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30 Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Every Type of Mom

Published: April 27, 2024
Author: Diana Zheng

With Mother's Day just around the corner, it's time to celebrate the incredible women who have shaped our lives with love…and gifts! Now, if you’re looking for the best Mother's day gift ideas for this year, we’ve got you covered.

Join us in this blog as we present 30 thoughtful gift ideas perfect for every type of mom. Each item will ensure that this Mother’s Day, you'll find the ideal token of appreciation to honour the extraordinary woman who has given so much.

Key Takeaways

  • Mother’s Day is a special day for all types of moms. One way to celebrate this day is by giving them a special token that best fits their hobby and personality.
  • You can find great gifts for mom from US online stores like Amazon, Nordstrom, Uncommon Goods, and more. These stores offer wide product variations and great price offers. 
  • The best way to get US items is through cross-border shopping and shipping with a high-quality package forwarder like Shippsy.

Perfect Ideas For Mother’s Day Gift

Here are the best Mother’s Day gifts you don’t want to miss out on this year.

The First Time Mom

Women who just had their first babies deserve the best items they'll love! After all, becoming a mother for the first time is a significant life milestone worth celebrating. Plus, it's a way to show support and encouragement during this beautiful transition.

Here are some gift ideas for you:

1. The Honest Company New Mama Care Essentials Gift Set

New Mama Care Essentials

Photo taken from Amazon

The Honest Company’s New Mama Care Essentials Gift set is your first-time mom’s ultimate package. This made-for-mama set comes with:

  • Nipple balm
  • Body Cream
  • Facial Wash 
  • A pouch

Self-care is incredibly important for first-time moms. Doing so helps them maintain good mental and physical health. So, on Mother’s Day, make them feel pampered by giving them these essentials. With this set, you’re helping them feel and look their best while caring for their baby.

Price: 19.99 USD

2. Baby Ink Hand and Footprint Kit

Baby Ink Hand and Footprint Kit

Photo taken from Amazon

If you think that it’s absolutely important for moms to capture precious moments of their first baby’s early days, we totally agree with you! This Baby Ink Hand and Footprint Kit is the perfect item for that.

This kit includes a non-toxic ink pad, paper, and a wooden frame to create a detailed impression of their baby’s tiny hands and feet. These prints can be preserved as a keepsake that first-time moms will truly cherish on Mother’s Day.

Price: 21.95 USD

3. Lansinoh Breast Therapy Packs with Soft Covers

Lansinoh Breast Therapy Packs

Photo taken from Amazon

The Lansinoh Breast Therapy Packs with Soft Covers is a first-time mom’s ultimate solution to sore breasts. They can be heated or cooled to relieve swelling and discomfort after breastfeeding.

In addition, these packs can provide a sense of relaxation and well-being for breastfeeding mothers. They offer gentle protection for sensitive skin, making breastfeeding sessions more comfortable for both mother and baby.

Price: 12.23 USD

The Tech-Savvy Mom

Tech-savvy moms are super moms who are good with technology. One fun thing about them is their ability to use online resources to enhance their parenting skills. Their eagerness to explore new digital tools makes parenting more fun and manageable.

Check out these items you shouldn’t let your mom miss out on this Mother’s Day.

1. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Photo taken from Amazon

Techie moms will surely enjoy the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 on Mother's Day! Its smart features will keep their favourite beverages at the perfect temperature while they relax or attend to their daily tasks.

Moms can use the Ember app to control the mug's temperature settings. This item ensures their drink stays warm or cold just as they like it. Whether catching up on emails or reading a book, the Ember mug ensures drinks remain warm. It's the best tech gift for savouring without them getting cold.

Price: 114.22 USD

2. Kate Spade Women’s Blue Light Reading Glasses

Kate Spade Women’s Blue Light Reading Glasses

Photo taken from Amazon

Kate Spade New York Women’s Blue Light Reading Glasses are stylish glasses that can help protect eyes from the glare of screens like phones and computers. They're great for moms who spend a lot of time using their gadgets.

These glasses can help moms reduce eye strain and fatigue while working or scrolling through their devices. Plus, they come in Kate Spade's trendy design, making them a fashionable accessory for any mom on the go.

Price: 26.27 USD

3. Aluminum 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Aluminum 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand

Photo taken from Satechi

Wouldn't it be nice to treat mom with a handy device that charges their phone and allows them to stay connected at the same time? This convenience is especially important for our busy multitasking queens.

