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NFL Shop Canada: Your Best Guide For Touchdown Trends

Published: March 14, 2024
Author: Aman Chopra

The NFL Shop Canada is the ultimate destination for football fanatics in the Great White North. This article will explore the core of football fashion as we provide a carefully chosen assortment that excels in style and team passion.

Take a trip through the newest and greatest in NFL fashion, where your unwavering style sense and enthusiasm for the game season come together, whether you’re getting ready for game day or want to spice up your regular wardrobe.

Key Takeaways

  • Approximately 31% of Canadians, around 12.5 million, have a favourite NFL team, with the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs topping the popularity charts.
  • While Canada lacks official NFL teams, numerous Canadian stores offer a diverse range of licensed NFL merchandise.
  • Shippsy enables Canadians to purchase from a wider selection of US retailers without exorbitant shipping fees or complex customs processes by providing a free US shipping address.

Meet NFL

Know more about NFL

According to Leger360.com, a marketing research and analytics company, about 31% of Canadians (around 12.5 million people) have a favourite NFL team. The most popular teams are the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks, and Kansas City Chiefs.

The National Football League, or NFL, is a professional American football league founded in Canton, Ohio, on August 20, 1920. It comprises 32 teams divided equally between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). The league is known for its high-profile games, including the Super Bowl, which determines the annual champion.

The NFL is a significant part of American sports culture, drawing millions of fans and showcasing top athletes.

Are There Officially Licensed NFL Apparel Shops in Canada?

Officially licensed NFL Shops in Canada

While Canada doesn’t have official NFL teams, Canadian fans can still express their passion for football through licensed NFL apparel in various Canadian stores. Despite the absence of homegrown teams, the popularity of the NFL resonates strongly, with numerous retailers offering a diverse range of licensed merchandise.

From jerseys to accessories, these stores provide Canadian football enthusiasts with the means to support their favourite NFL teams and players. Whether it’s the iconic logos or the latest game-day gear, these establishments serve as hubs for fans to showcase their team spirit and stay connected to the thrilling world of American football.

Browse and shop your team’s NFL gear from any of these stores:

  • NFL Shop Canada. The official NFL shop in Canada has the leading assortment of NFL gear and apparel for all 32 teams. You can check out the premium selections from trusted brands such as Nike, New Era, and Fanatics Branded. They have everything you need, including hats, shirts, and other collectibles.
  • Fanatics Branded Canada. Fanatics is a major player in the sports gear and merchandise industry, providing a range of officially licensed items for different leagues, teams, and players. Though they mainly sell merchandise from other brands, their strong name and impact have established their own brand identity in their own right.
  • Real Sports Apparel. Explore a wide selection of NFL apparel from every team at this store, which has locations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg.
  • Maison Du Sports Canadien. Apart from being the official Montreal Canadiens shop, this store also offers gear from other NFL teams. With convenient locations in Montreal and Laval, it’s your go-to destination for a broad product assortment of NFL apparel.
  • Fanabox. While specializing in motorsports apparel, this store also caters to NFL fans with a curated selection. Located in Montreal, it’s your one-stop shop for a blend of motorsports and NFL gear. Explore your love for speed and football with various options available at this unique destination.
  • United Sport & Cycle. This Edmonton-based retailer is a haven for sports enthusiasts, offering various sporting goods, including a vast collection of NFL apparel. Whether you’re gearing up for game day or looking for sports gear, this establishment is your go-to destination for quality products to fuel your athletic pursuits.

Checking these stores frequently will help you score a sale and free shipping on orders amounting to a specific amount.

Top Official NFL Merchandise Worth Buying

Top items to consider when buying NFL merch

Dive into the world of football fashion with our list of the best NFL merchandise worth purchasing. We’ve curated a list of must-have gear that lets you showcase your team’s pride in style.

