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Shop These Year Of The Rabbit Items And Use Shippsy To Ship Luggage From USA To Canada

Published: January 2, 2023
Author: Diana Zheng

We created a list of Rabbit-designed items you will love to have as we all welcome the year 2023. Read this post and get more information on how long it takes to ship luggage from USA to Canada using Shippsy!

What Does The Rabbit Symbolize?

According to Chinese Astrology, Rabbits are known to be gentle, elegant, calm, and alert. They're also very skillful, responsible, kind, and patient. Moreover, they are timid and keep a modest attitude while maintaining a pleasant relationship with the people around them. 

Rabbit Keychain

Get this Happy Chinese Zodiac Rabbit Lucky Key Chain from Amazon! It is lightweight and a good addition to accessorize your bag and car keys. This item is also available in eleven other Chinese Zodiac animal designs. Purchase this now to make your personal belongings more stylish, or you can also give this as a gift to your loved one.

Rabbit Socks

Keep your feet warm this winter season with these Mochi Rabbit Socks. It is made of 80% cotton, nylon blend, 20% spandex, and lycra. This pair of socks is also available in two sizes (medium and large). Order this item for your personal use or as a gift!

Rabbit Plushie

Looking for a wonderful gift for a little one? Consider this Aurora Angora Rabbit. You can personalize this item with a name. You can also choose a thread that is available in six colors (Pink, Blue, Grey, Ivory, Stone, and Brown). This product is safe for all ages. 

I Don't Carrot All Shirt

Here's a fun statement shirt you will love to wear! You can purchase this I Don't Carrot All shirt from Etsy. This unisex T-Shirt is in a relaxed fit and is available in sixteen colors and in all standard sizes. The shirt is made of cotton and polyester. 

Modern Rabbit House

If you have a pet rabbit, this one on this list is best for you! Your pet will love this Modern Rabbit House. The two-storey pet house will serve as their home and playground. It comes with pillow fabrics that are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and have antibacterial properties. Plus, its stylish design will look good anywhere in your home!

Rabbits Are Known For Their Calm And Skillful Personalities - ship luggage from usa to canada

Use Shippsy To Ship to Canada

If you're wondering how long to ship from USA to Canada, here's how Shippsy's shipping service works:

  1. Shop at your favorite US store and use your exclusive US shipping address, which you can find in your Shippsy dashboard. Also, don't forget to include your Shippsy account number. It's how we identify our goods. 
  1. You will receive an email notification that your item has arrived in our US facility in 1-2 business days. You will then need to log in to your account and create your item declaration. Provide your item's accurate details. After submitting all necessary information, a confirmation screen will show the estimated shipping cost. 

Select "This item was made in North America" if you know that your item is made in North America. (You must upload proof that your item is manufactured in North America.)

  1. If everything looks fine, hit the request shipment and process your payment (Shippsy fee and the applicable tax and duty). You can pay using your credit card on file. Not to worry as Shippsy ensures the security and confidentiality of your card information.

All boxes are subject to physical inspection. Shippsy complies with Canada Border Services Agency's (CBSA) regulations on importing goods to Canada. So make sure you visit Shippsy's Prohibited Item Page to avoid problems with your parcels in customs clearance. 

  1. After all the details are entered, Shippsy will process the paperwork and transportation. Your shipment will arrive in Canada in 2-4 business days*, and you will receive an email once it is ready for release.
  1. Go to your assigned Shippsy branch to claim your parcel. Bring your order pickup sheet and your valid identification card. Parcel Pickup Service takes only a few minutes! 

Also, we can send out your item via Parcel Forwarding if it's more convenient for you. We will forward your package with the right shipping label to our partner courier, Canada Post, to process the door-to-door delivery for an additional fee.

*Transit time is 4-7 business days in British Columbia and Quebec. Note that Shippsy does not offer priority mail and international luggage shipping service.

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