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Border Parcel Shipping: The Best Method (2024)

Published: February 10, 2024
Author: Diana Zheng

Purchasing products today has become as easy as a few clicks. While online shopping brings you an easier way to get your hands on your purchased US products, the journey of your package from the USA to Canada isn’t always a smooth ride. Fortunately, that’s where Shippsy steps in to bring a breeze of relief to Canadian online shoppers shipping their cross border parcels. Leaf through this blog as we learn the ins and outs of Shippsy’s game-changing ways for a hassle-free, affordable, and efficient cross-border shipping experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Canadian online shoppers can now get more access to US items by obtaining a US shipping address and using a package forwarder to ship their items.

  • Shippsy, among other package forwarding services providers, offers the cheapest shipping fee and fastest transit times.

What Is Cross-Border Parcel Shipping?

What is cross-border shipping?

Cross-border parcel shipping is the delivery of packages from one country to another, such as when buying something online from a US store and mailing it to Canada. The process often requires customs clearance and compliance with specific regulations.

However, this process often comes with concerns such as high shipping costs, potential customs delays, and understanding taxes and fees. So, to get the most out of this experience, it’s important to get a US shipping address and understand the shipping process, potential fees, and any additional documents required to ensure a smoother delivery and an enjoyable shipping experience.

What Is The Importance Of A US Shipping Address?

Some US retailers may not offer direct shipping to Canada, making a US shipping address an important detail for seamless cross-border shopping. A US shipping address acts as a bridge, enabling packages from US stores to reach Canadian destinations efficiently.

Having one is like having a bridge that connects you to your US seller across the border. It allows Canadian shoppers like you to access products that might not be available or are more expensive in Canada, giving you the advantage of a wider selection and potentially better deals.

How To Get One?

Consider the following options in getting your US shipping address for your US purchases:

Rent a US Address

If you’re wondering where to get a US address, one option is renting one. Some shipping providers allow you to rent a unique US address to serve as your middleman between US retailers. To get one, you must choose and sign up with a shipping provider and pay for the US shipping address service, which may depend on its duration.

Once your parcels reach this address, the service forwards them to your Canadian address for a fee. While renting a US address is a short-term option, it’s convenient for Canadians looking to access US-exclusive products or shop from stores that don’t typically ship directly to Canada. Plus, it can consolidate multiple packages into a single shipment, potentially saving on shipping costs and simplifying the cross-border shipping experience.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of renting a US shipping address.

Pros Cons
Can utilize package forwardingRecurring rental costs
Flexibility to change addressesLimited control over mail handling
No long-term commitmentLess stability due to temporary nature

Subscribe To A Virtual Mailbox

With a Virtual Mailbox service, you’re essentially signing up for a digital platform that provides you with a physical street address in the US. Instead of renting a physical mailbox or a space, this service digitizes your mail, allowing you to view and manage your postal mail and packages remotely through an online platform or mobile app.

It streamlines the handling of your mail by receiving, scanning, and forwarding it to you electronically, no matter where you are in the world. This solution grants you the flexibility to access, organize, and forward your mail and packages conveniently from your computer or smartphone, offering a practical and efficient way to manage your US mail without the constraints of a physical location.

Sign Up With A Package Forwarder

You may also sign up with a package forwarder to secure your US shipping address. Most package forwarding services offer users a free and unique US-based address where parcels from American retailers can be delivered. When your US package arrives at their US facility, the shipping provider will then forward it to your Canadian location.

Some package forwarders may require registration fees or monthly subscription fees for you to get and use their exclusive US shipping address. So, it is important to take a careful look at their offered services and fees to see if they align with your cross-border shipping needs.

Get Started With Shippsy

If you find renting or paying to use a US shipping address impractical, well we’ve got the best solution for you! Shippsy is a Canadian package forwarder which allows you to create your free account, have your exclusive US shipping address and enjoy all its services without the need to pay monthly subscription fees.

