Best Shipping Options For Cross-Border Shoppers (2023)

Aman Chopra
September 2, 2023

Canadian shoppers do not only buy at Canadian online stores. They also love shopping at international stores and brands like those in the United States. Since many US-based stores do not ship directly to Canada, using a cross-border shopping service provider is the best shipping option for transporting the purchased items across the border.

Moreover, choosing the right cross-border shipping company may be difficult, but we have your back! Read this guide for tips for choosing the best shipping options to make your shipping experience worthwhile.

How To Choose The Right Shipping Option

Why Is Choosing The Right Shipping Option Important?

Sending your US orders across the border requires careful decision-making. Remember that the right shipping option depends on your specific shipping needs and individual preferences.

Here are some key tips to help you choose the cheap yet perfect shipping option:

  • Know your shipping needs. Think about what you're ordering and how quickly you need it. Is this a time-sensitive purchase, or can it wait a bit longer?
  • Shipping Time. Check the delivery times for every option. Some may offer faster delivery at higher prices, while others may take longer but are less expensive.
  • Seasonal Factors. Shipping times may also vary during peak shopping seasons (such as holidays). If you need your things by a certain date, plan ahead of time.
  • Customer Service. Consider the shipping company's quality of customer service. Will they support you if issues arise during your shipment's transit?

Factors To Consider When Choosing Among Online Shipping Options

I bet you want to know more about how to choose the best shipping service! We’ve got your back with these factors you need to keep in your checklist.

Shipping Costs

Consider The Shipping Costs In Choosing Your Shipping Method

Remember to consider shipping rates when selecting the best shipping option when shipping your items from the USA. Aside from the quality of products, the shipping costs also impact your overall online shopping experience.

Choose a reliable shipping company that offers the lowest price without sacrificing the quality of service. You may compare prices from different carriers to make informed decisions, ensuring that you don’t lose money and maximize your shopping budget.

Delivery Speed

Consider The Delivery Speed In Choosing Your Shipping Method

Determining the most suitable delivery speed among various shipping options needs careful consideration. In doing so, you can start by closely looking at the estimated delivery times provided by each service. These times might provide a clear estimate of how long their package will take to arrive.

Reading reviews and feedback from fellow Canadian customers who have used these services can also provide insight into real-world delivery speed experiences. But, it is vital to assess the reliability of these reviews and whether they align with your own expectations, so you also have to be careful about what you're reading!

Furthermore, some shipping providers charge a higher fee for expedited shipping, which might be a good indicator of faster service. Customers can make an informed decision on which shipping service delivers the best delivery speed for their budget.

Shipping Service Reliability

Choose A Reliable Shipping Service Provider

Generally speaking, practical and hassle-free cross-border delivery is strongly impacted by the dependability of the shipping service provider. Thus, by choosing the right shipping company, you can be confident that your packages are carefully handled and securely shipped.

So, how exactly can you determine that the shipping company is reliable? Here’s how:

  • Proven Track Record. A well-established and highly reputed business is more likely to give dependable services.
  • Transparency. A trustworthy shipping provider is open and honest about their shipping regulations, rates, and procedures. Avoid companies that hide crucial details about their shipping services.
  • Physical Address. Determine whether the company has a valid physical address and contact information. Be careful of companies that merely have a P.O. box or unclear contact information.
  • Word of Mouth. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or online communities. Personal experiences can provide valuable insights into a shipping company's reliability.

Tracking Feature

Take Advantage Of Tracking Features

Tracking features allow you to monitor your shipment status from when it leaves the retailer until it reaches your destination address within Canada.

By providing tracking references, your shipping provider helps you track your package’s progress, estimate the date of arrival, and receive real-time details in case any potential delays or issues arise during transit.

