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Reship to Canada With the Best Package Forwarder (2024)

Published: January 18, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

Ever felt disappointed after knowing your favourite US retailer doesn't ship directly to Canada? You don’t have to feel this way again because package forwarders are here to help you reship your items across the border.

In this post, we're diving into package forwarding and how it can be your golden ticket to reship items to Canada from American stores hassle-free. Say goodbye to those "US shipping only" roadblocks and hello to a seamless shopping experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Several challenges and regulatory concerns impact why some US online stores choose not to ship directly to Canada.
  • A package forwarder helps you experience smooth and easy US-to-Canada shipping.
  • Shippsy offers great service and affordable shipping options for Canadian online shoppers.

Why Some US Stores Don’t Ship Directly To Canada

Your preferred US online store may not ship to Canada

There are several reasons why some US stores don't offer direct shipping to Canada:

Nature of the Products

Due to regulatory compliance or safety concerns, some items are restricted for cross-border delivery, limiting a store's ability to ship to Canada. For example, perishable goods or items with specific materials may be prohibited because of differences in the compliance standards between the US and Canada.

Also, some items may require additional paperwork or higher import taxes and fees, making the product sell less than other items allowed for shipping. This, in return, makes it financially challenging for stores to ship specific items directly across the border.

Market Demand and Priorities

Another reason why certain US stores may opt out of direct shipping to Canada revolves around market demand and priorities. Sometimes, the cost and effort of making their products and services available to the Canadian market may not align with their current business focus.

Suppose Canadian customers' demand is not enough to justify the shipping challenges and costs associated with cross-border shipment. In that case, US stores may prefer serving domestic customers only.

Customs Regulations

Shipping goods across borders requires shops to comply with many regulations, customs fees, taxes, and paperwork, which can be difficult and costly to manage efficiently. These regulations can be a real hassle, making it tricky or even impractical to ship directly across the border.

Some US retailers may have rules about what they can and can't ship. Plus, you will also have to face additional fees that just don't make it worth the hassle. So, rather than diving into that sea of complexity, some US stores choose to stay in their lane, focusing on domestic sales.

Handling these specifications like product labelling, documentation, and customs fees requires additional time, resources, and expertise, which not all stores have. Noncompliance can result in border delays, fines, or rejected shipments. Due to these difficulties and potential risks, several US online retailers prefer to avoid the complex nature of another country's customs procedures while prioritizing compliance within their current operations.

Overall, the challenges and regulatory concerns frequently impact why some US online stores choose not to ship directly to Canada, forcing Canadian buyers to seek alternative methods such as using a package forwarding service to obtain desired products.

Reship From The US To Canada With A Package Forwarder

A mail forwarding service works best for cross-border shoppers

As you go on cross-border shopping, you can save money and enjoy lower shipping rates by shipping your items with a package forwarder. Here are some of the questions Canadian shoppers usually ask when looking for a parcel forwarding company that can cater to their needs.

How Do Mail Forwarding or Re-shipping Services Work?

A mail forwarding service, also called package forwarding, enables Canadian online shoppers to get their orders from US stores using a US address provided by their chosen forwarding company. Here's how it typically works: once the package arrives at the package forwarding company’s US address, the forwarding company then re-ships the package to the shopper's Canadian address.

Is Package Forwarding Safe and Allowed By Law?

Yes. When done with credible providers, package forwarding is a reliable service that is generally safe for Canadian online shoppers.

Using established and trustworthy forwarding providers can help avoid issues with shipping across the border. It's important to verify the terms and conditions of the forwarding service and its compliance with customs requirements.

How Much Does A Forwarding Service Cost?

The shipping fees for Canadian online shoppers shipping orders from the US to Canada vary based on several factors.

Major carriers typically charge fees for premium membership, package weight and dimensions, package consolidation, special handling, customs and brokerage. Membership fees might be monthly or annual, while package handling fees can vary depending on the service provider and the size or weight of the package.

These fees differ among forwarding companies, and shoppers should consider the possibility of paying extra for services like home delivery.

Discover The Best Re-Shipping Service For US-To-Canada Shipments

Best package forwarder in Canada

Shippsy offers the best and most affordable reshipping service. Shippsy offers exceptional shipping options, reasonable shipping fees, no subscriptions or membership fees, and fast delivery, providing you with the best cross-border shipping experience you deserve.

Shipping Options

You may choose among the following options when shipping with Shippsy:

  • Parcel Pick Up - Shop online today and claim your package at your assigned Shippsy branch a few days after! Bring your order pickup sheet and get your package within just a few minutes.
  • Mail Out - If you’re far from any Shippsy branch or are not available to personally get your package, you may opt to have your parcel delivered to your home address. Shippsy will forward your package to Canada Post for a small added fee to complete the final mile delivery.

Are you shipping oversized or bulk items from the US to Canada? Shippsy can handle that, too! Contact Customer Support for further details and assistance for this service.

Shipping Costs

Shippsy ensures you don’t break your bank when you ship from the USA. Enjoy online shopping without worrying about expensive shipping fees. Plus, unlike other forwarding companies, we don’t charge for any subscription fees. There are also no hidden fees and monthly fees to enjoy Shippsy’s services!

Here’s how much you pay with Shippsy:

Shipping Rates
OntarioBritish ColumbiaQuebec
$6.99 CAD + tax 
for packages up to 4.5 kgs

Transit time: 2-3 business days

Save up to 25% off the handling fee for 3+ packages requested on the same day
$7.99 CAD + tax
for packages up to 4.5 kgs

Transit time: 4-7 business days

25% discount does not apply
$7.99 CAD + tax
for packages up to 4.5 kgs

Transit time: 5-7 business days

25% discount does not apply

Get Your US Shipping Address From Shippsy

Save time and energy from looking for other companies; Shippsy is your ultimate cross-border shipping provider. Get started with Shippsy by creating your account today.

Once you set up your account, you will find your exclusive account number and US shipping address in your dashboard. Remember to use them as they are as you check out your orders from your favourite US store.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the ins and outs of package forwarding service is a great way to lock in hassle-free shipping from the US to Canada. Have your items re-shipped from US-based stores to Canada with only the best in the package forwarding industry - Shippsy.

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