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The Best Shipito Canada Alternative (2024)

Published: January 6, 2024
Author: Diana Zheng

Are you a Canadian shopper looking for easy ways to ship your packages from the United States to Canada? Let’s explore the best Shipito Canada alternative, catering specifically to the needs of Canadian shoppers like you.

Discover affordable rates, efficient package consolidation, and swift delivery options that redefine your online shopping experience. Say goodbye to shipping hassles and embrace a more efficient way to receive your treasured cross-border purchases.

Key Takeaways

  • Shippsy is presented as the best Shipito Canadian alternative, catering specifically to Canadian shoppers.
  • Shippsy emphasizes cost-effective shipping fees, faster shipping times, and customer-friendly support, making it an ideal choice for Canadian consumers.
  • Shippsy’s commitment to affordability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction positions it as a reliable partner for Canadians exploring cross-border shopping from the U.S.

Who is Shipito?

Shipito package forwarding company

Shipito is a package forwarding company that allows Canadian customers to browse and shop online from US retailers, directing their purchases to the provided Shipito shipping address. Shipito then forwards these orders to the customer’s Canadian address, allowing a smooth and easy cross-border experience.

Shipping Services:

  • Package Consolidation. They efficiently consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment, effectively reducing shipping costs.
  • Package Repackaging. It is an option that saves costs and provides additional protection for your items during transit.
  • Warehousing. It allows you to store your packages and orders for future use.
  • Personal Shopping.

Shipping Options:

  • Economy Shipping. While the most budget-friendly option, it also has the most extended transit times, taking up to 2 weeks to reach their destination.
  • Expedited Shipping. This option is faster than economy shipping but also more expensive.
  • Express Shipping. This is the fastest option, but it is also the most expensive.

Shipito is an excellent choice for Canadian consumers shopping from US online stores. Offering a free US shipping address, diverse shipping options, and additional services, Shipito ensures a seamless and cost-effective process.

Who is Shippsy?

Shippsy, the best Shipito Canadian alternative

Shippsy is a Canadian cross-border shipping platform that offers Canadians a free US shipping address and services. Shippsy allows customers to shop at their favourite US online store and get the products delivered to the designated Shippsy address, or to their home address.

Shipping Services:

  • Package Forwarding. In essence, they provide you with a complimentary US address, enabling you to send your online orders from US-based retailers. Upon the arrival of your package at their US facility, they will proceed to dispatch it to your location in Canada.
  • Parcel Pickup. You can ensure a smooth pickup experience by visiting one of Shippsy’s convenient locations during operating hours.
  • Parcel Mail-Out. If picking up the package is not convenient for you, Shippsy also provides a mail-out option, where the parcels are delivered directly to your own personal address through their partner courier, Canada Post, for a small additional fee.
  • Returns. If you’re unsatisfied with your order and want to return it to the seller, Shippsy can process it. However, only shipments Shippsy initially handled from the US to Canada will qualify for this service.

While Shippsy does not provide expedited shipping options, you can still guarantee a fast delivery time. The packages only take 2-4 business days* to reach the Canadian address.

*The delivery time depends on the shipping destination. Ontario: 2-4 business days; British Columbia (BC): 4-7 business days; and Québec: 5-7 business days.

Understanding Shippsy Vs. Shipito

Let’s check the differences between Shippsy and Shipito—two well-known brands in the package forwarding industry. Knowing the distinctions between these services is crucial, regardless of your experience level with cross-border purchases.

1. Package Consolidation

package consolidation

Shipito provides package consolidation services, enabling you to merge multiple packages into a single shipment and reduce shipping expenses. This proves advantageous for shoppers receiving items from various retailers to their US address, streamlining the shipping process and allowing customers to save money.

While Shippsy does not offer this particular service to its Canadian shoppers, you can still get a 20% discount* if you request three or more packages on the same day.

*The discount applies to the Ontario region only. It does not apply to the BC and Québec regions.

2. Shipping Process

forwarding service shipping process

While Shippsy and Shipito provide simple and easy-to-understand processes, they still differ in getting your packages.

How Shippsy Works:

  1. Create a Shippsy Account. Sign up for a free account and gain instant access to your unique US shipping address. You will use this address to shop from US retailers, especially those who don’t offer Canadian shipping or charge high shipping rates.
  2. Package Declaration. Once the packages arrive in the US facility, you must accurately declare the items inside your order in your Shippsy dashboard to avoid any problems with the Canada Border Services Agency. Double-check your items to ensure they follow the shipping restrictions.
  3. Wait For A Couple of Days. After declaring the items, Shippsy will take care of the rest. They will handle the transportation and border clearance.
  4. Enjoy your items. From time to time, you will receive a notification regarding the progress of your shipment, including its arrival in the designated Canadian location. Once it arrives, bring your order pickup sheet and claim your items.

How Shipito Works:

  1. Create a Shipito account. Register with Shipito and secure your no-cost U.S. address today. While they offer a free account, some features are unavailable to you. So, choosing a premium membership (monthly or annually) provides you with more perks.
  2. Shop Online. Explore your preferred online retailers and have your purchases delivered to your recently established address.
  3. Choose Additional Services. Once your package is in your account, Shipito will promptly notify you. Additionally, you can choose from their supplementary services, such as detailed content photos, package consolidation, or extra package protection.
  4. Select A Shipping Method. Shipito has numerous shipping methods, including DHL Express, UPS, and USPS. After choosing the shipping method, just wait for the packages to arrive at your Canadian address.

