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Shop At These US Stores and Know How Much To Ship To Canada With Shippsy

The recent global pandemic has caused a lot of changes and adjustments in every industry. And, until now, most offices and organizations in Canada changed their business processing from physical to digital. But what is its effect on the Canadian economy? The country’s economic rate continues to strive and recover as different industries invest in […]

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Ship ‘Em With Shippsy: Purchase The Best Gifts From USA For A Sports Fanatic

It cannot be denied that sports have created a different kind of culture around the world. Strangers become friends, and friends become family when talking about their passion for sports. For sure, you know somebody who is a sports fan. Their world stops when their team is winning. They switch the TV channel to watch […]

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Package Receiving Service Toronto: Things To Remember When Shipping Items From The US

Have you ever gone through a stressful online shopping experience? Unfortunately, you’re not the only one. Most of us have experienced getting frustrated over purchasing items from different online retailers. Online shopping is supposed to make us happy and comfortable, but we will inevitably encounter unfavorable shopping concerns. Some things that lead to an unpleasant […]

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Shippsy’s Holiday Fashion Guide: The Best Way To Ship Jewelry

The holiday season is fast approaching, and everyone is excited about it! People are starting to prepare for their back-to-back Christmas parties. Customers have started lining up at malls to purchase gifts and buy Christmas decorations to adorn their homes. However, others opt to stay in their homes and shop online to avoid the long […]

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Go For Shippsy’s US to Canada Shipping Service

Let’s admit it; shopping is one of our most fun activities. Going to the store and scanning through item to item gives us the thrill of finding the best option there is for us. Plus, many sales and discounts satisfy us as they make us spend less but get more. Unfortunately, with the recent series […]

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Remembrance Day 2022

To all Shippsy users, we wish you a peaceful Remembrance Day! Please be informed that all branch locations will operate during regular business hours. We wish you and your loved ones time to reflect and commemorate on those who have fallen. ****** Have any questions or concerns? Reach out to our customer support team by […]

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Get The Best Treats For Him and Her This Holiday Season By Shipping To Canada

The world nowadays is run by both men and women. Both genders work harmoniously to ensure that everybody gets through the day and things are done as they should be. Sure enough, we have men and women who continuously strive through the day and make every second of our lives magical. So this holiday season, […]

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Spice Up Your Kitchen This Fall Season By Shipping From US To Canada

The kitchen is the most important part of the house as it is where families usually gather to catch up with each other and talk about how their day went. However, some people do not care about decorating their kitchen and instead focus more on the other areas in the house. For example, they tend […]

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eCommerce Shopping 101: Learn About Amazon Com Shipping to Canada

While Amazon Canada has a wide selection of items, having more online shopping options would be ideal. Amazon US is one of the biggest eCommerce malls globally, housing thousands of online sellers. Since you can find millions of exciting products, valuable items, and the trendiest goodies, it would not be surprising to know that many […]

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