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Top 30 Amazon Must-Have Items (2024)-Best Picks Revealed

This year, step up your shopping game to boost your style, from fashion to your home items! While you’re at it, consider shopping at Amazon US and grab this year's perfect goodies for yourself or for your loved ones. Here’s a sneak peek at the top 30 Amazon Must-Have items you should not miss out […]

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Brandy Melville Toronto - A Canadian Shopper’s Guide

Brandy Melville stands as a beacon of style, offering a blend of chic, minimalist designs that captivate the hearts of many. With its iconic presence in the heart of Toronto, this renowned clothing brand from the US has carved its niche among the city's fashion aficionados. Whether you’re seeking stylish basics or trendy statement pieces, […]

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Does Target Ship To Canada? Savings Guide (2024)

It’s no secret that Canadians love to shop online at US retailers like Target US. Who wouldn’t love to do so? Target USA offers a big number of great product selections from the latest fashion trends and cutting-edge smart gadgets to unique home items. Now, if you’re trying to shop at Target USA for the […]

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Does Barnes and Noble Ship to Canada? (Discover Exclusive Books)

"Does Barnes and Noble ship to Canada?" is the most common question most Canadian bookworms ask when there's a new release. Let Shippsy answer this question, but before we do, let us give you some book suggestions you might enjoy. If you need new book ideas and recommendations, TikTok is the best place to be. […]

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Does Macy's Ship To Canada? Savings Guide (2024)

Ah, Macy’s, the place where the coolest fashion trends come to life, and where America holds its biggest holiday parties. Well, Macy’s is a big deal, and their online store is like a magnet for shoppers all around the world. For Canadian shoppers who want to shop online at Macy’s, the burning question may be […]

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15 Lunar New Year Items to Buy for Luck, Love, and Joy

Lunar New Year, also known as Chinese New Year in some cultures, is a vibrant celebration steeped in rich traditions and cultural significance. As we usher in the Year of the Dragon, it's time to embrace the spirit of renewal, luck, love, and joy. For avid Canadian shoppers, it's another opportunity to grab super deals […]

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Valentine's Day Gifts and Ideas You Must Try (2024)

After the New Year, another event that many people worldwide look forward to is the VALENTINE'S DAY. As the air fills with the sweet scent of romance and the world bathes in hues of red and pink, Heart's Day emerges as a celebration of love and affection. This February, go beyond the ordinary and venture […]

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What Is Prime And Where To Buy It In Canada? (2024)

Prime Drink has taken the beverage scene by storm with its delectable and invigorating concoction, which boasts a rich infusion of essential vitamins and minerals. This innovative beverage is rapidly gaining popularity among individuals seeking a nutritious and revitalizing way to quench their thirst while simultaneously replenishing their body's vital nutrients. But what is it? […]

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Disney Store Canada Shipping Options In 2024

The Disney Store is where the magical world of Disney comes to life at your fingertips! As Disney fans, we feel the joy that comes with every merch you buy. So, whether you're eyeing the latest Mickey Mouse merchandise or eagerly awaiting the release of a limited-edition collection, we're here to help you understand the […]

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