or send us a message via our website.

Our team is always ready to help you out with your shipping needs!

Key Takeaway

Every customer deserves to get a top-quality shipping service when it comes to shipping from the US. But, at the same time, online shoppers should also play their part in making their online shopping and shipping experience great by knowing what to do and what to expect.

Written by Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Shippsy. She is obsessed with providing Canadian shoppers with easy access to all U.S. brands. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

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