Shippsy 101: Know How Much To Pay For A Shipment Using USA To Canada Duty Calculator

Diana Zheng
January 10, 2023

Canadians choose to do their online shopping at US stores mainly because the USA offers a wider selection of products or specific brands that are not readily available in Canada. Thus, there are many things to consider when shipping from the United States to Canada, this includes paying for the applicable duties assessed by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). 

This might be the first time you're ordering an item from the United States. While you're at it, let us guide you through knowing how much to pay for shipment using a Canada duty calculator. Enjoy reading!

What Are Duties?

Taxes and duties are fees imposed by the government on individuals and businesses. A tax is typically levied on income, sales, and property, while a customs duty is typically imposed on imported or exported goods. A specific customs duty imposed can vary depending on the country and the level of government, as well as the type of activity being taxed or regulated. 

How To Calculate Duties?

There are several costs that you need to take into account when shipping from USA to Canada. It includes the cost of the goods, the shipping or freight charges, and customs duties or taxes that may apply. While Shippsy shows you the amount you will have to pay for the taxes and duties, learning how to calculate duties will help you fully understand what you are paying for.

Calculating using a duty estimator Canada when importing goods from the United States to Canada can be a complex process. The amount of duty you'll have to pay depends on several factors, including the types of goods you're importing, their value, and the place of origin. Here is an overview of how to calculate duty when importing to Canada:

  • Determine The Item Classification: Canadian products are assigned a specific tariff classification code, which is used to determine the rate of duty. These codes are available online and can be found in the Canadian Customs Tariff.
  •  Determine The Value of Goods: When declaring the value of your items, be sure to provide the specific item description and its actual value*. In addition, also indicate if the item is manufactured in North America. You will then be asked to provide proof, so be sure to prepare one!
  • Determine The Rate of Duty: Once you know the classification and value of your goods, you can determine the duty rate by consulting the Customs Tariff. The duty rate is usually expressed as a percentage of the value of the goods. 
  • Calculate The Duty: Use a duty calculator Canada to calculate the total cost of a shipment from the US. These calculators are available online and are usually free to use. Multiply the value of the goods by the duty rate to get the total amount of duty you'll have to pay. 

*The actual value does not include the sales tax or delivery costs to the US facility.

Calculating the duty can be quite easy to do if you're knowledgeable about what to consider. However, to ensure that you budget enough for the shipment and avoid any problems during the process, it is a good idea to consult with a client support staff or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) for assistance.

In addition to the duty calculator, you can also consult the CBSA website for more information on tariffs, taxes, and clearing goods through Canadian customs. 

Duties Depend On Your Item Classification - canada duty calculator

Is There A Way To Avoid Paying Duties?

No. Shippsy fully complies with the regulations and guidelines mandated by the CBSA on importing goods to Canada. Failure to declare incorrect item descriptions or value will result in monetary penalties, permanent account suspension, or legal charges and consequences from CBSA.

How To Declare Items

To make your item declaration, you must log in to your Shippsy account and click the "Action Required" tab. Next, look for the shipment you want to request and click the "Provide Details" button. Finally, double-check the list of things to consider when declaring your item and ensure that each one is properly followed. 

After submitting your declaration, a confirmation screen will appear showing the estimated fees. If everything looks good, choose your shipping method, and click the Request button. 

Your shipment will then be sent to Shippsy's Data Entry Team for approval. You will be notified via email in case of a problem. Meanwhile, your shipment will be approved and added to the next transit if all information is correct. 

Contact Shippsy

Our customer service is available to answer all your questions or concerns regarding Shippsy's cross-border shipping services and rates. Shippsy's team is also prepared to assist you with your shipping needs if you need some! Call us at 888-744-7779 or message us on our website.

Also, make sure to follow us @loveshippsy on TikTok and Instagram. Don't forget to mention us or use the hashtag #loveshippsy while unboxing your packages, and get the chance to be featured!

Key Takeaway

It's important to research and budget for the potential costs of a shipment in advance to ensure that you have the funds available to pay for your shipment. Plus, it can also help you make the best decisions about your shipment process. Choose Shippsy, use a shipping and duty calculator, and be a pro for shipping your items across the border! 

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