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What Is Prime And Where To Buy It In Canada? (2024)

Published: January 18, 2024
Author: Diana Zheng

Prime Drink has taken the beverage scene by storm with its delectable and invigorating concoction, which boasts a rich infusion of essential vitamins and minerals. This innovative beverage is rapidly gaining popularity among individuals seeking a nutritious and revitalizing way to quench their thirst while simultaneously replenishing their body’s vital nutrients.

But what is it? Let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions about this popular beverage.

What is Prime Drink?

Prime Drink is an extensive line of drink mixes and energy drinks created and marketed by Prime Hydration, LLC and is highly promoted by well-known YouTube personalities Logan Paul and KSI. It is a sugar-free beverage that contains electrolytes, B Vitamins, and BCAAs.

It is an ideal beverage for individuals seeking hydration and an energizing lift. Its versatility makes it a perfect fit for any occasion where a thirst-quenching drink is needed. Those leading active lifestyles benefit significantly from its ability to maintain optimal hydration levels, allowing peak performance. Prime Drink is also a healthier alternative to sugary beverages, appealing to people concerned about dietary choices.

Whether you’re an athlete aiming to stay at the top of your game, an enthusiast with a health-conscious lifestyle, or simply needing a refreshing and nourishing option, it answers to the challenge as the ultimate choice to invigorate and sustain you throughout your day.

Is Prime Drink Considered A Sports Drink?

Popular Sports Drink in the US

Yes, Prime Drink qualifies as a sports drink because it contains electrolytes, vitamins and minerals that can help maintain optimal hydration and balance. The electrolytes present in Prime Drink can help reestablish the electrolyte balance lost through sweating during physical activities. This is necessary because electrolytes are essential for muscle function and hydration.

The vitamins and minerals featured in every Prime Drink go beyond merely aiding in hydration – they also enhance athletic performance and post-exercise recovery. For example, Vitamin C contains antioxidant properties, reducing muscle damage after physical exercise and supporting the body’s healing process. Meanwhile, the B vitamins in Prime Drinks are significant since they stimulate energy, ensuring that athletes can maintain their strength during intense workouts.

However, it’s important to stress that Prime Drink is not exclusively created for athletes and may not include the entire range of nutrients they generally need.

What are the available options for Prime Drink?

Prime Drink is conveniently accessible in two distinct varieties: Prime Hydration and Prime Energy.

Prime Hydration is a sports beverage without added sugar designed for active people. It has important things like electrolytes, B vitamins, and BCAAs that help with energy and muscle function. You can choose from different flavors that not only keep you hydrated but also taste great. It’s a healthy choice for those who like to be active and want a delicious drink that supports their well-being.

  • Tropical Punch
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Lemon Lime
  • Ice Shatter
  • Meta Moon
  • Glowberry
  • Lemonade
  • Ice Pop
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Orange
  • Grape

Prime Energy is an energy drink that can give you the perfect boost. It has 200mg of caffeine, which can help wake you up. It also has electrolytes, B vitamins, and BCAAs that are good for your body. You can choose from different flavors to find the one you like best. These flavors are just the definition of “great taste meets function.” It can help you stay alert and have the energy you need to get through your day. Whether you prefer fruity, tangy, or sweet flavors, Prime Energy has thirst-quenching flavors to refresh, refuel, and wake you.

  • Tropical Punch
  • Blue Raspberry
  • Lemon Lime
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Ice Shatter
  • Orange Mango

Is Prime Energy Drink Canada Popular?

Prime Energy Drink has gained significant traction in Canada, especially among the younger demographic. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the endorsement and association of widely recognized social media influencers such as Logan Paul and KSI with the brand. Their affiliation with the beverage significantly boosted its visibility and appeal to the audience they influence, ultimately contributing to its growing prominence and popularity within the Canadian market.

What are the common ingredients of Prime Drinks?

Prime Drink Nutritional Value

The common ingredients of Prime Drinks are Filtered Water, Coconut Water, Citric acid, Dipotassium phosphate, Trimagnesium citrate, Natural flavor, Sucralose, Beta carotene, L-isoleucine, L-leucine, L-valine (BCAAs), D-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E), Acesulfame potassium, Retinyl palmitate (vitamin A), Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), and Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

Prime Hydration is sugar-free and caffeine-free, while Prime Energy contains 200mg of caffeine per bottle. Prime Drinks are also free of artificial colors, gluten, and dairy.

Prime Drinks can have different ingredients based on the flavor you pick. Some flavors have extra things like fruit juices or extracts to make them taste unique. So, when you check out the different flavors, you might find special ingredients that give each one its own tasty character. This variety lets you choose a Prime Drink that suits your taste and diet to enjoy a personalized and delicious experience that’s just right for you.

Is Prime Hydration Safe For Kids?

Prime Hydration is usually safe for children (not Prime Energy). It’s a sugar-free sports drink with good stuff like electrolytes, B vitamins, and BCAAs, which help with hydration and overall health. Plus, it doesn’t have artificial colors, caffeine, or gluten.

But remember, Prime Hydration isn’t made specifically for kids. It’s meant for active adults. So, keep an eye on how much your children have. They probably don’t need it.

Tips for parents:

  • Keep your kids from having too much Prime Hydration.
  • Watch out for other foods and drinks with caffeine.
  • Talk to your child’s doctor about using Prime Hydration.
  • If you’re worried, talking to your child’s doctor is the best thing to do.

Are Prime Drinks in Canada?

Yes, Prime Hydration Drink is accessible in Canada and can be found on the shelves of selected retail stores nationwide. On the other hand, Prime Energy Drink is currently unavailable in the Canadian market following a recall in July 2023 due to its caffeine content surpassing the Health Canada stipulated limit.

The possibility of reintroducing Prime Energy Drink in Canada at a later time still exists, provided the successful product reformulation aligns with Health Canada’s caffeine regulations.

How Much Are Prime Drinks in Canada?

The price for this thirst-quenching drink varies depending on the retailer and the size of the bottle. However, a 500ml bottle of Prime Hydration Drink typically costs around CAD 3.89. Prime Energy Drink is not currently available in Canada due to a recall in July 2023. Therefore, its price is not currently relevant.

Remember that the price of Prime Drink can change based on retail location and the time of year. To get the most accurate price, it’s a good idea to ask the store directly. They can give you the current price for your area, considering any price changes that might happen because of the season or where you are in Canada.

Where to Buy Prime Energy Drinks in Canada?

Since the July 2023 recall, you cannot find Prime Energy Drinks in Canada. Alternatively, you can buy other brands, like Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar, Full Throttle, NOS, and AMP.

Where else can I buy Prime Energy?

Prime Energy Drinks are available for purchase in a variety of stores in the US, including Walmart, Target, Kroger, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, 7-Eleven, Circle K, and Speedway.

If you have trouble finding Prime Energy Drinks in your local area, you can order them online from Amazon.com, use Shippsy’s free US address, save money, and get your drinks delivered in Canada.

While Canadians can still purchase Prime Energy Drinks from the United States and ship them to Canada, there is a risk that Canadian customs officials could seize your shipments. They have the right to hold any goods they suspect do not comply with Canadian regulations.

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