If you're looking for one, the Aluminum 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand is the best gift for them. They may not have all the time to pause and recharge their phones separately. Having this device will keep their gadgets organized and charged up.

Also, its sleek aluminum design adds a touch of modern style to any space. So, this item gives a practical solution for busy moms and boosts their area's aesthetics.

Price: 59.99 USD

The Nature-Lover Mom

If your mom loves hiking, gardening, or walking in the park, then you have a Nature-Lover mom! This Mother's Day, let us honour them for their commitment to nurturing the environment, like what they do to us.

Check out these items for the best gift ideas for the green-thumb ladies.

1. KVR Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat

KVR Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat

Photo taken from Amazon

If you want to make your mom’s gardening moment more comfortable, consider getting her this KVR Upgraded Garden Kneeler and Seat. She can use this as both a kneeler and a seat. This versatility will help her to switch between kneeling and sitting as they work easily.

The item's sturdy construction provides support and stability. Meanwhile, its foldable design makes storing and moving the item easy. Nature-loving moms will love this gift as its ergonomic design will help them enhance their gardening experience!

Price: 49.97 USD

2. UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes

UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes

Photo taken from Amazon

Moms would surely enjoy relaxing and listening to the gentle melody of chimes after a long day of gardening. Make this moment even better for her by purchasing UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes. This item is the perfect gift to help her unwind and connect with nature!

Nature-loving moms will adore these wind chimes on Mother's Day as they bring the tranquil sounds of nature right to their doorstep.

Price: 29.99 USD

3. Colwelt Garden Tools Set

Colwelt Garden Tools Set

Photo taken from Amazon

The Colwelt Garden Tools Set is an all-in-one kit that makes gardening tasks easier and more enjoyable. This set includes essential tools like:

  • trowel
  • cultivator
  • pruning shears 
  • hand fork
  • tulip trowel

Nature-loving moms will love this gift on Mother's Day as it provides all they need for precise garden care. Whether she's planting flowers or pruning, this garden tool set will be her reliable companion!

Price: 43.99 USD

The Foodie Mom

Foodie moms are moms who love experimenting with new recipes. They delight their loved ones with delicious homemade meals. These moms take great joy in cooking for their family and friends; their kitchen is often the heart of the home.

This year's Mother's Day is a wonderful time to honour their dedication to nourishing and bringing joy to their families through food. Here's a list of the best gift ideas for them:

1. Caraway Linens Set

Caraway Linens Set

Photo taken from Caraway

Getting the Caraway Kitchen Linens Set for Mother’s Day is something your foodie mom will totally love! This set in stylish perracotta colour includes:

  • towels
  • apron
  • oven mitts
  • pot holders

These items are made with 100% soft and durable organic cotton. This set combines style with functionality. Its sleek design adds a touch of elegance to the kitchen decor, effortlessly complementing a variety of kitchen aesthetics. Plus, each item is designed to serve its kitchen purpose very well, such as:

  • drying dishes
  • handling hot cookware
  • protecting from heat and spills

It's sure to be a hit with foodie moms who appreciate quality and convenience in their kitchen.

Price: 135.00 USD

2. Spice By Tia Mowry Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set

Spice By Tia Mowry Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set

Photo taken from Wayfair

The Spice By Tia Mowry Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet Set is an essential addition to any kitchen, perfect for foodie moms on Mother's Day. This set includes two skillets in sizes 8 and 10 inches, pre-seasoned for enhanced flavour in cooking.

Foodie moms will love these skillets because they are durable and retain heat well, making them ideal for cooking. Plus, they're easy to clean, allowing moms to spend less time on cleanup and more time enjoying cooking with their loved ones.

Price: 49.99 USD

3. MARCATO 150 Pasta Device

MARCATO 150 Pasta Device

Photo taken from Amazon

Foodie moms will enjoy using the MARCATO 150 Pasta Device on Mother's Day. This product will let them unleash their creativity in the kitchen and customize their pasta dishes.

With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, this pasta device makes the pasta-making process fun. After all, bonding with mom over delicious homemade pasta is a great way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Price: 109.00 USD

The Adventurer Mom

Does your mom love the thrill of exploring the outdoors? Well, you’ve got a dynamic woman who can’t get enough of transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. On Mother’s Day, it’s just right to celebrate them for the invaluable lessons they impart through their adventurous journeys.

