Avoid The Queue! Advantages of Shopping Early Christmas Gift For Your Loved Ones

Diana Zheng
November 12, 2022

The holiday season is putting many people in a whirlwind of emotions. Everyone is ecstatic about the upcoming festivities. At the same time, people are also starting to feel the pressure of the holiday rush. Customers begin to line up at shopping malls to purchase Christmas season goodies, like the best Christmas gift for their family and friends. 

This leads to unwanted circumstances that make customers feel frustrated instead of thrilled while Holiday shopping. And online shopping is not exempt from this. For example, online shoppers could experience buffering online shops due to congested website traffic users, sold-out items, increased prices for bestselling products and delayed deliveries. Truth be told, nobody ever wants to experience this. 

So, how do we avoid these? We must understand the consequences of late-minute shopping. The good thing is you’re just in the right place if you’re looking for shopping tips for this holiday season.

Read this article to learn the advantages of shopping for an early Christmas gift for the people close to you! Also, get to know Shippsy’s outstanding services and why you should use them.

Get More Options

One of the advantages when you shop early is the wide availability of product variations. Customers can choose from one variety to another without worrying about missing out on them. Additionally, they are given more time to decide which Christmas present best fits their taste. In a way, you avoid overspending or buying items your loved ones don’t want.

Get Better Deals

Many stores put a lot of their products on sale a month or two before Christmas day. So, you might find great deals and discounts on good items if you shop early. Thus, don’t wait a week before Christmas before shopping for your gifts, as some stores mark up their best-selling products. Or, you might miss out on them as they get sold out when Christmas is near.

Avoid Long Queue

Avoid your favourites running out! Chances are, if you’ve got your eye on something popular, others do too. Order early to get your Christmas gift shopping sorted. Don’t find yourself running around in circles looking for a gift that’s second best.

More Time For Other Plans

Good time management is a skill everyone should learn more about. When you can set a proper schedule and time frame for everything you should be doing, busy days won’t feel as stressful. So plan your activities, and we suggest you do your early Christmas shopping first so you can have ample time to work on other Holiday preparations. 

More Time to Wrap Gifts

 When giving holiday gifts to our loved one, how it is also presented matters! So, ensure that you also plan out how to wrap your gifts. Discard the concept of giving gifts in paper bags or the usual gift wrappers. Instead, step up your gift-giving tradition by adding a personal touch to how you wrap a gift. Your effort is twice appreciated as the gift you purchased.

Stress-Free Holiday

Imagine finishing everything you’re supposed to do. For example, all the presents for everyone have been purchased and placed under the Christmas tree, parties and activities have already been set, and outfits and recipes for Christmas eve are all planned out). Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you no longer have to worry about anything? You have all the time to sip your warm cup of coffee while snuggling in your warm blanket, looking out the snow-filled window. What a beautiful thing to do! 

All these are possible. All you have to do is go and start shopping for your early Christmas gifts! And, to expand your shopping experience, shop and ship from USA to Canada! 

Use Shippsy To Ship Your Items From The US

Do your online shopping from the biggest stores in the US! We understand that shipping to Canada can be quite expensive. But worry no more, as there is a shipping company that provides great services for your shipping needs and offers the cheapest shipping prices no other shipping company can match!

Excellent Shipping Options

With Shippsy, the customers’ needs when it comes to cross-border shipping are taken care of. Pick up your US item at any of our four branch locations from coast to coast. Not nearby? We can also ship the item directly to you for an extra fee! We guarantee that all our services are top quality and you should not miss out on them! 

Save Your Money, Use Shippsy

Imagine paying only a few Canadian dollars to ship a package from the US to Canada. Yes, that’s possible! Shippsy offers the cheapest shipping rate for cross-border shipping. A regular package weighing 10 lbs and below costs only CAD 6.99 (depends on the region; taxes and duties apply). Packages over 10 lbs will incur only CAD 0.45 for every pound up to 100lbs. Plus, this comes with complimentary storage of up to 30 days if you cannot claim your parcel immediately. 

For more information about the rates and fees for the other services, check out Shippsy’s Pricing Page

Save Your Gas and Save Your Time

With Shippsy, cross-border shopping and shipping is made possible, quick, and affordable! Instead of spending hours on the road and lining up among the long line of traffic to buy your items, why not purchase them online from the biggest US retailers’ websites and have them shipped over to you? Create your Shippsy account now and enjoy a premium shop-and-ship experience with Shippsy!

Key Takeaway

Doing early preparations for the Holidays brings a lot of advantages. However, during the busiest time of the year, everyone should remember that taking one step at a time makes a big difference. As the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm!
And always ship your items from the United States to Canada with us! For shipping from Canada to the US and other international countries, check out Stallion Express.

Written by Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Shippsy. She is obsessed with providing Canadian shoppers with easy access to all U.S. brands. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

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