Buy From US, Ship To Canada: Trending Spring Cleaning Products 2023

Diana Zheng
March 14, 2023

As Spring is just around the corner, many households are looking forward to one popular activity done at this time of the year: Spring cleaning.

If you want to try and test out different products to help you clean your home, the United States has much to offer. You can find various cleaning items that will complete your cleaning supply storage.

So check this article and buy from US ship to Canada!

What Are The Popular Products On TikTok?

If you want to know the best recommendations for cleaning products but need help finding them, TikTok is the best place to be.

In fact, this platform has a huge community of people who enjoy sharing many product reviews and recommendations, cleaning hacks, and other topics related to this niche.

Here is Shippsy's take on TikTok cleaning brands you need to watch out for in 2023:

Fresh Wave

different Fresh Wave products with green background

While Fresh Wave is one of the fresher brands on TikTok, you should consider this brand. They are a brand of air fresheners manufactured in Rising Sun, Indiana.

Since some fresheners use potentially harmful ingredients when used constantly, one of their goals is to ensure that consumers use safe products.

(Left) Odor Removing Pet Spray and Odor Removing Dog Shampoo bottles; (Right) the same bottles in the poolside with a dog in the background
TikTok user @freshwaveworks

Fresh Wave's odour eliminators use safer and simpler ingredients and natural chemistry to remove stinging odours and leave only fresh air behind.

You may have already heard of the materials they use for their products, like lime, pine, clove, and water! With these ingredients, you can be at ease knowing your family breathes fresh and clean air.

Their air fresheners come in different forms and sizes: gels, sprays, packs, candles, and boosters. They also have odour remover shampoo for pets to make your fur babies smell even better.

Truly Free

different Truly Free products with blue and green ombre backgrounds

With a mission to create a non-toxic home and reduce plastic waste, Truly Free provides its consumers with plant-based and eco-friendly products for a better and safer home.

This brand offers a wide array of products differentiated into six categories: laundry, bathroom, kitchen, whole home, essential oils, and bottles and replacement items.

(Left image) Different Truly Free Products & (Right Image) The person is putting the Laundry Wash refill inside the Laundry Wash refillable gallon.
TikTok user @muddyboots_mama

Truly Free offers a monthly subscription in which you can create your own sets of products to buy. They also provide free soap for lifetime advantage to its buyers once they meet the requirements.

Some of their best-sellers are the Laundry Wash - Signature Scent, Enzyme Stain Remover, Dryer Angel, OxyBoost, and Laundry Machine Cleaner.


different Blueland products with a blue background

If you are an avid fan of Shark Tank, you might have already seen this brand.

Blueland, based in New York, US, offers different cleaning solutions using eco-friendly products and reusable containers. Their products include cleaning and soap tablets, powder dish soap, and laundry and dish tablets. They also have a facial cleanser and body wash.

In addition, since their products are in tablet form, you provide more space in your storage.

(left image) a hand showing Blueland’s Bathroom Cleanser packaging; (right image) four refillable Blueland refillable bottles on top of a wooden counter
TikTok user @emilyrayna

With a mission to reduce plastic waste, they ensure that their package also lives up to their goal:

  • Recyclable shipping box
  • Paper-based tape
  • Compostable refill packaging
  • No single-use plastic
  • Water-based ink

If you want to try their products, start with their best-sellers, such as Clean Suite Kit, The Clean Essentials, Hand Soap Duos, and Scents of the Seasons Tin.


different Safely products in front of pastel green background

Celebrities Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner founded Safely, a cleaning product brand without strong, harmful chemicals.

The brand has a strong message of sustainability, cleanliness, and affordability. All products are plant-powered, with no harsh chemicals and natural uplifting scents; all are safely put in refillable bottles.

(Left image) different Safely products in an acrylic organizer on top of a wooden table. (Right image) Stain removed by Safely stain remover
TikTok user @kelseyvenko

They have different kits: the clean dish kit, clean freak kit, essential kit, and clean hands kit. However, they offer other items perfect for your dishes, laundry, surfaces, and hands.

Some of their best-sellers are the Dish Soap, Everyday Laundry Detergent, and the Glass Cleaner.

How To Order From US, Ship To Canada?

Shipping a product from the United States to Canada requires numerous coordination and a long process. You need to contact the seller, multiple carriers, and Canada Border Services Agency, fill up the customs form, and complete customs clearance to ensure you get the shipment correctly.

The seller will drop off the products at the USPS branch near their store or have the items picked up. Once the package arrives in Canada, USPS will handle the parcel to Canada Post, which will complete the final-mile delivery.

The delivery time is lengthy, and the package goes through numerous processes to reach its destination.

On the other hand, the shipping cost can be hefty because the seller will send the products directly to your Canadian home delivery address. The carrier will calculate the distance between you and the seller, the package weight and measurements, and chosen shipping service, making the shipping charges expensive.

This situation can be overwhelming, especially for consumers that need more time to process everything. They can miss many product opportunities that could provide a better living.

Fortunately, Canada's leading US-to-Canada shipping partner is here to help you!

US Online Shopping - Shipping to Canada Made Easier With Shippsy!

foam letters forming the sentence, “MAKE IT EASY”

Shippsy provides its customers with a unique US shipping address, which they will use this address every time they purchase from any US-based store. Note that you must create a Shippsy account before using any of our shipping services.

Here are the steps on how you can use Shippsy's services:

  • Order from your favourite US retail store.
  • Use the US shipping address provided by Shippsy when indicating your delivery address. Always remember to copy the address the way it is to avoid any future transport issues.
  • Once done, go back to your Shippsy account. Indicate the package details, such as the item description, package measurements, product value, etc.
  •  You will receive an email once the package arrives at our US facility.
  • Once the orders arrive, you may request them for shipment to Canada.
  • Pay for the Shippsy fee + applicable tax and duty.
  • Wait for a few days. It only takes two to four business days* for the parcels to arrive at our Canada facility.
  • Pick up the package at the designated Shippsy branch.

*The transit time varies depending on the province.

Easy Access to All US Products With Our "Buy In US Ship To Canada" Service

TikTok and Amazon mobile apps with a pink background

Shippsy is dedicated to helping Canadians get the best US products without going beyond their means. Our "Buy In US, Ship to Canada" service gives many consumers more product options.

Since many US sellers do not ship directly to Canada due to the time-consuming shipping process, customs clearance, and expensive shipping service, but with Shippsy, you can easily buy the US products you need.

With a starting price of CAD 6.99, you can enjoy these products! Additionally, if you request three or more packages within the same day, you get an additional 20% discount* off the Shippsy fee.

*The discount does not apply to British Columbia and Quebec provinces.

Contact Us!

Do you want to be featured in our next TikTok video? If so, please send us an unboxing video of your US packages featuring how Shippsy helps you.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at 888-744-7773 or [email protected].

You can also follow our social media accounts (TikTok and Instagram) @loveshippsy to see similar posts.

Written by Diana Zheng

Diana leads the growth marketing initiatives at Shippsy. She is obsessed with providing Canadian shoppers with easy access to all U.S. brands. You can catch her doing yoga or hitting the tennis courts in her spare time.

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