Here’s what you can get to surprise your Adventurer Mom on their special day!

1. Everywhere Belt Bag

Everywhere Belt Bag

Photo taken from Lululemon

The Everywhere Belt Bag is a handy accessory for moms on the go. It's a little bag that she can wear around her waist, leaving her hands free to carry other things.

Lululemon created this durable and stylish bag to be ideal for any adventure. Adventurer moms will love getting this bag for Mother's Day! It’s the perfect gift to keep everything they need while hiking, travelling, or running errands.

Price: 38.00 USD

2. Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL Child Carrier

Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL Child Carrier

Photo taken from Rei

The Deuter Kid Comfort Active SL Child Carrier is a comfortable way for moms to carry their little ones while exploring the outdoors. Designed specifically for the female body, it's adjustable and lightweight, making it easy to wear for extended periods.

With padded straps and a supportive frame, it ensures both mom and child stay comfortable on hikes or walks. Adventurer moms can share their love of nature with their children without the hassle of a stroller. It will make outdoor adventures more accessible and enjoyable for the whole family!

Price: 270.00 USD



Photo taken from Rumpl

Keep your mom warm and comfortable wherever her adventure takes her with The Nanoloft Travel Blanket. This compact blanket is made with innovative Nanoloft® insulation, keeping mom cozy without adding extra bulk to her pack.

With this item, moms can always stay prepared for spontaneous outdoor outings. Whether she’s camping, travelling, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this travel blanket will keep her cozy throughout the trip.

Price: 95.00 USD

The Artsy Mom

Artsy Moms stand out because they use their imagination to create beautiful artwork. They draw, paint, and create things that make us happy. On Mother's Day, let us honour them for the beauty they create and the love they express through their work.

If you haven’t found the best art-related gift for them, you may want to consider getting her these items:

1. Cloisonne DIY Kit

Cloisonne DIY Kit

Photo taken from Etsy

Give your artsy mom a chance to dive into their creativity with the Cloisonne DIY Kit. By getting her this gift, she can create stunning artwork right at home. She's got everything she needs in the set to start making beautiful blue peony designs.

Plus, they'll enjoy displaying their handmade creations, adding a personal touch to your home decor. It's a delightful way for artsy moms to celebrate Mother's Day by indulging in their passion for crafting something beautiful.

Price: 31.45 USD

2. Make Your Own Clay Earrings Kit

Make Your Own Clay Earrings Kit

Photo taken from Uncommon Goods

Does your mom enjoy artsy accessories? Well, this Make Your Own Clay Earrings Kit is a fun crafting set that lets her create her unique earrings from clay. This perfect present allows them to indulge in their passion for crafting and express themselves through wearable art.

By getting this product, you can share some quality time with her, making unique earrings that reflect their personal style. Plus, this activity can be relaxing and therapeutic - it provides a moment of creative escape from the daily hustle and bustle.

Price: 52.00 USD

3. Craft Crush — Felt Succulents Craft Kit

Craft Crush — Felt Succulents Craft Kit

Photo taken from Amazon

Are you looking for the perfect gift to make mom unwind with a creative activity? Consider getting her this Craft Crush — Felt Succulents Craft Kit. This kit contains 100% polyester to create lifelike succulent plants from soft felt fabric.

Moms can enjoy creating beautiful, felt succulent arrangements that add a touch of nature to any space. It's a thoughtful and enjoyable gift that allows artsy moms to bring a bit of greenery into their homes through handmade art!

Price: 23.25 USD

The Fashionista Mom

Do you have a stylish and trendy mom who effortlessly juggles roles with grace and charm? Their passion for fashion is worthy to celebrate on Mother’s Day. How? Get her something to add to her chic OOTDS! Check out this list to find the best fashionable gift for mom.

1. The Alpaca Crew

The Alpaca Crew

Photo taken from Everlane

Keep your mom looking cool even on chilly days with The Alpaca Crew Sweater. Made from soft alpaca wool, this best cozy gift will keep your mom warm and comfortable.

Its classic crew neckline and relaxed fit make it fashionable for any occasion, whether a casual day out or a cozy night in. Fashionista moms will love its classic design, which they can easily pair with different outfits on Mother’s Day!

