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Does Mercari Ship To Canada? Here’s The Answer!

Published: June 20, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

Mercari is a popular online marketplace app similar to a virtual flea market. It is a giant platform where people can buy and sell new or used items directly from their phones. However, does Mercari ship to Canada? Can Canadians enjoy the products it offers?

This blog answers this question and provides insights when purchasing from Mercari. With thousands of items sold in this app, take advantage of the opportunity to buy from them!

Key Takeaways

  • Mercari is a US online marketplace offering various things, such as beauty products, fashion items, and gadgets.

  • Mercari’s services are limited to the United States, and it does not offer international shipping, including to Canada. This restriction applies to both the US and Japanese versions of the platform.

  • Canadian customers can still purchase items from Mercari by using a package forwarding service, like Shippsy, for a seamless shipping experience.

Is There A Mercari In Canada?

A map, destination pin, and question marks on pieces of paper

No, there isn’t a Mercari in Canada. Mercari’s service is currently limited to the United States (all 50 states and D.C.). Unfortunately, they don’t offer their marketplace or shipping services to any Canadian address.

Does Mercari Ship Internationally?

3 airplanes on top of the world map

No, Mercari does not ship internationally. This applies to both the US and Japanese versions of the platform. The services of this online store are limited to domestic transactions within their respective countries.

Here’s why Mercari doesn’t ship internationally:

  • Focus on Domestic Operations. Mercari focuses on streamlining its services within a single country. This decision comes from their desire to improve efficiency and user experience.

  • Logistics Challenges. International shipping can involve complex customs regulations and varying shipping providers.

  • Limited Resources. Mercari does not currently have the resources or infrastructure to handle the complexities of international shipping.

However, this should not dishearten you! Canadian customers can still buy some coveted Mercari items with the help of a package forwarding service.

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How Can You Ship Your Mercari Items?

Even though Mercari itself doesn’t ship worldwide, you have a shipping option for getting your Mercari items from the US to Canada:

Package Forwarding Services

A package forwarder provides a US address to use when buying on Mercari. Once the seller ships the item to your US address, the forwarding service will ship it to your Canadian location.

Factors To Consider When Shipping With A Package Forwarder

A stack of Mercari boxes with a delivery truck at the back

Here are some factors to consider when shipping with a package forwarding service:


Package forwarders charge fees for their services. These fees can vary based on the package size, weight, and value. Additionally, some providers offer consolidation services. This shipping option is where the forwarders combine multiple packages into a single shipment.

With this feature, customers can save money because of the cheaper international shipping. Understand all the fees involved, including customs brokerage charges.

Customs and Duties

Speaking of Canadian customs brokerage, be aware that Canadian customs may charge import duties and taxes on the item’s value. The buyer is typically responsible for these fees.

Calculating Canadian customs fees and duties involves a few details:

  1. Item Value. Consider the declared value on the commercial invoice (receipt) from Mercari.

  2. HS Tariff Code. This code classifies your item for duty purposes (look it up online using the item description).

  3. Country of Origin: Where was the item made? Due to specific trade agreements, the country of origin is vital in calculating the customs and duties.

The duty rate can be found on the Canadian government website using these. A Goods and Services Tax (GST) might also be applied.


Each provider offers different services and delivery timelines. Before purchasing, consider how quickly you need the item in Canada.

Additionally, choose a service that tracks your package. Remember to consider package insurance for valuable items. This option will be your safety net if things go wrong during the shipment. Reliable customer support is crucial in case of any issues with your shipment.


The package forwarder should provide a convenient US address for efficient forwarding to Canada. Note: Some services might specialize in specific destinations. Check where they ship to avoid delays and issues during shipment.

Additionally, some offer other services upon arrival in Canada. The services can vary, but the most common are customs clearance assistance and repackaging.


Before choosing your package forwarder, research online reviews and ratings from previous customers. This will give you insights into the service’s reliability. Look for companies with industry certifications or affiliations committed to quality service.

What Items Can You Buy From The Mercari Online Marketplace

The Mercari app offers a vast selection of new and second-hand items across various categories. Here’s a glimpse of the great deals you can find:

Fashion Items

  • Clothing. Clothes for men, women, and children, including everything from everyday wear to formal attire and designer brands.

  • Shoes. Sneakers, sandals, heels, and more.

  • Accessories. Jewelry, bags, hats, and other fashion add-ons.

