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Popular Coffee Brands From The USA: How To Get Them In Canada

Published: January 6, 2024
Author: Diana Zheng

There is something undeniably irresistible about starting a day with a morning cup of coffee. For many, trying different coffee flavours makes it even better. But isn’t it costly and tiring to make a daily run to the coffee shop?

So, why not shop your coffee stash online? While you’re at it, we highly recommend you try the popular coffee brands from across the border! Learn more by reading this insider’s scoop on a journey through the aromatic world of coffee brands from the USA.

Key Takeaway

  • If you’ve run out of your coffee stash consider purchasing the most popular brands from the USA and shipping them with a trusted package forwarder.
  • The USA is home to many coffee companies that offer the best coffee varieties which cater to every Canadian coffee lover’s tastes.
  • For the best coffee shopping experience, consider identifying your preferred taste, reading product reviews and roasting date, using trial packs first, and determining your preferred brewing method.

Why Purchase Popular Coffee Brands From The USA?

Why purchase American-made coffee?

Canadians love coffee. As a matter of fact, Canada was included in the top 10 list of countries that drink the most coffee per person, consuming an average of 2.7 cups a day.

Although Canadians love their local coffee, a lot still explore new flavours and varieties. Fortunately, our friendly neighbour across the border has so much to offer when it comes to coffee brands. Major US online retailers’ shelves are stacked with coffee varieties, and don’t let yourself miss this opportunity to grab one!

Now, here are some of the reasons why coffee lovers should purchase coffee online from the US:

  • Broad variety and specialty coffees – The coffee culture in the United States is diversified, with a wide selection of specialty coffee shops and roasters offering distinctive mixes and single-origin coffees. Canadians may find a greater selection or specialized types that suit their tastes.
  • Online Accessibility – By shopping online, you may choose among the many coffee options from the US. Canadians can explore a variety of selections and have coffee delivered to their doorstep, potentially getting access to brands or flavours that are not generally available in their home country and eliminating the need to get out of their house to grab some coffee.
  • Brand Recognition – Aside from the established coffee companies worldwide (like Starbucks and Tim Hortons), there are a lot of known American coffee brands which may be preferred by Canadians who appreciate reputation and quality.
  • Innovation and Trends – The US coffee market often leads in terms of innovation and trends. Canadians may find that America’s best coffee brands are at the forefront of new brewing techniques, flavour profiles, and coffee-related products, providing a chance to experience cutting-edge developments in the industry.

How To Ship Coffee Brands From The US?

While shopping, you may be surprised to know that some US online stores do not ship directly to the USA. But, this shouldn’t keep you from getting your bag of coffee grounds or espresso beans. To do so, remember to ship your items to Canada using a package forwarder, like Shippsy.

All you need is to create your Shippsy account and use your free and exclusive US shipping address whenever you’re ready to check out your purchases.

What Are The Most Popular Coffee Brands In 2023?

As promised, we present you this list to keep you in the loop on the hottest US brands in the coffee industry.

For Flavor – Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster and retailer which started in 1999 and is based in Oregon, USA. Known for its commitment to quality and its efforts in sourcing high-quality coffee beans, this company ensures that every customer is satisfied with the flavours that they offer.

Stumptown offers a diverse range of coffees with various flavor profiles. Whether Canadians prefer a bright and fruity Ethiopian coffee, a rich and chocolatey Guatemalan blend, or something in between, Stumptown’s selection allows for exploration and discovery of different taste experiences.

Here’s What You Should Try:

Stumptown Coffee's Hair Bender

Photo taken from Stumptown Coffee

Stumptown’s current best-selling coffee flavor is their Hair Bender. This hand roasted variety of coffee is their most celebrated blend with a rich flavor mix of sweet citrus, dark chocolate, and raisin. Sourced from Latin America, Indonesia, and Africa, the Hair Bender beans may be your newest go-to espresso.

Price: $16 USD

For Seasonal Blends – Intelligentsia

Founded in 1995, Intelligentsia Coffee is an American coffee roaster and company based in Chicago, Illinois. This coffee company ensures that they source beans ethically, coupled with focusing on providing support and empowerment to coffee-producing companies, which overall contributes to a more meaningful and responsible coffee consumption experience.