  • NFL Jerseys. As an NFL fan, buying a jersey means more to you than just donning your team’s colours. It’s a tangible expression to show off your loyalty and enthusiasm for the game. Each jersey carries the legacy of the team and player, connecting you to the rich history of football. Plus, sporting an official NFL jersey is a stylish way to show your team spirit, making you stand out among other supporters. It represents more than simply an outfit—it signifies tradition, friendship, and steadfast support for your preferred team.
  • Starter Jackets. These iconic jackets symbolize team pride, nostalgia, and a connection to the game’s history. Perfect for chilly game days, they blend fashion with fandom, making you a standout supporter in the vibrant tapestry of NFL enthusiasts.
  • Game-Used Gears. Acquiring game-used NFL gear is a unique way to own a piece of football history. Each helmet, cleave, or glove carries the essence of on-field action, making it a tangible connection to your favourite team’s journey. It’s not just a souvenir; it’s an authentically etched piece of the gridiron’s intensity.
  • Bobbleheads. NFL bobbleheads offer a playful and collectible way to display team pride. These miniature replicas capture the essence of your favourite players, immortalizing iconic moments. They add a fun touch to your fan cave, showcasing team spirit with a nod to the lighter side of football fandom. Perfect for enthusiasts of all ages!
  • Autographed Memorabilia. Purchasing signed NFL memorabilia is one way to get your hands on a piece of sports history. Each signature tells a unique story, connecting you intimately with the game’s legends. For true football enthusiasts, it creates a treasured keepsake that embodies the essence of their excellence and provides a tangible relationship to their favourite players.
  • Trading Cards. Collecting NFL trading cards adds an element of excitement to fandom. These cards capture iconic moments, player stats, and rare editions, turning every pack into a potential treasure trove. It’s a nostalgic journey through the league’s history, offering fans a tangible and shareable connection to their favourite teams and players.

Why Should Canadians Consider Buying From NFL Shop US

Canadians may want to consider buying from NFL Shop US for several reasons.

  1. Special or Limited Edition Items. The US store has special or limited-edition items you can’t find in Canada. This happens because of different rules about selling things, special advertising in certain areas, or just how they manage their stock.
  1. Deals or Special Offers. Every now and then, the US store might have special deals or sales that you can’t get in Canada. But remember to consider the extra shipping and tax charges before deciding if it’s cheaper.
  1. Using a Package Forwarding Service. If you’re okay with using a service that forwards packages, you might be able to avoid some extra charges for shipping stuff internationally. But keep in mind that using this service might make things more complicated and cost you more money.

Expand NFL Product Assortment with Shippsy

Consider Shippsy when purchasing NFL items from the US

Speaking of reliable package forwarders, Shippsy can help you get your products shipped from the US to Canada.

Shippsy is Canada’s leading cross-border shipping company, connecting Canadian shoppers to their favourite US retailers. With Shippsy, you don’t have to worry about expensive shipping fees, confusing customs processes, and long delivery times.

After signing up for a Shippsy account, you will receive a free US shipping address. You don’t have to worry because Shippsy is absolutely free! You don’t have to pay subscription fees, only the handling fee plus applicable duties or taxes.

How long does the NFL shop take to ship to Canada?

It takes 4-10 business days for the NFL shop to ship international packages. However, only selected items are eligible for shipping.

With Shipsy, however, you can purchase any NFL apparel and send it to Canada faster. The NFL shop’s standard domestic shipping is within 2 business days. Once the package arrives at Shippsy’s US facility, it will only take 2-3 business days to arrive in Canada.


Shippsy provides flexible receiving options depending on your availability. You can pick your packages up at the nearest designated Shippsy branch or mail them to your home address via Canada Post for a small additional fee. However, the mail-out option is only suitable for packages weighing less than 50 lbs (23 kg). All packages exceeding this weight limit are ready for pickup.

Additionally, Shippsy provides a pallet shipping option for packages over 100 lbs (43 kg). You can call our customer support team to learn more about this option and for assistance.

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