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Does World Market Ship to Canada? Let's Find Out!

Published: April 27, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

World Market offers numerous offers to their shoppers. However, a pressing issue is arising for Canadian shoppers. "Does World Market ship to Canada?" This article will answer this question and provide Canadian consumers with tips on how to save more money. Let us explore the potential for Canadians to access the products of the World Market brand and uncover the possibilities that lie ahead.

Key Takeaways

  • World Market is a famous American retail chain that offers various products sourced globally. They were established in 1958 and operates over 200 locations in the United States.
  • While World Market doesn't directly ship to Canada, it offers shipping services within the United States.
  • Canadian customers can still access World Market products through package forwarding services like Shippsy.

Who is the World Market?

World Market is a famous American retail store chain that sells various products from around the world. Some of the items they sell for sale are:

  • Home decor, such as rugs and throw pillows
  • International food items, such as wine, craft beer, and coffee
  • Furniture, such as tables and chairs
  • Specialty gifts and apparel, such as handmade jewelry and stationery

This retail store has a rich history dating back to 1958. They established their first location in San Francisco, California, with an original concept of selling items at "cost plus 10%". In fact, this is reflected in their former name, which was Cost Plus World Market. Unfortunately, they dropped this idea and just continued with their current name.

At present, they have over 200 locations in the United States. Thus, if you want to buy something for a special occasion or just a nice present for yourself, consider World Market.

Does World Market ship to Canada?

a world map and a cardboard box with a pen on top of it

No, World Market does not currently offer international shipping, including to Canada.

However, this should not stop you from buying from them. You can take advantage of other services to send your items from the United States to Canada for cheap. But, before we discuss this, let us first learn about the World Market's shipping policies.

World Market Shipping Policies

World Market can ship to most locations in the United States. However, they don't ship to the following locations at the moment:

  • Alaska and Hawaii
  • U.S. Territories, including Puerto Rico and Guam
  • APO and FPO addresses

Here's a quick breakdown of their shipping policy:

  • Shipping Costs. The standard shipping fee starts at USD 8.95 for items with a shipment value under USD 25. But you can get a free shipping discount if you have World Market orders over USD 49.
  • Shipping Speed. World Market offers two shipping speeds: Standard and Expedited Delivery. The standard shipping typically takes 3-8 business days after leaving the warehouse. However, you can expect a longer delivery time for oversized items. Meanwhile, the expedited services are 1-3 business days after leaving the warehouse.
  • Oversized Items. Freight shipping is also offered for bulky, heavy, or oversized orders. Note that these items have different shipping requirements and take longer to deliver. It usually takes 7-14 business after leaving the warehouse.

Additionally, the shipping fees will be higher. World Market adds a delivery surcharge in addition to the standard shipping costs. They will note the surcharge's actual amount on the product detail pages.

World Market Restrictions and Limitations

There are also some shipping rules customers must check.

  • World Market ships only on business days, from Monday to Friday. They don't deliver on the weekends and federal holidays within the United States.
  • The oversized items are shipped via a freight trucking company. On the other hand, the delivery for these items is by appointment from Monday to Friday, depending on the receiver's location.
  • The shipping cost for a single item is only if you ship that product alone. However, if you plan to buy other items, your actual shipping and handling fees will automatically show at checkout.
  • World Market will not bill the items purchased with a credit card until they have shipped the orders. Meanwhile, they may bill the items purchased with a debit or bank card right after order confirmation.

For more detailed information and any exceptions to the policy, you can visit the shipping informational page on the World Market website.

World Market Canadian Shipping

a toy forklift lifting package boxes on a keyboard

Since World Market does not ship to other countries, you can consider a package forwarding service to bring or mail your items to Canada. There are plenty of package forwarders offering US-to-Canada shipping.

Here's what the process looks like:

What happens when the World Market order shipped the package?

The shipping process from the World Market is not that different. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Shipment from World Market. World Market prepares and ships the package to the address provided by the customer. These addresses are usually the package forwarder's warehouse or facility. Customers can track their packages using the tracking number from World Market.
  1. Package Forwarder Receives the Package. Once the package arrives at the facility, the forwarder will receive and process it accordingly. They will log the package into their system and assign it a new tracking number.
  1. Forwarding to Customer's Address. After processing, the package forwarder will ship the package to the customer's shipping address.
  1. Tracking and Delivery. Customers can track their package using the new tracking number provided by the package forwarder. The package will go through Canadian customs clearance procedures. Once cleared, they will deliver the package to the customer's provided address.
  1. Receipt by Customer. Finally, the customer receives the package at their designated address.