3. Shipping Rates

Shippsy shipping rates

Shippsy uses a hybrid model that combines fixed and variable shipping rates. This approach enhances affordability, particularly for lighter packages, while simultaneously ensuring competitiveness for heavier shipments. Shippsy’s flexible structure accommodates a wide range of shipping requirements, making it an affordable option for consumers with different package sizes and weights.

Meanwhile, Shipito adopts a pricing model primarily based on the package weight and dimensions. This straightforward approach allows customers to understand and anticipate shipping based on the specific characteristics of their shipments. Additionally, Shipito charges extra for services like repackaging and consolidation, giving customers more freedom and customization choices.

4. Pickup Locations

Shippsy locations

Shippsy has designated pickup locations in Canada, but it’s important to note that the availability of these locations is currently restricted to the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. However, you don’t have to worry because, as mentioned, Shippsy offers the option of having your packages delivered directly to your Canadian address.

On the other hand, Shipito does not operate physical pickup locations in Canada. Customers typically utilize Shipito’s U.S. address for package deliveries, and Shipito then forwards the packages to the designated address.

5. Customer Support

Customer support

Shippsy and Shipito are both popular package forwarding companies with a strong emphasis on customer service. However, some key differences exist in their customer service approaches and channels.


Shippsy boasts a high responsiveness rate, with many customers reporting quick replies to emails and phone calls.Live chat and phone support are only available during business hours.
Customer service representatives are known for being friendly, helpful, and patient in addressing customer inquiries and concerns.Shippsy’s online knowledge base is localized.
Customers can reach Shippsy through email, phone, live chat, and social media.
Shippsy proactively notifies customers about important updates regarding their packages and orders.


Shipito offers a comprehensive online knowledge base covering a wide range of topics and FAQs.Some customers have reported slower response times for email inquiries compared to Shippsy.
Shipito provides 24/7 customer support through email and live chat.Customer service interactions may be felt as less personal compared to Shippsy’s friendly, conversational approach.
Shipito offers customer service in multiple languages.

Advantages of Shippsy over Shipito in Canada

Suppose the comparison above hasn’t convinced you yet to switch to Shippsy. This list unpacks the key benefits that make Shippsy the preferred choice for those seeking reliable and tailored shipping solutions from the United States.

Cost-Effective Shipping Fees

affordable shipping fees

With Shippsy’s remarkable shipping rates, customers can enjoy affordable shipping options without compromising reliability. Shippsy’s commitment to cost-effectiveness makes it possible for customers to purchase a range of goods from US shops without going over budget, making it a top option for individuals looking for affordable cross-border shipping options.

Faster Shipping Times

fast delivery times

Shippsy is excellent at offering quick delivery times, ensuring its users have a timely and effective shipping experience. Shippsy reduces delivery timeframes by using efficient logistics, enabling Canadian consumers to receive their items from US shops on schedule.

The emphasis on fast delivery highlights Shippsy’s commitment to exceeding user expectations, offering a seamless cross-border shopping experience with quick turnaround times for various products sourced from the United States.

Customer Friendly Support

Shippsy customer support team

Shippsy’s excellent customer service ensures a positive and seamless user experience. With a focus on responsiveness and helpful assistance, Shippsy provides reliable support to address inquiries, concerns, or assistance needs. The customer support team is known for its professionalism and efficiency, aiming to guide users through the cross-border shopping process, package handling, and other related queries.

FAQs About Shippsy

Uncover the details you need to make informed decisions and confidently deal with the world of cross-border shopping through Shippsy’s frequently asked questions.

Does Shippsy have a free mail forwarding address?

Yes, Shippsy provides a complimentary US mail forwarding address. However, it is crucial to note that Shippsy does not handle any documents. Only packages from US stores can be shipped through Shippsy.

Can I Use Shippsy’s Shipping Address as a Mailing Address?

No, Shippsy’s primary service focuses on forwarding packages rather than traditional mail items. While you can use Shippsy’s US address to receive packages from online retailers, it is not for receiving standard postal mail or letters.

Suppose you are specifically looking for a mailing address to receive letters, bills, or other traditional mail items. In that case, you may explore mail forwarding services that handle regular mail. Always check with Shippsy directly or review their services to ensure they meet your specific mailing needs.

Does Shippsy provide a UK address?

No, Shippsy exclusively offers US addresses and does not extend its services to include a UK address option. At present, Shippsy users can take advantage of their US addresses for efficient package forwarding, catering to cross-border shopping needs within the United States. It’s recommended to refer to Shippsy’s official channels for updates or changes in their service offerings, ensuring accurate and current details.

Trust Shippsy’s Package Forwarding Services

Shippsy package forwarding provider

Shippsy is a reliable package forwarding service provider. With Shippsy’s cost-effective shipping rates, fast delivery times, and dedicated customer support, it is a trustworthy partner for Canadians exploring the US markets.

Whether you’re aiming to access products from US retailers or seeking hassle-free forwarding solutions, Shippsy’s commitment to excellence ensures your satisfaction. Embrace the convenience and affordability Shippsy offers, making it your go-to choice for efficient and secure package forwarding from the US to Canada.

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