If you’re unsure how to check if the tracking system is good, let us break it down for you:

  • Accuracy. Check the accuracy of the system in giving real-time updates and exact location data for your shipments.
  • Accessibility. Consider how easy it is to get monitoring information, whether via a website, mobile app, or customer support. A user-friendly interface is important.
  • Security and Privacy. Consider the tracking system's security and privacy features. To protect your sensitive shipment information and maintain confidentiality, ensure that the system complies with relevant privacy regulations.

Package Size and Quantity

Consider The Weight And Measurement of Your Parcels

As an online customer, considering your package size and quantity as crucial factors is always a good idea because it will help you determine the right shipping option that best suits your needs.

Different shipping providers have specific methods and guidelines regarding the size and weight of packages they handle. So, keep in mind that it is essential to get to know your shipping carrier’s shipping rules and guidelines to avoid any surprises or inconveniences during the process.

If you are shipping small packages or regular-sized items, it’s best to choose an affordable shipping method where you can personally claim your package instead of waiting for more time before you receive it.

Meanwhile, if you are shipping heavier items or oversized packages, you need to utilize a shipping method that can accommodate them properly without compromising the quality of handling and the overall cost.

So, What Is The Best Cross-Border Shipping Option?

With hundreds of 5-star reviews and thousands of packages shipped, there is no doubt that Shippsy is the best cross-border shipping option in Canada today.

From the lowest rates to the fastest deliveries with complete tracking, you cannot go wrong with Shippsy when shopping from US brands.

Shippsy’s Premium Shipping Services

Create Your Shippsy Account Now

Shippsy’s shipping services are designed to cater to Canadian online shoppers looking for the most accessible and affordable way to enter their US purchases into the country.

With its lowest shipping costs and on-time delivery, Shippsy ensures you enjoy wider access to US products and shipping them to Canada all you want!

Here’s what Shippsy can do for you:

  • Parcel Pickup - We want our customers to get their items when they arrive in Canada. This means saving more money and shortening the waiting time for getting your packages. With this service, you can shop at any of your favourite US stores and claim your package in just a few days. (Don’t forget to bring your order pickup sheet when you visit our branch for pickup!)
  • Mail Out Service- Of course, we understand if you’re not always available to pick up your packages. We can mail out your parcel, too! Shippsy will forward your packet to its partner local carrier, Canada Post, for the final delivery*. Additional charges apply.

(Note: Shippsy also caters to heavier boxes or large-quantity shipments. Contact our customer services to know more about this service.)

*Delivery times depend on your location. We can only deliver packages weighing 50 lbs and below.

Shipping Cost and Expedited Service Time

Please refer to these tables for details on Shippsy’s shipping rates and delivery times:

Parcel Pickup Service
OntarioBritish ColumbiaQuebec
$6.99/package* + tax(for packages up to 10 lbs)

*You may request three or more shipments on the same day to get a 25% discount on the handling fee.
$7.99/package* + tax(for packages up to 10 lbs)

*25% bulk discount does not apply to this region.
$9.99/package* +tax(for packages up to 10 lbs)

*25% bulk discount does not apply to this region.
Transit Time2-3 business days4-7 business days5-7 business days

Take Note:

1. Packages beyond 10 lbs will incur an additional fee worth $0.45 for every pound up to 100 lbs.

2. Packages over 100 lbs in weight or 100 inches in total dimensions will be charged as a skid.

Does Shippsy Offer Overnight Shipping?

Unfortunately, Shippsy does not offer overnight shipping services or one-business-day delivery from the US. Shippsy strictly follows its standard 2-4 business days operations for all its shipments.

Does Shippsy Offer International Shipping?

Shippsy does not handle international shipments. All services are made for cross-border (US-to-Canada) shipping only.

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For concerns and inquiries, please dial 888-744-7779 or message us at [email protected]. You may also visit our branch locations across Ontario and British Columbia for more assistance. We’ll be glad to help you!

Written by Aman Chopra

Aman looks after the content marketing department at Shippsy. He is passionate about researching the best shipping solutions for Canadians. Outside the office, you can find him on the soccer field cheering on Real Madrid.

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