Shipping Package to Canada: Enjoy Items From the Most Popular Disney Characters of 2022!

Diana Zheng
July 6, 2022

Disney played a significant part in many childhood memories. From beautiful and brave Disney princesses to cunning and fearsome villains, we adore these memorable characters. While Disney has already released thousands of movies over the past decades, some characters have left a unique persona. Get the opportunity to own these well-loved Disney characters in 2022 as the shipping package to Canada from the United States is made easy. If that sounds interesting, check this article to learn more about it!

Mickey Mouse

Who would ever forget this iconic character and Walt Disney logo's bearer? Our favorite mouse is also one of the most famous characters in 2022. The black and white cartoon character of 1928 is now full of color and pleasuring us with entertaining shows with the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang.

If you are a fan of Mickey and want to start collecting his merch, you can begin with the newer Mickey Mouse goods, such as the Mickey Mouse Weighted Plush 15", Mickey Mouse and Friends Pen Set - Disneyland 2022, and Mickey Mousa Americana Peace T-Shirt for Adults.

Find the exemplary delivery service partner to build your own set of Mickey Mouse collectibles.


Even before the live adaptation was released last 2019, Genie of Aladdin had already captivated the hearts of many. While Will Smith played the role tremendously, the original Disney character is on another level. Who would not be in love with this blue, witty, wish-giving character?

Enjoy Genie's newest items are Genie VHS Plush - Small 8"- Limited Release, Genie Sterling Silver Necklace, and the Genie "All-Powerful Greatness" Mug.

Since you cannot rent the carpet to have these magical items sent to your doorstep, a credible courier should complete the job.

Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa

This adorable trio from The Lion King is also included in this list. Throughout the entire film, including its sequels, Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa showed a different kind of friendship you will surely envy. They also played a spectacular comic relief that made us laugh out loud. Some items featuring this iconic trio you probably want for shipment are the Simba, Timon, Pumbaa Geometric Pattern Espadrilles, Silhouette Mug, and The Lion King "Stay Wild" Wood Wall Decor.

Note that your parcel's journey should not be as long as Simba's journey back to his pride. Choose a shipping service that will bring your items quickly.

Cruella De Vil

One of the most loved Disney villains is included in this list! Cruella De Vil is a sought-after fashion icon and stylist from the famous 1996 movie One Hundred and One Dalmatian. Recently, a live adaptation was released featuring the life of this antagonist, which made her even more popular. Cruella De Vil Water Bottle from the Art of Disney Villains Designer Collection, a framed deluxe print of "Villain Cruella" by Noah, and Cruella De Vil Otterbox Symmetry iPhone Case are among the items you can get if you are a fan of this nasty villain.


Suppose you are a fan of Stitch, the adorable alien from the popular series Lilo & Stitch. In that case, you are a lucky folk as you have various options, such as the Lilo & Stitch 20th Anniversary Plush - 9" - Limited Release, the Jigsaw Puzzle (also from their 20th Anniversary), and the Stitch Plus Easter Chick 2022.

Get your Stitch items by choosing a hassle-free shipping method.


"Do you want to build a snowman?" is one of the most iconic lines in the movie Frozen. Of course, this line comes with the adorable character, Olaf. You can find numerous collectibles, including Olaf Light-Up Bubble Wand, Olaf Mug, and Olaf Wristband.

Upon ordering all the items, you can have them put into one single packaging or cardboard box to limit your shipping expense.


We first met this cute character from the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. After a decade, Pixar x Disney created her film, and fans loved her even more, as she constantly reminds us to keep swimming. Enjoy her merch, such as the Dory T-Shirt for Adults, Finding Dory "Sketch" Pillow, and the Finding Dory Lamp.

Luisa Madrigal

Luisa is a newer character in this list than the rest of the characters, but it does not mean she does not deserve it. Our favorite sister, alongside Isabela, is a strong and new definition of beauty. Fun fact! Did you know that the Disney marketing team thought Isabela would capture most of the fan's hearts? However, it was Luisa who did that. Some of the Luisa Madrigal items you can purchase are Luisa Heathered T-Shirt for Adults, Plush Toys, and stickers.

Now that we know which characters you should add to your collection, it is time for you to decide how to ship the goods to your Canadian address. However, you might think shipping a package to Canada is expensive and a little bit of a hassle.

Here is an inside scoop on package shipping to Canada via a US address. You can put all your orders in one shipping box and have them shipped at the cheapest shipping rate and faster delivery time.

Send Via Shippsy

Shippsy understands how expensive the shipping cost can be to have a delivery from your favorite US store directly to Canada. You may have numerous shipping options, but opting for Shippsy is something you will not regret.

Shippsy is a shipping company that will help a Canadian customer purchase from any US retail store that does not ship parcels to Canada or charges expensive international shipping service. You have the option to send your small package right to your doorstep for a small fee via Shippsy's Package Forwarding service or get the parcel yourself at the nearest Shippsy branch location via Parcel Pickup Service. You can also bulk shipping to Canada using our Pallet Service if you want to resell your Disney collectible items.

You may call the Shippsy hotline at 888-744-7779 for information about the Pallet Service and other services you wish to know. 

Written by Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Shippsy. She is obsessed with providing Canadian shoppers with easy access to all U.S. brands. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

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