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How Does In and Out Parcel Work? (Cross-Border Alternatives)

Published: March 28, 2024
Author: Diana Zheng

Canadian online shoppers increasingly seek efficient and cost-effective cross-border shipping solutions in the ever-changing world of cross-border commerce. As the demand for US products surges, the need for reliable alternatives beyond the services of In and Out Parcel.

This article provides a comprehensive consumer guide to optimize your shopping experience across the United States. From seamless shipping to strategic choices, this discussion aims to empower Canadian buyers with the knowledge to manage numerous alternatives available in US commerce.

Meet In Out Parcel

In Our Parcel is a specialized package-receiving service located in Point Roberts, Washington. This service caters to the needs of Canadian residents who find themselves frequently indulging in online shopping or receiving packages from the United States.

In addition to its package-receiving services, In Out Parcel extends its convenience to cross-border shoppers by providing seamless US-to-Canada shipping solutions. Serving as a proficient mail forwarding service, In Out Parcel ensures a smooth transition for your packages from their US address to your Canadian destination.

This added dimension to their services caters specifically to the needs of Canadian shoppers who engage in cross-border shopping, offering a reliable and efficient solution.

How Does In-Out Parcel Work?

Here’s how In Out Parcel works:

  1. Register. Sign up with In Out Parcel to get your special Customer ID instantly. For quicker service, download and complete USPS Form 1583 using your Customer ID as the PMB or Suite #. Bring it on your initial visit or when picking up your parcel during business hours.

This step only needs to be done once to authorize In Out Parcel to access your packages. Forms are also accessible at our service counter during business hours for your convenience.

  1. Shop and Ship to In Out Parcel. Order from your preferred U.S. online store and have it delivered to our Point Roberts address. Remember to add your Customer ID for package tracking and to confirm it belongs to you.
  2. Add Credits. Add credits to your account using a credit card or cash in person. In Out Parcel’s Automated Package Retrieval System works on a period basis. If your balance goes to USD 0, the PIN code for the locker will be disabled.

You can reactivate it by refilling your account online, at the counter (credit card, CAD funds, USD funds), or at the pickup terminal with a credit card during staffed hours. Pay with a credit card at the pickup terminal after entering the PIN code.

  1. 24/7 Automated Locker Pickup. In Out Parcel will email you once the Canadian location receives your order. To use their after-hours locker service, complete the USPS-1583 For or the ID Verification Form to confirm your account. Your parcel is typically ready for pickup the same day in their 24/7 Automated Package Retrieval System.

You’ll receive a unique 6-digit PIN to unlock the locker and get your parcel. The lockers are accessible around the clock, including holidays and after-business operations, allowing you to pick up your items at your convenience. 

  1. Email Notifications. Once your package is received and logged into the system, In Out Parcel will automatically notify you. Remember that this email is a courtesy, so keeping track of all the packages you’re expecting is essential. If your package isn’t logged within one day, please inform their customer support.

This email includes the Tracking Number, 6-digit PIN, Locker Location, Cost, and Current Balance. To retrieve your package, you’ll need the 6-digit PIN code. Click the GREEN BUTTON to view all your parcels and PINs on one page, making it faster than going through multiple emails. Remember to log in; free Wi-Fi is available at their location.

How much does it cost to ship with In Out Parcel?

Knowing how much shipping will cost is essential for each buyer. Learn about the specifics of pricing, the variables affecting expenses, and what to anticipate when using In Out Parcel services for your shipping needs.

Meet Shippsy

Shippsy package forwarding service from US to Canada

Shippsy offers convenience like no other! It is a Canadian package forwarding service streamlining cross-border shipping, making online shopping from US retailers to Canada effortless.

Shippsy facilitates purchases from preferred US stores by offering Canadian shoppers a dedicated US address. After your items reach their facility, Shippsy takes care of customs paperwork and ensures a smooth shipping procedure to your Canadian location.

How Does Shippsy Work?

Here’s how Shippsy works:

  1. Create your Shippsy account. Register for a Shippsy account and receive a unique US address.
  1. Shop at your favourite US retailer. Use your Shippsy US address as the shipping address when shopping at your favourite US retailers. Remember to copy it as is!
  1. Item Arrival at Shippsy US warehouse. They will notify you once your items arrive at Shippsy’s US facility.
  1. Pay for Shipping and Duties. After receiving the notification, request the specific items to be delivered to Canada. Shippsy will send you an invoice for the shipping and customs duties.
  1. Customs Clearance. Shippsy handles all the customs paperwork and duties, ensuring your items clear customs smoothly.
  1. Shipping to Canada. Once the items are cleared, wait a couple of days to receive your items. You can pick up the package from the designated location or deliver it to your Canadian shipping address.

How much does it cost to ship with Shippsy?

Like In Out Parcel, you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription or annual fees to use Shippsy. You will only have to pay the handling fee, applicable duties, and taxes.

