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How Many Canadians Shop From The US?

Published: November 27, 2023
Author: Diana Zheng

 Have you ever wondered just how many Canadians shop from US-based stores? If you do, you’re in luck because we’ve got the scoop on this cross-border shopping spree. This article contains some eye-opening stats on Canadian shopper’s penchant for exploring what our American neighbours have to offer.

How Many Canadians Do Shopping In US Stores?

21% of Canadian consumers shop at online vendors from the US

Based on a study conducted in April 2021, approximately 20 percent of Canadian consumers frequently purchase from US-based retailers with an average number of 7-12 purchases. Moreover, recent statistics showed that Canadian shoppers frequently shop online at Amazon USA, followed by eBay and Walmart.

(Source: Statista, ReviewMoose)

Why Do Canadians Think Shopping In The USA Is Better?

While there are lots of Canadian online retailers, many of us still can’t resist shopping from the US. But, why is that so? Here’s why:

Internet Trend

89% of Canadians who shopped online has one loyalty program

Internet trends play a big part in Canadian consumers’ attraction to shopping in the USA. The boom of social media platforms and online shopping made it easy for Canadians to browse a vast world of products and deals across the border.

With the convenience of mobile shopping sites and apps, online coupons, virtual shopping carts, and global shipping options, the internet has made crossing the border more enticing than ever for Canadians seeking variety, value, and convenience. In fact, according to Canadian online shopping statistics, 89% of Canadian shoppers adhere to at least one loyalty program that offers more online shopping perks, making them feel special while shopping.

Shopping sites of retail giants like Amazon, Target, and other major brands from the US became accessible for most Canadians to score everything from gadgets to apparel in just a few clicks. Plus, digital platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and Pinterest constantly feature American trends, influencing Canadians to explore US brands.

Better Pricing

41% of Canadians shop online across the US border because of better pricing

A recent study shows that 41% of Canadian shoppers prefer making online orders from US stores because of better pricing. Most of the time, US goods come with lower prices due to factors like lower taxes and a larger ecommerce market.

Canadians who do cross border shopping get more for their money. It's like a shopping utopia where you can save money on regular items such as electronics, clothing, and even big-ticket purchases. This affordability aspect is a major driving element behind the idea that purchasing in the United States is a wise financial decision for Canadian consumers.

Better Quality

Canadians love the quality of physical goods from the US

Most Canadians prefer US brands because of their commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional services. For years, many Canadians considered American-made goods to be durable and reliable.

Moreover, the availability of popular brands and better selection of products are seen as factors in terms of quality and innovation, therefore boosting the Canadian perception of cross-border shopping.

As a result, Canadians are seen to continue shopping in the US online stores, confident that they are investing in products that will stand the test of time, making it a preferred choice for those seeking top-notch quality. This data is proved by a survey conducted in 2020 which showcases that 77% of Canadian consumers have either a positive or neutral perception of US brands.

(Source: pitney bowes, MEI)

Things To Know About Online Canadian Shopping

Learn more about how the Canadian online shopping trend from these recent studies’ statistics:

Canada Significantly Contributes To The Online Shopping Statistics

Over 29 million Canadians shop online and, by 2025, Canada's online sales is projected to reach $90 billion. Furthermore, Canadians make major contributions to the global eCommerce industry, which is expected to earn 6.3 trillion dollars for 2023.

Furthermore, the growth of eCommerce can be pinned not only to convenience, but also to lower prices on some retailer websites, particularly during peak buying seasons. In fact, 80% of Canadians make online purchases during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day.

Canadian Online Shoppers Of All Ages

Online shoppers from Canada span all ages from 18 to 74. Currently, 34% of Canadian eCommerce buyers are Gen X-ers, 30% are millennials, and 6% are people over the age of 75. In terms of location, 41% of online shoppers come from urban areas, 38% from the suburbs, and 21% were from rural communities.

While these numbers look promising, it is important to understand that the demographics may evolve.

Canada’s Top Online Purchases Are Clothing And Gadgets

Canada's top online purchases

The online shopping trend in Canada shows not only the fashion-forward and tech-savvy nature of Canadian online shoppers but also the variety offered by the eCommerce industry of the USA.

Approximately 62% of Canadian consumers buy clothing online, with 42% buying women's and 32% men's. Computers and gadgets account for 41%, followed by books (31%), toys (17%), and games and software (9%).

(Source: comwave)

Future Trends For Shopping Online

Social Media Marketing

Shopping at Social Media platforms

Social media has evolved into a powerful tool for discovering and purchasing items. When you think about it, it's now like having a virtual shopping mall at your fingertips! Different brands and retailers now use platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to feature their items, run exclusive promotions, and even allow you to shop without ever leaving the app.

Additionally, with the rise of influencer marketing and shoppable posts, Social Media Marketing is positioned to be a game changer in the future. Through it, different US brands - from the most popular ones to the newly launched companies- can now provide Canadian shoppers with a new and interactive method to discover, explore, and shop for their favourite things.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

AR and VR shopping

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are completely transforming the future of online shopping. Soon, you may not only be able to explore products on your screen, but also enter a virtual store!

You'll be able to walk through aisles, pick up things, and see how they fit from the comfort of your own home using VR. AR, on the other hand, will blend digital data onto your real-world perspective, allowing you to virtually try on garments or see how that new piece of furniture would fit in your area before you hit the 'purchase' button.

These interactive technologies are poised to be the next big thing, making online buying feel as authentic and engaging as a shopping trip in person. So, Canadian shoppers, stay tuned; the future of shopping from the US is looking really fascinating and interactive!

Ethical And Sustainable Shopping

Ethical and sustainable shopping

Imagine this: you're browsing your favourite online retailer when you come across a product labelled "ethically sourced" or "sustainably made," which suggests it was made with consideration for workers, the environment, and your own well-being. Lovely, right?

More and more US retailers are getting on board with ethical and ecological practices, offering products that are safer for the environment and the people who manufacture them. So, if you're interested in making a good influence with your buying habits, keep an eye out for these labels, since they're more than a trend; they're the future of guilt-free and environmentally friendly shopping!

Optimized Options For Online Payments’

You know how entering the payment details seem like a marathon at times? That is about to change! Online stores, particularly those in the US, are working hard to make every Canadian shopper’s life easier. They are developing new and smarter methods for quicker and more secure payment transactions.

Think about one-click checkouts, seamless mobile payments, and even innovative payment options you've never heard of. It's all about making the buying experience as easy as possible. Believe us when we say that it's the future of stress-free internet purchasing in just one click!


Shop at Shippsy

Cross border shopping is now better than ever, and the numbers prove its state. Canadian online shoppers have a world of choices at their fingertips when they venture across the counter.

Of course, apart from the borderless nature of eCommerce shopping, many cross-border shipping providers with great shipping options make it even more exciting!

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