Note: Each process may vary depending on the package forwarder's policies. Thus, it is best to contact a package forwarder to make sure you get the best out of your package.

What are the shipping options?

Package forwarders offer different shipping options to suit various needs and budgets. Here are some standard options:

  • Consolidated Shipping. This is a practical option for shoppers wanting to buy many items from online stores. The package forwarder combines multiple packages into a single shipment for delivery. It can reduce costs because customers don't have to pay individual shipping fees.
  • Air Freight. This is a faster option than consolidated shipping, but also more expensive. The packages travel from the United States to Canada via plane.
  • Sea Freight. The slowest and most budget-friendly option. It is suitable for large, non-urgent shipments.

How much is the shipping costs?

Here's the breakdown of the estimated costs when using a package forwarder.

  • Consolidated Shipping. The costs vary depending on the total weight and destination. However, the amount generally starts around $15 to $20.
  • Air Freight: As mentioned, this is typically higher than other shipping methods. The price for a standard airmail usually starts at $5 to $15 per kilogram and goes up from there. The main point is the faster the shipping, the more expensive it gets.
  • Sea Freight: The price for sea shipping usually starts at $2 to $5 per kilogram but can vary depending on the route and destination of the package.

Note: The currency is in USD.

Factors Affecting Cost:

  • Weight and Dimensions. The weight and size of your package impact the shipping cost. Generally, the heavier or bulkier the package, the more expensive it will be to ship.
  • Destination. Shipping costs vary depending on the destination country. Generally, shipping to farther locations will be more expensive.
  • Speed. Faster shipping options like express air will always cost more than slower options like sea freight.
  • Additional Services. Some package forwarders offer additional services. This includes repacking, consolidation assistance, or insurance, which can add to the overall cost.

Note: These are just estimated costs. The actual price you pay will depend on the specific factors mentioned above. Use the package forwarder's cost calculator to get a quote for different shipping options.

Why Should Canadians Purchase Items From World Market?

There are a few reasons why Canadians might consider purchasing items from the World Market.

  • Unique Selection. Retail stores in the United States have more options than those in Canada. Thus, you can expect that the World Market will be the same. But what makes them different?

    They offer unique and globally-inspired products you might not find in Canadian stores. This could include interesting food items, home decor with a global flair, or specialty clothing.
  • Potentially Lower Prices (with caveats). While shipping and customs fees can add to your expenses, World Market offers many great deals. Additionally, you can enjoy more perks if you are a Rewards Member. It can help you balance out your shopping expenses.

How Can Canadians Save More With World Market?

Here's how you can shop and save while enjoying online shopping at the World Market:

  • Free Shipping Discount. As mentioned, you receive a free shipping discount for orders above USD 49. So, you can avail of this price to ship from the World Market facility to the package forwarder's pricing.
  • World Market Rewards. This might be limited because the benefits are primarily for US residents. However, you can bypass this with your US shipping address. You can still earn points and get 15% off on your first purchase. You can check the Rewards Page to know more about the perks you can enjoy by signing up.

Alternative to Direct World Market Canadian Shipping: Shippsy!

the Shippsy delivery man holding a box and standing next to a door

If you don't have a package forwarder, why not consider Shippsy? Shippsy is a viable alternative for Canadians considering World Market products.

Here's how Shippsy might help:

Shippsy is package forwarding service that allows you to receive packages from US stores that don't ship to Canada directly, like World Market.


  1. Sign up for Shippsy and get a free US shipping address.
  1. Use that US shipping address when checking out at World Market.
  1. Once Shippsy receives the package, the users will receive a notification. It can either be an SMS message or an email.
  1. Request the package's shipment to Canada. Don't forget to fill in the necessary details for the customs clearance process. Once done, you will receive another email about the amount you must pay. This includes the handling fee and applicable customs fees.
  1. After paying, all you need to do is wait for your orders. Shippsy will complete the process on your behalf.
  1. When the package arrives in the package, you can pick the items up at the designated pick-up location. Don't forget to bring your order sheet and show it to the Shippsy staff.

The Shippsy fee starts at CAD 6.99 in Ontario and CAD 7.99 in British Columbia and Québec.

Final Thoughts

After researching, World Market does not currently ship merchandise to Canada. However, Canadians can still purchase items from them using a third-party shipping service like Shippsy.

So, what are you waiting for? Ship items with Shippsy and enjoy the perks World Market offers in just a few clicks.

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