Here’s how much it costs:

Shippsy BranchPricing
OntarioCAD 6.99 + applicable tax
British Columbia and QuébecCAD 7.99 + applicable tax

Things to Remember:

  • You can receive a 25% handling fee discount for the Ontario region if you request three or more packages on the same day. This does not apply to B.C. and Québec.
  • This is only applicable to 10lbs packages. Please contact our customer service or visit our website if you have a larger or heavier package.

How fast can you get your US orders with Shippsy?

Whether you’re ordering something from Point Roberts or New York City, we can bring your US orders to Canada without worries.

Here’s the transit times:

Shippsy BranchDelivery Times
Ontario2-3 business days
British Columbia4-7 business days
Québec5-7 business days

In Out Parcel Vs Shippsy

In Out Parcel and Shippsy are two services that assist Canadians in receiving packages from the United States, providing customers with a US address for their online shopping. After your package reaches the US address, the service will then forward it to your location in Canada.

In Out ParcelShippsy
LocationPoint Roberts, WashingtonMultiple locations in Canada, including Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec
ServicesPackage forwarding, mailbox rentals, and package consolidationPackage forwarding – pick up, mail out, pallet shipping option
PricingVaries depending on the service and the weight of the package. For example, package forwarding starts at $5 USD per package within the US.The price starts at 6.99 CAD for packages under 50 lbs. This price includes brokerage and transportation fees to Canada.
Pros24/7 access to your packages, no storage fees, and the ability to consolidate multiple packages into one shipment to save on shipping costs.More convenient than In Out Parcel for most Canadians, faster delivery times, and the option to have your packages forwarded to your home address.
ConsLimited service area (only serves the Lower Mainland of BC), longer wait times for delivery compared to Shippsy, and no option to have your packages forwarded to your home address.Storage fees apply after 30 days, no 24/7 access to your packages, and limited consolidation options compared to In Out Parcel.

How do you choose the right parcel forwarding service?

woman looking for the right parcel forwarding service

Selecting the right parcel forwarding service is critical for seamless and reliable shipping. Let’s break down the essential factors and considerations to help you make an informed decision.

Shipping Costs and Fees

a piggy bank, pen, coins and calculator on a table

Considering shipping costs and fees is necessary when seeking alternatives for package forwarding services for Canadian shoppers. Understanding the entire range of prices, including potential customs fees, ensures transparency and cost-effectiveness.

By carefully evaluating these factors, shoppers can make informed decisions, optimizing their budget while enjoying reliable and efficient US shipping services. This consideration is crucial if you want a smooth shopping experience that fits your shipping needs and budget.

Reputation and Reviews

a person holding a phone

Evaluating the reputation and reviews of alternative options is crucial for Canadian shoppers. Insights from customer experiences provide valuable perspectives on reliability, delivery times, and overall satisfaction.

A reputable provider guarantees a reliable and effective US shopping experience. By considering reputation and reviews, customers can decide appropriately, reducing the risk of potential issues and ensuring their parcels are handled with care and delivered as promised.

Customs Knowledge and Compliance

a person's hand holding a stamp

Canadian shoppers must consider customs expertise and compliance when seeking alternative parcel service options. A service well-versed in customs regulations ensures seamless international shipments, minimizing the risk of delays or complications.

Expertise in proper documentation and adherence to customs regulations improves shipping efficiency and makes it easier for customers to deal with any obstacles. Choosing a service that strongly focuses on customs knowledge and compliance is fundamental for a seamless and hassle-free US shopping experience.

Package Handling and Additional Services

boxes with shopping cart logo on them and money

Evaluating package handling and additional options is vital for Canadian online shoppers seeking an alternative service. Companies offering options like consolidation, repackaging, and storage impact shipped items’ overall efficiency and condition.

Tailoring these solutions to specific needs ensures a personalized and cost-effective approach to parcel management. Consider package handling and additional offerings to help optimize the shipping process, providing a tailored experience that meets the needs and preferences of Canadian online shoppers.

Customer Support

a person wearing a headset and sitting at a desk

Customer support is essential for Canadian online shoppers exploring an alternative parcel service. Responsive and helpful customer service is a lifeline in resolving issues, tracking shipments, and addressing inquiries promptly.

Excellent customer support guarantees a dependable and stress-free US buying experience. Prioritizing effective communication channels and timely assistance enhances shopper confidence, offering peace of mind throughout the shipping process and reinforcing a positive connection between the service provider and the Canadian online shopper.

What is the best way to send packages to Canada from the United States?

US tand Canada flags

Sending parcels from the US to Canada efficiently and reliably is a common concern for many. It’s good that we have Shippsy to help you handle the shipping process from the US to Canada, ensuring a smooth and successful delivery experience. It is the perfect parcel service alternative because it has the same positive reputation but with more affordable shipping options and faster delivery times.

Making the Right Choice

With this knowledge, you can confidently choose a service that aligns with your needs, providing a trustworthy solution for your US to Canada shipping requirements.

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