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Shipping From US To Canada Cost And Considerations

Published: September 27, 2023
Author: Diana Zheng

Canadian online shoppers often have some burning questions about shipping from the US to Canada cost and considerations. With so many complicated answers online, you may find it stressful to search for the right one.

So, to help you research the ins and outs of shipping from the US to Canada, we’ll give you what you need to learn about the shipping rates and considerations.

Read this article now to get the real answers you need to know about US-to-Canada shipping.

Things To Consider When Getting The Shipping Cost From US To Canada

Shipping Parcels From The US Can Be Expensive

It’s no surprise that shipping products from the USA to Canada can be very costly. If you’re still wondering why, let us give you these important reasons why:

Shipping Distance

One reason that drives up your shipping costs is the distance between the USA and Canada. Your packages cross another border when transported a considerable distance, usually by air or ground transportation, to arrive in Canada.

The price can increase because of specific fees required for various stages, such as customs fees, handling fees, transportation, and other additional costs that may be incurred during the shipment.

While the overall cost of shipping can be frustrating, know that these processes are necessary as they ensure that your package meets all the cross-border shipping regulations and requirements.

USD-To-CAD Conversion

The USD-to-CAD Conversion is one factor contributing to the rise of US-to-Canada shipping fees. While there may be other reasons your shipping fee is expensive, converting USD to CAD can still impact the final cost.

Thus, staying updated about the exchange rates and associated fees is always a great idea to understand better the overall costs of shipping your items from the US. Currency exchange rates may fluctuate, meaning the value of CAD in line with USD may also change.

Sometimes, exchange rates are favourable, and you get more bang for your buck. On the other hand, when the exchange fluctuates, it can make your fees costlier when converted. Another thing to remember is that some financial processors may charge a fee for currency conversion.

Peak Seasons And Demands

During certain times of the year, like holidays or significant shopping events, the number of packages being shipped by Canadian customers can spike.

Many people shop for gifts and goodies from e-commerce merchants during the holiday season. As a result, a surge in demand can lead to increased shipping costs as shipping companies and carriers need to deal with increased demand for services. To keep up with this surge, some shipping providers prioritize expedited shipping services (which are generally costly) and push up the prices for standard shipping options.

So, look and go for a cross-border shipping provider that ensures affordability without compromising the speed and quality of the shipping service. While peak seasons offer many doors to great deals and promos, it is essential to note that shipping expenses may become pricier. This way, you get the best value for your US purchase and ensure that they arrive in Canada without you breaking the bank for it.

How Much Does Shipping Cost From US To Canada?

We understand it’s crucial for you to get an idea of how much the shipping costs for packages from the US to Canada. Thus, we would like to share these rates and shipping times from the top shipping companies in Canada.

In this table, we will get the price for a 5-pound box from New York to Toronto.

Shipping ProviderShipping RatesTransit Time
DHL Express Worldwide$42.402 - 4 business days
UPS Standard$17.872 business days
UPS Worldwide Expedited$29.662 business days
UPS Worldwide Express$36.351 business day
USPS First Class International$22.236 - 9 business days
USPS Priority Mail International$45.796 - 9 business days
(Note that the figures shown are estimated rates only. Changes may apply as per the shipping provider’s discretion)

Tips To Reduce Your US-To-Canada Shipping Costs

Take Advantage Of Cheap Shipping Options

As online shoppers, a low shipping rate is always good news. Here are some ways to reduce shipping costs when shipping a package from the US.

Take Advantage of Sales And Promos

Do you want to score some cheap shipping options? Here’s a pro tip: keep your eyes peeled for special shipping promos and deals!

Before you hit that checkout button, take a moment to see if there are any ongoing shipping deals that can help you save on your budget. Popular events like Black Friday or Cyber Monday often have great chances to take advantage of discounted prices and other special shipping offers. These time-limited promos can help you shop more while keeping within your budget.

Also, it’s best to go for a shipping service provider that offers lowest shipping fees and discounts for multiple parcels. This way, you can save both on your shopping and shipping spree.

Consider Package Consolidation

Another savvy trick to keep your shipping fees low is through package consolidation. Instead of shipping individual items from your chosen US retailer, your multiple purchases are placed in a single shipment.

