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Purchase The Perfect Items For Music Lovers Using Tips On How To Calculate Shipping to Canada

Published: November 22, 2022
Author: Diana Zheng

Canadians are huge fans of music. In fact, many Canadian artists are successful in the music industry, both locally and internationally. In 2021, Canada’s music market was considered the eighth largest in the world, hitting nearly $584 million in revenue. 

If you’re a music lover, this article is specially written for you! Check out some items from the US that are perfect for music enthusiasts. Plus, get useful information on how to calculate shipping to Canada to get more while paying less! 

Genius Music Playing Cards

Make your card game moments more fun with these Genius Music Playing Cards available in Walmart! Each house is creatively made with different music genres (Hearts = Pop, Spades = Rock ‘n’ Roll, Diamonds = Folk & Country, Clubs = Soul, Blues, and R&B). Plus, the cards feature illustrations of big music artists. Each set also comes with two joker cards featuring Björk and David Bowie.

Birth Month Guitar Picks

Check out these cute handmade Birth Month Guitar Picks from Uncommon Goods. These items are carefully crafted from gemstones inspired by each month. You can choose your birth month and its corresponding gemstones: Red Jasper, Amethyst, Amazonite, Crystal Quartz, and more! This is also a great gift idea for your loved ones!

Water Bottle With Bluetooth Speaker

Now you can bring the music anywhere with this Water Bottle With Bluetooth Speaker from Uncommon Goods. Make your usual daily activities more fun by ensuring you’re always hydrated and can blast music whenever possible. You can also answer calls with just one touch of the speaker. The speaker is seamlessly embedded into the bottle’s top.

Guitar Shaped Utensil Set

Go eco-friendly with the Bamboo Guitar Neck-Shaped Kitchen Utensil Set available in Walmart! This product is safe to use on non-stick cookware. It is creatively designed to look like a guitar case and is 100% safe and smooth with its splinter-free finish. 

Turntable Cheese Board

This Turntable-Inspired Cheese Board is a perfect addition to your table for dinner parties and other special events. Intentionally designed to look like a vinyl record player, this product features a slate platter and a hidden slicer. 

How To Calculate Shipping Rate

Shipping goods from the United States to Canada can be pricey, especially when you ship the items directly from the store. However, Shippsy stands as your ultimate companion to cross-border shipping, offering the best services for the most affordable price and easiest process.

Shipping Considerations

You must consider several things as you calculate shipping cost from US to Canada. These factors are the order weight and size, package destination, and type of shipping.

  • Package Weight and Size - Most shipping carriers consider the dimensional packaging of packages instead of the actual weight. The dimensional measurement of a package is determined by the size of its packaging (length + width + height) and weight. For example, if you ordered a small item, regardless of its size, your shipping cost can depend on the size of the box used upon shipment. 

Moreover, suppose you’re purchasing multiple small items. In that case, you can contact the shipper and ask if they can place your orders in consolidated packaging. This strategy will save you more than when your orders are packaged separately, as shipping cost is calculated per box and not per purchase.

  • Package Destination - Your location also matters in calculating the shipping costs. The shipping rate can be more expensive for customers far from the shipper. Thus, customers far from pickup branches usually pay an extra fee for home deliveries.
  • Type of Shipping - There are different types of shipping. Some of the most common methods are standard, expedited, and overnight shipping. Standard shipping, also known as regular shipping, is the most common type of shipping method that is best for customers who can wait for their items. Meanwhile, expedited shipping is a term used for a type of shipping faster than standard shipping. This is similar to overnight shipping, except that the latter provides a shipping process where you receive the item the next day. 

The shipping cost varies depending on the type of shipping. While standard shipping offers the cheapest rates, expedited and overnight shipping does faster delivery of your goods.

Use a Shipping Calculator

Shipping companies add shipping calculators on their websites for customers to easily calculate shipping cost to Canada. 

Using a shipping calculator is easy. While you can see your total payable amount upon processing in a shipping company’s interface, a shipping calculator can help you determine how the costs are calculated. This way, you are not confused or doubtful of the rate you are required to pay. Or, if you’re still deciding which option to use, it can guide you to estimate how much you will be paying for shipping your goods. Just enter the correct product information and the destination, and you will see the varying rates for different options.

Use Shippsy

Shippsy is the best shipping provider in Canada. Aside from its affordable shipping rates, premium methods of shipping service, and fast shipping, Shippsy also ensures that customers are fully informed of how the shipping process works.

The clarity begins as soon as you create your Shippsy account. Shippsy’s portal is specially designed to be user-friendly and transparent. All information is provided: status of your shipment, completed transactions, breakdown of your total, and even your payment method.

Plus, we have the best customer service to help you if you need assistance when you calculate shipping to Canada. You can talk to an agent by calling 888-744-7779 or sending a message via the website.

Shippsy does not handle international shipments from other countries to Canada. All services are exclusive to US-to-Canada shipments. Meanwhile, if you’re a Canadian entrepreneur, check out Stallion Express for the best domestic, cross-border, and international shipping services and rates from Canada to your customers.

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