The item is available in different sizes and colours - Heathered Black, Almond, Cafe Creme, Tiger’s Eye, and Heather Charcoal.

Price: 118.00 USD

2. Ray-Ban RB4140 Wayfarer Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB4140 Wayfarer Sunglasses

Photo taken from Amazon

The Ray-Ban RB4140 Wayfarer Sunglasses are a stylish accessory that instantly elevates mom's Mother's Day OOTD. This fashionable add-on features a classic Wayfarer design with a sleek and modern twist. This makes for a timeless addition to any wardrobe!

Also, the bold and chic frames add a touch of sophistication to any look. Its tinted lenses provide both UV protection and a cool, laid-back vibe. Paired with a trendy dress or a casual ensemble, these sunglasses can effortlessly elevate a mom’s outfit, adding an element of glamour and flair.

Price: 99.95 USD

3. AUTOMET Women’s Two-Piece Outfit

AUTOMET Women’s Two-Piece Outfit

Photo taken from Amazon

Who doesn’t love looking chic and comfortable all day? Surely, mothers do! This AUTOMET Women's Two-Piece Outfit is the perfect gift, making it easy for moms to create a fashionable look without much effort.

This set comes with a matching sweatshirt and sweatshirts made of polyester and cotton. Its cozy fabric and design add a trendy touch to any ensemble. Whether she's spending the day at home or heading out, this outfit is the perfect choice for a fashion-forward mom looking to step up her Mother's Day style.

Price: 34.99 USD

The Bookworm Mom

Bookworm Moms are the superheroes of storytelling. They dive into books like treasure hunters, unlocking worlds of imagination and wisdom. On Mother’s Day, let us celebrate by giving them items that remind them of how good they are at igniting our curiosity and inspiring us to dream big.

1. Personalized Reader Gift Candle

Personalized Reader Gift Candle

Photo taken from Etsy

Here’s a cool gift idea for moms who love to cozy up with a good book. The Personalized Reader Gift Candle is a delightful present for bookworm moms. Its pleasant scent and humorous twist related to reading will bring a smile to any book lover's face.

Imagine the thrill on a bookworm mom's face as she unwraps this lovely gift. This candle offers a warm ambiance in any reading nook, making it the ideal companion for quiet moments spent in a captivating story.

Price: 15.99 USD

2. Quotes by Iconic Women Bookends

Quotes by Iconic Women Bookends

Photo taken from Uncommon Goods

Imagine the joy on a book-loving mom's face as she sees these elegant bookends proudly displaying her favourite reads. The Quotes by Iconic Women Bookends are a lovely addition to any bookworm mom's collection.

These bookends not only hold up books but also feature inspiring quotes and wisdom from iconic women. They add a touch of empowerment to any bookshelf or desk. Plus, they serve as a reminder of the incredible achievements of women throughout history!

Price: 50.00 USD

3. Book Lovers Gifts Box

Book Lovers Gifts Box

Photo taken from Amazon

Surprise your bookworm mom with The Book Lovers Gifts Box! This delightful treat will enhance your mom’s reading experience and bring joy to her leisure time. This carefully curated box contains a selection of goodies like:

  • printed tote bag
  • pair of comfy printed reading socks
  • solid wooden page holder
  • cute mini sign (“Shhhh I’m reading”)
  • silicone pointer bookmark

With its thoughtful assortment of items, this gift box will pamper any mom who enjoys getting lost in the pages of a good book.

Price: 39.90 USD

The Sentimental Mom

Don't we all have a sentimental mom? They surely show lots of love by remembering the little things and cherishing memories deeply. Let's honour them on Mother's Day by giving them more items to make their hearts feel brighter and warmer.

Here are some of the best options for them:

1. Journal and Memory Keepsake Book

Journal and Memory Keepsake Book

Photo taken from Amazon

Your mom probably loves jotting down their thoughts and keeping photos or keepsakes. In that case, get her this Journal and Memory Keepsake Book for Mother’s Day! This item is like a special treasure chest for moms who love reading and writing.

Sentimental moms will adore this because it’s a way to keep memories, where every page holds something precious to cherish. So, if your mom loves to reminisce and hold onto special memories, this item will surely make her heart sing with joy!