One thing you may love about this coffee brand is its concept of seasonal coffee blends. This strategy aligns well with the appreciation for diverse flavours tied to specific times of the year. Canadian coffee lovers may be drawn to the idea of experiencing unique and changing flavor profiles that mirror the seasons, adding an element of excitement and variety to their coffee routine.

Here’s What You Should Try:

Intelligentsia's Otoño Blend

Photo taken from Intelligentsia

Intelligentsia Coffee’s Otoño Blend is something you should definitely try during the cold season. Enjoy the whole beans’ blend of sweet and juicy flavours of stone fruit, infused from Intelligentsia’s three In-Season flavours – Ethiopia Washed Alaka, Kenya Kamviu, and Guatemala La Florida.

Price: $22 USD

For Gluten-Free And 100% Clean – Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee is a US-based coffee company and coffeehouse chain, founded in Minnesota in 1992. This coffee brand is known and celebrated for its commitment to using 100% natural ingredients, appealing to coffee lovers who prioritize mindful and healthy coffee consumption.

The company’s effort in ensuring the availability of gluten-free and 100% clean coffee options caters to a diverse range of dietary preferences and requirements. This inclusivity adds an extra layer of appeal for those with specific dietary restrictions or preferences.

Here’s What You Should Try:

Caibou Coffee's Bold North Blend

Photo taken from Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee’s Bold North® Blend is a dark roast blend which features a mix of raw honey, sage, and barrel oak flavours. This Kosher Certified product is made with 100% Arabica beans, sourced by Caribou Coffee in partnership with Rainforest Alliance.

Price: $11.99 USD

For Strongest Coffee Blend- Death Wish Coffee Co

Death Wish Coffee Company is a US-based coffee brand introduced in 2012 and is headquartered in New York. Renowned for its high caffeine content, this blend is a powerhouse of energy, making it particularly appealing to those who crave an extra kick to start their day.

Canadians, known for their love of outdoor activities, can truly enjoy Death Wish Coffee’s bold and powerful blends. Whether it’s a camping trip or a winter adventure, this brand’s robust flavours may serve as the ideal option for coffee enthusiasts to keep their spirits high and energy levels elevated.

Here’s What You Should Try:

Death Wish Coffee's Dark Roast Death Cups

Photo taken from Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee’s Dark Roast Death Cups gives you a bold yet smooth and flavorful brew that will definitely awaken you with an extra kick of caffeine. The single-serve pods* are filled with the perfect blend of the brand’s OG dark coffee mixed with fruity and chocolatey flavours and made from Arabica and Robusta beans.

Price: $14.99

*This product is compatible with Keurig 1 & 2, Breville, Cuisinart and Mr. Coffee coffee machines.

For Dark Roast – Copper Cow

Copper Cow is a US-based coffee retailer that offers high-quality Vietnamese coffee and lattes, perfect for coffee connoisseur’s morning taste buds. This coffee brand is dedicated to helping coffee farmers in Vietnam and sharing the vibrant heritage of Vietnamese coffee with the world.

One of the standout features of Copper Cow Coffee is its innovative single-serve pour-over design. Each packet comes with a pre-portioned pour-over filter that attaches to your cup. This design allows for a fresh and convenient brewing experience without the need for additional equipment, making it ideal for on-the-go coffee lovers.

Here’s What You Should Try:

Copper Cow's Classic Black Pour Over

Photo taken from Copper Cow

If you’re looking for a rich twist to your dark roasts, then Copper Cow’s Classic Black Pour Over coffee is the perfect option for you. Characterized by its bold and well-balanced flavour, this blend extracts the rich Arabica and Robusta flavours with chocolate and nutty undertones.

Price: $16.00 USD

For Light Roast – Bones Coffee Company

Bones Coffee Company is a pure online coffee retailer based in Florida. The family-owned company ensures they offer the best quality of its coffee beans. Their coffee beans are sourced from different regions known for their unique characteristics, and the company takes care in the roasting process to bring out the best flavours in each batch.

Bones Coffee Company distinguishes itself by offering a wide array of creatively flavoured coffees. From unconventional combinations like Strawberry Cheesecake and Maple Bacon to more traditional blends, the company takes a bold and adventurous approach to crafting unique flavour profiles that cater to a variety of taste preferences.