You may be wondering how this can help you reduce your costs. Imagine if you purchased 3 items from the same store and shipped them individually, you will be paying for three multiple packages’ individual handling fees and transportation fees. However, by consolidating packages, you will only pay for one package’s worth of shipping cost. Chances are you will be able to save more - regardless of its weight or its size.

So, next time you’re on an online shopping spree and are ready to checkout your items, do not hesitate to contact your US seller and request to consolidate your items.

Choose The Right Shipping Provider

Finding the right cross-border shipping provider is a real game changer when trimming your shipping costs.

Opting for the right shipping carrier gives you access to the most affordable rates, efficient shipping options, and exceptional shipping services. Aside from their proven track record of expertise in the field, they also ensure you get away from the stress of dealing with complicated customs forms, hidden fees, and possible errors in the shipping process.

While most couriers claim to be the best in the industry, some factors to consider when finding the real one is to compare their rates and read some reviews from previous customers. If you find one with the most positive feedback, chances are you found the right one.

But, hey, no need to stress out about possibly having a hard time looking for a shipping carrier with rates that fit your budget. Some package forwarders, like Shippsy, offer super affordable shipping rates without compromising the service.

Experience Shippsy's Cheap Shipping For US Shipments

Ship with Shippsy today!

If you ever find yourself asking "Which cross-border shipping provider should I choose?", the answer is easy: Shippsy.

This cross-border shipping provider in Canada continues to pave Canadian customers' way toward accessing US products by providing high-quality services for your shipping needs.

Fastest Way To Ship US Products To Canada

For sure, you have experienced getting frustrated with a long waiting time for your US package to arrive. Well, Shippsy keeps that from happening to its valued Canadian customers.

All its team members ensure the shipping process is done quickly. Picture this: you shop online in the US today and get your packages in 2-4 business days*. Sounds too good to be true? Try it out today!

*For Ontario customers. Transit time for British Columbia and Quebec is 4-7 business days. Please note that shipping times may vary depending on your location.

Cheapest Way To Send Products

Shippsy doesn’t let you break the bank for sending your US parcels to Canada. Check out these cheapest rates for its great options:

Shipping Fees
Ontario*British ColumbiaQuebec
Starts at $6.99 per package(for packages up to 10 lbs)Starts at $7.99 per package (for packages up to 10 lbs)Starts at $9.99 per package (for packages up to 10 lbs)
Note: Taxes and customs duties apply. Packages over 10 lbs will incur an additional of $0.45/lb for every pound up to 100 lbs.
For Ontario only: 25% OFF discount for 3 or more requested shipments on the same day. (Note: Packages must come from the same vendor to be qualified for the discount.)

Get In Touch With A Real Person!

One of the best things that sets Shippsy apart from the other shipping carriers you may know is our excellent customer support team. Shippsy ensures you get responses and support from real humans.

Yes, you read it right! Unlike other shipping companies, Shippsy doesn’t let robots assist its customers. All our customer support lines lead to shipping experts who can cater to all your shipping needs - shipping assistance, inquiries, feedback, reports, and anything.

No more frustrating automated systems or waiting ages for help - Shippsy is all about putting their customers first and creating your best US-to-Canada shipping experience.

FAQS About Shipping To CanadaShop At Your Favorite Ecommerce Merchants

What Items Are Not Allowed To Be Shipped To Canada?

Some items that are not allowed for Canadian entry are alcoholic beverages, agricultural products, chemicals, rough diamonds, live plants, meat products, and more.

Please visit Shippsy's list of prohibited items for more accurate details on this matter.

Can I Avoid Paying Customs Duties And Tax?

Can I Avoid Paying The Customs Fees?

No. Shippsy fully complies with Canada Border Services Agency’s (CBSA) shipping rules and regulations on the goods and services tax when shipping products to Canada.

Misdeclaration or failure to provide accurate details or values will result in a financial penalty, permanent account suspension, or more severe consequences from CBSA.

Is Tracking Available For Cross-Border Shipments?

Yes! Shippsy will provide you with a tracking reference which you can use to monitor the movement of your package. Plus, you will also receive email notifications regarding your package status, including when it's ready for pickup.

Key Takeaway

Ready to check out those items in your online shopping cart? Take a moment and learn the ins and outs of cross-border shipping first. Knowing and understanding the costs and other shipping considerations can make a difference in your shipping journey.

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