Price: 11.24 USD

2. Custom Photo Puzzles

Custom Photo Puzzles

Photo taken from Printique

Custom Photo Puzzles are a unique way for sentimental moms to turn their cherished memories into a fun and interactive experience. These puzzles allow them to create personalized puzzles using their favourite photos.

With this item, sentimental moms can relive precious memories while spending quality time with their loved ones. As they piece together each puzzle, they'll enjoy the journey of putting together something beautiful and meaningful.

Price: 29.99 USD

3. Personalized Star Map

Personalized Star Map

Photo taken from Amazon

This Mother’s Day, give your mom a unique remembrance of the special moments in their life. Capture the alignment of stars in the sky on a specific date with this Personalized Star Map.

Whether it's the birth of a child or any other significant event, you can customize this star map with personalized details. It is also beautifully illustrated to resemble the actual starry sky on that memorable night.

Price: 19.99 USD

The Jetsetter Mom

If you have an adventurous mom who balances their love for travel while raising a family, you have a Jetsetter Queen. Celebrate Mother's Day with the best items she can use while she creates lasting memories through travelling.

1. The Weekend Travel Bag

The Weekend Travel Bag

Photo taken from Nordstrom

If you’re travelling with your mom on Mother’s Day, here’s the perfect item for her. The Weekend Travel Bag is a stylish bag designed for short getaways. The bag has plenty of space to fit all the essentials for a weekend adventure and multiple pockets for organization.

Made from durable materials, it's perfect for Jetsetter Moms who are always on the go with their families. Whether planning a spontaneous road trip or a quick getaway, this bag provides the necessary convenience and functionality.

Price: 108.00 USD

2. Nidra Sleep Mask

Nidra Sleep Mask

Photo taken from Amazon

The Nidra Sleep Mask is a comfortable and effective way to get a good night's sleep, even in bright environments. Its soft, curved form blocks out light. This will help Jetsetter Moms get the rest they require on long flights or in unfamiliar hotel rooms.

The adjustable strap gives a secure fit for all head sizes. Meanwhile, the lightweight and breathable material enhances overall comfort. With this sleep mask, your traveller mom may get uninterrupted sleep wherever they go.

Price: 24.99 USD

3. Catalyst Waterproof Total Protection Case

Catalyst Waterproof Total Protection Case

Photo taken from Amazon

The Catalyst Waterproof Total Protection Case is a must-have item for travelling moms who love to explore and document their adventures. This durable and waterproof case offers the ultimate protection for their smartphones.

With its slim and sleek design, the case doesn't add bulk to the phone, making it convenient to carry around during travels. Jetsetter Moms can capture precious moments without worrying about damaging their devices.

Price: 89.99 USD

Ship Your Mother’s Day Gifts To Canada Today!

Instead of travelling to the US to purchase your Mother’s Day gift, why not shop online at your most convenient time?

Through online shopping, you can visit many US retailers to see their wide product options for the upcoming Mother’s Day. By doing so, there’s a big chance of finding a special and unique gift to show your love for your mom!

Additionally, many US stores offer huge discounts and limited-time deals. Indeed, you would want to take advantage of this chance of getting more by paying less. So, if you’re eager to shop for something nice for your mom, you better start your cross-border shopping and shipping today.

Ship With Canada’s Best Package Forwarder

Once you’re ready to check out your online shopping cart, remember to ship your orders with the best package forwarder in Canada.

Shippsy serves as a bridge between you and your favourite US online store. What makes Shippsy the best among all the service providers in Canada are its:

  • super affordable rates
  • ultra-fast transit time

If you’re tired of spending a lot to ship your US order before, it’s time to switch. With Shippsy, you can ship your package for as low as 6.99 CAD*.

Plus, we don’t like making our customers wait for too long. We ensure that our shipping vehicles are in top-notch condition and comply with Canadian import regulations. This allows us to smoothly and quickly transport your boxes across the border.

You deserve a hassle-free US-to-Canada shipping experience. Start your best shipping journey by creating your Shippsy account today!

*Rate is applicable in Ontario. Shipping fees start at 7.99 CAD British Columbia and Quebec regions. Duties and taxes apply.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating Mother’s Day is a special way to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude towards our moms. After all, we get the best unconditional love from these extraordinary women.

Getting them only the best gift shows our commitment to making them feel valued on the special day made just for them.

Happy Mother’s Day from Shippsy!

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