Beauty Products

Mercari is a great place for beauty enthusiasts on a budget! There, you can find a wide array of makeup, skincare, and haircare products. You can choose from high-end brands like MAC and Fenty Beauty to drugstore favourites.

You’ll see both new and gently used items, such as:

  • palettes

  • lipsticks

  • foundations

  • moisturizers

  • serums

  • styling tools

It’s a great way to discover new favourites, score deals on discontinued products, or declutter your own stash.


A popular section with items like:

  • Smartphones and laptops. Great for finding good deals on previous-generation devices.

  • Home entertainment. TVs, gaming consoles, speakers, and other entertainment equipment.

  • Wearables. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearable tech.

Home and Living

Spruce up your space with:

  • Furniture. Tables, chairs, sofas, beds, and other home furnishings.

  • Décor. Artwork, lamps, rugs, and decorative items for various styles.

  • Kitchenware. Cookware, bakeware, utensils, and other kitchen essentials.

Unique Items

Find treasures for your interests:

  • Trading cards. Sports cards, Pokemon cards, and other collectibles.

  • Toys and figurines. Action figures, dolls, vintage toys, and more.

  • Art and craft supplies. Everything you need to unleash your creativity.

  • Books and movies. Discover new reads or revisit old favourites.

  • Sporting goods. Equipment for various sports and fitness activities.

How Can Shippsy Help You?

Shippsy can be a helpful tool for Canadians who want to shop online at US retailers that don’t offer direct shipping to Canada, like Target. Here’s how Shippsy can help:

Shipping Process

  1. Shop and Ship to Shippsy’s US Address

Start browsing in the Mercari app and adding items to your cart. During checkout, use the address provided by Shippsy as your shipping address. Note: You can only receive your US shipping address when you create a Shippsy account.

Don’t worry—registration is free! Aside from the handling fee + applicable customs duties and taxes, you will not pay anything upfront.

2. Package Arrives at Shippsy’s US Facility

You’ll receive a notification once your purchase arrives at Shippsy’s US location. When you receive the notification, request that the items be delivered to Canada. Surprise, surprise! If you request 3+ packages on the same day and they are all from the same retailer, you can get a 25% Shippsy fee discount*.

*The discount is only applicable to Ontario shipments. It does not apply to British Columbia and Québec.

3. Declare Your Items and Pay Fees

In addition to the handling fees, you must also pay the applicable customs duties and taxes. To do this, log in to your Shipsy account to declare the items you received (contents, value). While waiting for the packages to arrive, add a Canadian credit card to use as a payment method for your packages.

4. The Package Gets Forwarded to Canada

Shippsy offers free standard pick-up at a designated location. For an additional fee, you can choose to have your package delivered directly to your Canadian address.

5. Delivery and Enjoy

Shippsy will clear customs and forward your package to your chosen destination (pick-up location or address). You’ll be notified when your package is ready for pick-up or delivered to your doorstep.

Shipping Costs

Shippsy’s forwarding fee typically starts at CAD 7.99 for packages under 10 lbs and increases incrementally for heavier packages.

Shippsy offers free pick-up at designated locations. However, they charge an additional fee if you choose to have your package delivered directly to you via a courier service partner.

Shipping Restrictions

Shippsy has some restrictions on the types of items it can handle. Here’s a rundown of some key limitations to keep in mind:

  • Prohibited Items. Shippsy cannot handle certain items deemed hazardous or illegal. This includes things like:
    • Flammable liquids or aerosols
    • Perishable goods
    • Lithium Ion batteries
    • Firearms and ammunition
    • For a complete list, refer to Shippsy’s Help Center

  • Restricted Items. Some items might require special handling or prior approval from Shippsy. Examples include:
    • Fragile items (packing them securely is crucial)
    • Oversized or overweight items
    • Items with special permits or certificates (e.g., certain food products)

  • US Retailer Restrictions. Not all US stores allow package forwarding; some have policies against it, so it’s important to check with the retailer before purchasing.

  • Customs Limitations. Upon arrival in Canada, specific items might be subject to additional customs scrutiny or restrictions. Be aware of Canadian customs regulations for the specific items you’re considering.

Final Thoughts

While Mercari doesn’t currently ship to Canada, you don’t have to miss out on amazing US deals. Shippsy offers the cheapest way to get your items to your Canadian location. Explore Shippsy and unlock a world of US shopping possibilities for Canadians.

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