Here’s What You Should Try:

Bones Coffee Company's Ethiopia Single Origin Coffee

Photo taken from Bones Coffee Company

Try Bones Coffee Company’s Ethiopia Single-Origin coffee if you’re light roast blends with a heavy impact on your taste buds. Grown at altitudes of 5,500 – 6,100 feet, these coffee beans feature the unique flavours of berries, citrus, and floral coffee blend.

Price: $17.99 USD

For Medium Roast – Lavazza

Lavazza is an Italian coffee company established in 1895 by Luigi Lavazza in Turin, Italy. The company has become one of the leading coffee brands, ranking 7th in the world’s best coffee roasters.

Lavazza maintains a high-quality standard across its product range, including its medium roast blends. Their roasting process is calibrated to preserve the beans’ natural flavours while maintaining a moderate depth, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable cup of coffee without the intense characteristics of a dark roast.

Here’s What You Should Try:

Lavazza's Classico Ground Coffee

Photo taken from Lavazza

Lavazza’s Classico Ground Coffee typically features a medium roast with a flavour profile that is balanced and versatile. The beans are carefully roasted to maintain the coffee’s rich and dry fruity flavour quality, resulting in a cup that is neither too mild nor too bold.

Price: $15.45 USD

Tips And Tricks On How To Choose The Best Coffee Brand For You

Aside from giving you the list of popular coffee options above, we’d also love to help you improve your coffee–buying practices by providing these handy tips for choosing the best coffee brand for you:

Determine Your Coffee Preference

When choosing which coffee brand to purchase, keep in mind that your coffee preference encompasses a range of factors that influence the overall taste and experience of your daily brew.

Some of the key factors that you may want to consider are the following:

  • Flavour – Explore and identify the specific flavour characteristics you enjoy. It may be best to first assess if you are drawn to light, citrus, and fruity flavours or if you prefer deep, dark, and chocolatey flavours.
  • Roast Level – Determine your preference for roast levels, ranging from light to dark. Lighter roasts often showcase the subtle flavours of the coffee beans, while darker roasts bring out more robust and intense notes.
  • Aroma – Take note of the aromatic traits and variety of the coffee you like. Understanding the aromas that appeal to you will lead you to brands that highlight these aromatic features, whether you prefer a flowery and floral bouquet or a more strong and smoky fragrance.
  • Level of Acidity – Consider your coffee’s sweetness and acidity level. Some coffee beans have naturally sweeter, fruitier aromas, whereas others have a more apparent acidity. Recognizing your preference for these aspects can help you discover brands that match your ideal coffee balance.

Read Product Reviews

Product reviews provide firsthand experiences and opinions from other coffee connoisseurs. Use this feedback to check on valuable insights into the taste, aroma, and overall satisfaction of the coffee, allowing you to make a more informed decision based on the experiences of others.

Additionally, by taking customer reviews into account, you can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the brand’s strengths and weaknesses. These varying perspectives can actually help you gauge how well the coffee brand aligns with different taste preferences and brewing styles.

Check The Roasting Date

Checking the roasting date is an important step in choosing the best coffee brand and ensuring a premium coffee experience. This is because the roasting date indicates the freshness of the coffee beans, which influences the flavour, aroma, and overall quality of your brewed cup.

It is important to note that different coffee beans may have an optimal period of freshness after roasting, known as the peak freshness window. Checking the roasting date allows you to determine where the coffee is within this window, allowing you to time your purchases to coincide with when the beans are at their peak.

Consider Trial Packs First

When choosing a coffee brand, opting for trial packs is a wise strategy because it allows you to evaluate various aspects of the coffee, the brand, and your personal preferences in a cost-effective and risk-free manner.

Trying trial packs often provides an opportunity for you to gather feedback from your own experience. Use this experience as a factor to consider with future purchases, helping you make more informed decisions based on your preferences and allowing you to refine your choices over time.

Consider Your Brewing Method

The type of coffee that best suits you can be influenced by your preferred brewing method. For example, if you like espresso-based drinks, you may consider brands that specialize in creating blends tailored for espresso extraction. Similarly, if you prefer pour-over or French press coffee, look for brands offering coffee options catering to those methods.

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