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Does Primark Ship to Canada? Here’s Your Answer!

Published: June 20, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

Are you craving for some trendy Primark items? You’re not alone! This guide will answer the question: “Does Primark ship to Canada?” We’ll also explore alternative solutions to get your Primark packages, even if you’re across the border.

Key Takeaways

  • Primark does not ship to Canada. It is an Ireland-based company that does not offer international shipping. Their business model focuses on in-store purchases.

  • You can consider other alternatives to Primark. For some fashion items like those offered by Primark, you can buy from Forever 21, ASOS, or Target.

  • You can use a package forwarder like Shippsy to deliver your packages from the US to Canada. However, users should consider extra costs like shipping fees and potential import duties and taxes.

Is There A Primark Canada?

No, Primark Online Canada does not exist. It does not currently have any stores in Canada. Since Primark is an Ireland-based brand, you won’t find any physical stores located within the country. Thus, the question about Primark shipping to Canada comes up.

Since there are no stores, can they ship their products directly to Canadian customers?

Does Primark Offer International Shipping?

No, Primark does not offer international shipping, including to Canada. Their business model focuses on in-store purchases to keep their prices low. However, I can offer some alternative ways to get your Primark fix! Let’s explore those in the next section.

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How Can Your Primark Order Shipped To Canada?

Shopping bags, a phone inside a shopping cart, and a map

Unfortunately, it’s hard to have your Primark orders shipped to Canada. Primark has a limited online presence. It doesn’t offer a full online store where you can browse and purchase everything it sells.

Yes, it does have a Click and Collect trial program. However, it’s only available in some areas, such as North England, North Wales, and London.

You can order the items online and pick them up at a designated collection point in your chosen store. Additionally, you cannot order online directly from the Primark US store. While Primark launched a US website in 2023, it functions more like a digital brochure than a traditional online store.

What Alternatives Can You Buy Instead?

Since Primark doesn’t offer online shopping in Canada, here are some alternative stores with online platforms in the US that offer similar vibes to Primark:

  • Forever 21. Known for its trendy and affordable pieces, Forever 21 is a great option for those who love Primark’s selection of fast-fashion finds. They have a wide variety of clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children.

  • ASOS. This online retailer offers a huge selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories from a variety of brands, including their own line. You can find trendy pieces at affordable prices, similar to what you might find at Primark.

  • Target. While not exclusively focused on clothing, Target has a great selection of trendy and affordable apparel for men, women, and kids. They also offer homewares, beauty products, and other essentials, making it a one-stop shop for many of your shopping needs.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With so many online retailers, you will find a store you love!

Here are some additional things to consider when choosing an alternative to Primark:

  • Style. Think about what kind of style you’re looking for. Do you prefer trendy and fashion-forward pieces, or are you more interested in basics?

  • Price. Primark is known for its very affordable prices. Consider how much you’re willing to spend on clothing.

  • Quality. While Primark offers lower-priced items, the quality may not always be the best. If you’re looking for something that will last longer, you may be willing to spend a bit more on higher-quality clothing.

How Can Shippsy Help Your Packages Shipped To Canada?

Even though Primark doesn’t directly ship to Canada, Shippsy can be helpful if you want to buy from other US brands.

Here’s how Shippsy can help:

1. US Mailbox Address. Shippsy provides a US mailing address. This allows you to order clothes online from US retailers that ship within the US and have them delivered to Shippsy’s US warehouse.

2. Package Consolidation (optional). If you buy multiple items from the same US store, Shippsy can combine them into a single shipment and forward them to Canada. This process can save you money on shipping costs compared to having each store ship individually.

3. Canada Post Forwarding (optional). Once your packages arrive at Shippsy’s Canadian branch, you can choose to pick them up. However, if you’re unavailable to get the items personally, you can have them forwarded to your Canadian shipping address for an additional fee.

Things to Consider:

  • Import Duties and Taxes. Be aware that you might be subject to import duties and taxes on your purchases when they enter Canada. Shippsy typically doesn’t cover these fees, so factor them into your overall cost.

  • Shipping Costs. While Shippsy can help consolidate packages and save on shipping from the US, there will still be costs associated with getting them to Canada. Be sure to factor in Shippsy’s fees and any potential Canada Post forwarding charges.

How To Ship Packages to Canada From The USA With Shipspsy?

Here’s how Shippsy can streamline your cross-border shipping:

1. Create A Shippsy Account. Only Canadian shoppers with a Shippsy can take advantage of our services. Thus, remember to sign up. You don’t have to worry because registration is absolutely free.

2. Get Your US Shipping Address. After registration, you will receive your free US address in your dashboard. Use this address when shopping from US online stores. Remember to copy the address as it is.

3. Pay the Shipping Fee. Once your orders arrive at the US Shippsy warehouse, log in to your account and request the items be delivered to Canada. You must pay the Shippsy fee + applicable customs duties and taxes.

4. Wait For The Package. After paying, Shippsy will process the shipments. You will receive a notification once the packages arrive at the designated Canadian Shippsy branch.

To Conclude

So, the answer to whether Primark ships to Canada is NO. However, there are alternative US brands you can consider to get the items you want to buy.

Additionally, Shippsy can bring your US packages to Canada for a cheaper cost. Thus, you can be confident about enjoying your favourite US brands without breaking your wallet.

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