How Does Shippsy Offer The Best Cross-Border Parcel Service

Discover Shippsy's Cross-Border Services

Shippsy stands as the leading shipping provider for Canadian online shoppers who need to ship their US purchases to Canada. Not all US retailers offer direct Canada shipping and for some that do, the shipping can be very expensive.

Fortunately, Shippsy offers super affordable shipping options and the ability to streamline the cross-border shipping process and handle customs procedures on your behalf. By creating your Shippsy account*, you can gain access to a broader range of US products, ensuring smoother delivery and more flexibility when shopping from American stores.

*Registration is free, and no monthly subscription fees apply.

Shipping Options And Rates

One of the things customers love about Shippsy is their ability to provide exceptional shipping options while keeping their shipping rates low.

For options, Shippsy allows you to pick up your parcel at your assigned Shippsy branch or have it mailed-out to your doorstep via Canada Post for a small added fee.

You may refer to this table below to know how much you’ll pay for Shippsy’s services:

Shipping Rates
OntarioBritish ColumbiaQuebec
6.99 CAD + tax 
for packages up to 4.5 kgs

Save up to 25% off the handling fee for 3+ packages requested on the same day
7.99 CAD + tax
for packages up to 4.5 kgs

25% discount does not apply
7.99 CAD + tax
for packages up to 4.5 kgs

25% discount does not apply

Note that prices may still depend on your package size and weight. Use Shippsy’s calculator, which you can find on Shippsy’s Pricing page, to get the estimates of your shipping fees. If you’re thinking of shipping huge or bulk items, please contact Shippsy’s customer support line for further assistance.

Transit Time Frames

Now, Canadians don’t have to wait for weeks to receive their packages. Shippsy’s unmatched delivery speed ensures you get your hands on your online order in just a few weeks!

Transit Time
OntarioBritish ColumbiaQuebec
2-3 business days4-7 business days5-7 business days

Note that transit time may vary depending on your location and on several factors like weather conditions or shipping route issues.

Service Coverage For Cross-Border Mailbox & Parcel

Shippsy’s services span across Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. For Canadian customers located in other regions, you may still take advantage of Shippsy’s services by opting for the mail-out service. We’ll forward your parcels to Canada Post who will complete the final mile delivery.

Here are Shippsy’s nine branch locations.

Canada Customs Considerations When You Ship To The Border

Shipping considerations

While Shippsy handles the customs clearance process on your behalf, it’s still vital for you to understand the considerations when you purchase online and ship from the US to Canada.

Proper Package Documentation

A complete and accurate package documentation serves like the passport for your parcel, containing vital information required by customs authorities. Package information like the contents, value, and purpose of the shipment, helps streamline the customs clearance process.

This documentation facilitates smooth transit through border checkpoints, reducing the likelihood of delays or additional fees. Inaccurate or incomplete paperwork can result in hold-ups at customs or, in worst-case scenarios, the package being returned to the sender.

So, when shipping your items into Canada, make sure to double check the details you indicate upon requesting your shipments.

Applicable Taxes And Duties

When you’re shipping things across the border, it’s super important to know and pay the right taxes and duties. These fees are like the entry tickets your package needs to enter Canada smoothly. Duties are charges set by the Canadian government on imported stuff, while taxes like GST, PST, or HST depend on what you’re buying and its value.

If you fail to pay these fees, your package can be held at customs, arrive late, or even cost you more money. Learning about and taking care of taxes and duties upfront allows you to better plan your budget and guarantees that your purchases arrive without any hassle.

Package Clearance Procedures

Understanding package clearance procedures is a crucial part of shipping across borders. Picture it as the backstage pass your parcel needs to get through customs smoothly. Clearance procedures involve the necessary paperwork, physical inspections, and compliance checks that your package goes through before entering Canada.

Ship To US Border. Pickup With Shippsy

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Ready to ship your orders from the US to the Canadian border? Ship with Shippsy today! Don’t miss out on big savings and all the benefits of shipping with the most reliable package forwarder in Canada.

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