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How To Ship From US To Canada: Pay Less With The Forwarding Technique

Published: November 5, 2023
Author: Aman Chopra

Come on, we’ve all been there - wondering how to ship from US to Canada can be a real head-scratcher! While it can be done, it still seems complicated to manage expensive shipping fees and documentation, isn’t it?

Luckily, there’s a technique that can help every Canadian customer make the most out of cross-border shopping while enjoying the lowest fees ever!

How To Ship From US to Canada Without Breaking The Bank?

Use The Forwarding Technique for cost effective shipping

Alright, it’s time to spill the beans on this.

To be honest, there are many different ways to pull down the shipping costs and here’s what works best for our customers (and may also be best for you!).

Choose A Reliable Package Forwarder

Since there are still a lot of US online stores that do not currently offer shipping to Canada, package forwarders come to the rescue as they ensure that you still get access to the items sold in the US.

However, even re- shipping parcels into Canada with a package forwarder can be expensive and complicated. Thus, it can still feel like you’re spending too much to get your US packages the easiest way possible.

The trick here is to find the most reliable one for you. With all the forwarders from all over Canada, it can be hard to choose one. Luckily, Shippsy offers top-notch features like affordable shipping rates, a simple shipping process, and fast transit time.

Save Money Using The Forwarding Technique

The Forwarding Technique paves the way to pay as low as $10 for cross-border packages’ shipping fee and here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Ask The Store To Consolidate Your Items

Package consolidation, or combining smaller packages into a single shipment, is an excellent approach to minimizing the empty spaces in shipping boxes, avoiding unnecessary charges, and allowing for a significant reduction in costs.

Here’s a trick that worked for me: ask the US retailer and request to pack your multiple purchases into one shipment. Imagine the amount of money you can save by paying for one box, instead of more, right? Plus, you will only have one tracker to monitor your shipment’s status.

Step 2. Request 3 Or More Packages On The Same Day (If Shopping From Multiple Vendors)

Requesting multiple packages on the same day is another powerful way to unlock substantial shipping discounts. For example, Shippsy offers a huge discount for customers in Ontario who request three or more packages on the same day. This deal made me save 25% on the handling fee. Taking advantage of this means saving a significant chunk on your shipping!

Step 3. Pick Up In Canada

When you request a home delivery service after a package has arrived in Canada, it costs you extra.

So, to reduce shipping costs it's smarter to pick up packages at a nearby location instead of having them delivered to your doorstep. That's a pretty huge savings right there!

Although the convenience of having it delivered to your doorstep may be hard to beat. It may come down to how far away the nearest branch location of your package forwarder is.

Why Is It Expensive To Ship From The USA To Canada?

Shipping can be expensive

Many Canadian customers have asked this question multiple times while fretting over the total amount they need to pay to get their US orders.

Here are some of the reasons why US-to-Canada shipping is so expensive:

Transportation Costs

Transportation costs for cross-border shipping are really high. After all, shipping packages from the US to Canada include various expenses such as fuel, labour fees, vehicle maintenance, and other operating costs.

Shippsy minimizes these expenses by using ground shipping methods across the border.

Brokerage Fees

Brokerage fees can significantly increase the overall cost of shipping as they cover various services, like customs clearance, documentation, and compliance with import regulations. These fees are often based on the declared package value and can vary depending on the customs process and the shipping carrier's policies.

Note that the customs fees are assessed based on the total item value imported per day.


Let’s think of tariffs as taxes on things that we buy from other countries. It may seem like paying extra money on top of what we already spent but it’s more than that!

Tariffs are taxes imposed by the Canadian government on certain packages, and the amount we pay in tariffs depends on the type and value of the shipment. Generally, the more expensive the item, the higher we pay in tariffs.

Shipping Options From US To Canada (Major Carriers)

Check out the major shipping options available for shipping from the US to CA. Let’s look at the rates for a package weighing 5 lbs (2.2 kg) from New York, USA, to Toronto, Canada.

Shipping OptionCostTransit Time
UPS Standard$34.49 2 business days
USPS Priority Mail International$55.556 - 10 business days
USPS Priority Mail International (Medium Flat Rate Box)$60.556-10 business days
USPS Priority Mail Express International$78.803-5 business days
DHL Express$123.171 business day
UPS Worldwide Expedited$154.62 2 business days
UPS Worldwide Saver$169.351 business day

(Note: Prices are shown in USD. You may refer to the shipping carrier’s websites for more accurate details and pricing.)

What Is The Cheapest Option To Ship To Canada?

Shippsy is the cheapest cross-border shopping platform in Canada. You can get your packages shipped across the border for as low as $6.99, no other carriers come close to these rates.

Check out our pricing summary below:

DestinationPriceTransit Time
Ontario$6.99(for up to 10 lbs)2-3 business days
(Exclusive deal: 25% discount for 3+ packages on the same day)
British Columbia$7.99(for up to 10 lbs)4-7 business days
Quebec$7.99(for up to 10 lbs)4-7 business days

You may use Shippsy’s shipping calculator to find the best rates and options for your shipping needs.

*Amount shown in CAD. Duties and taxes are assessed upon request of the shipment.

Shippsy’s Canada Shipping Features To Enjoy

Ship with Shippsy today

Mail Out Option

If you can’t claim your parcel, Shippsy can forward your parcel to Canada Post and they will deliver your parcel to your doorstep for a small added fee.

Tracking Feature

Shippsy provides tracking numbers for you to use in monitoring your parcel’s movement. Additionally, you will also receive email notifications of the progress, including when they are ready for pickup.

Live Customer Support

Shippsy's commitment to exceptional customer service begins with live agents who provide a human touch, ensuring that every customer's needs are addressed by a natural person, not automated systems.

Things To Consider Before You Start Shipping

Things to consider when shipping from the US

We must always be careful when shopping and shipping from the U.S. Here are some things in my checklist that you may want to include in yours:

Shop Only At Legit US eCommerce Stores

To ensure a smooth and stress-free shopping experience from the US to Canada, always shop only with recognized US eCommerce retailers. These trusted sellers provide secure websites, open policies, accurate product descriptions, and reliable customer ratings and reviews.

By doing so, we can expect to receive high-quality products while avoiding hidden fees and protecting our personal information. Shopping from authorized retailers not only assures that the things we buy are as promised, but it also gives us peace of mind, knowing that we can get help if any issues arise.

Understand Customs Fees

Customs fees are like tolls we pay on our purchases, depending on factors like the package description, value, and origin. Always check the thresholds and guidelines from official sources like the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for the items you are shipping.

Here’s another pro tip: Always keep your receipts handy if your shipping carriers ask for them. Knowing about customs fees helps you budget and avoid surprises, making your cross-border shopping journey smoother.

Review The List Of Restricted Items To Ship

For Canadian online shoppers shipping from the US to Canada, reviewing the list of restricted items is a crucial step. These items are the ones you can't casually add to your cart for cross-border shopping. They include things like perishable foods, live plants, and certain electronics.

To find the list, you can visit the CBSA’s website or refer to Shippsy’s page for the list of prohibited items.

Final Thoughts

Maximize your cross-border shipping experience by minimizing your fees. To make this possible, remember to use the Forwarding Technique and try shipping with Shippsy!

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