Ever Wondered How Much is Shipping from the US to Canada?

Something caught your eye one chilly Saturday afternoon as you were scrolling through social media while wearing your comfiest jammies. It was the cutest jacket with pockets deep enough for your phone and purse. You can imagine yourself wearing this to a Sunday brunch with your sister or a night out with your girls. You have to get this! Unfortunately, the only shop that sells it does not ship to Canada.

How about going on a road trip to the United States?

That sounds like a good idea. After all, it has been over six months since Canada has opened its borders to tourists coming in through the Canada-United States border. Moreover, the Canadian government lifts the pre-entry test requirement for fully vaccinated travelers by April 1st.

Now, picture this. You will wake up early to spend your weekend driving your car to the border, then wait in the long queue of vehicles to get past the customs to pick up your item. And when you get back, you will do the same thing again. It is like going on a road trip that is not relaxing. Not to mention, the gas prices have been skyrocketing since March of this year.

There is another expected increase in the price of petroleum products due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis. As you have known by now, Russia ranks third in global oil production. It is safe to conclude that making cross-border trips to the United States is off the list. Why not consider a shipping option?

The hunt is on!

Canadian eCommerce is thriving. Package delivery within Canada and cross-border shipping have become a standard for small business owners to multi-million dollar companies. Goods from various businesses are being moved all across North America. With the abundance of online shoppers in Canada, shipping companies have made online shopping more accessible, especially international shipping. Each shipping company has its merits and demerits. As shoppers, we have our checklist for a reliable carrier. We can all agree that what we are looking for in a shipping company are:

· a swift delivery time;

· a reasonably priced shipping fee;

· package in excellent condition.

So, finding a shipping carrier that you trust and understands your needs is crucial.

Ever Wondered How Much is Shipping from US to Canada

Worried about the shipping rates?

Shipping cost matters to everyone. It is a no-brainer. Cheap shipping entices online shoppers easily since it is not only the shipping fee that they need to pay - there are still tax and duty. Naturally, people ask, 'Is shipping from the US to Canada expensive' or 'How much is shipping from the US to Canada'?

Well, the answer boils down to your chosen shipping company. Searching on Google the shipping fee of goods from the US to Canada yields a result of roughly $30 per package with more than two weeks of lead time on average. That might not be much to some, but prices can add up with the taxes and duties.

Since the costly fee for importing goods from the US to Canada discourages some Canadian shoppers from placing their orders, we at Shippsy came up with a solution for you. We took it upon ourselves to provide an affordable shipping fee as we bring the freedom of shopping to Canadians. For just $6.99 for Regular packages, you can have your orders shipped to Canada in just 2 to 3 days from our US location.

How to ship from the US to Canada with Shippsy?

With Shippsy, you can have your package delivered to Canada seamlessly. Check out the steps we tailored just for you!

1. Order from your chosen American brand just like you usually do, except for the address. You need to copy and paste your unique US Mailing Address instead from your Shippsy account Dashboard. Make sure not to miss a detail!

2. Once you completed your order from your chosen American store, wait for your package to arrive at your unique US Mailing Address. You will be receiving an email once it does!

3. Fill in the necessary information by logging in to your Shippsy account and choosing the package that has arrived. You are now good to go! All you have to do by this time is wait for your shipment from the US to be ready for pick up from the nearest Shippsy location

Then what about how long to ship from Canada to the US? 

A shipment coming from Canada to the US varies from the location of origin to the expected destination. For more detailed information on international shipping lead time of shipments, do not hesitate to call Stallion Express at https://stallionexpress.ca/.

Be at ease

Letting Shippsy take care of the delivery of your package removes you from the stress and hassle of both the US and Canada customs and the customs form. Now, you and every Canadian customer can shop in confidence to receive your orders just in time for that Sunday brunch with your sister or night out with the girls. 

Our customer service is delighted to assist you with your concerns and queries. You can reach us via Toll-Free Phone at 888 - 744 - 7779, email hello@shippsy.com, or even our real-time chat at https://shippsy.com/.

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